Japan: 1984

Source: Listed as being recorded in Toronto in 1983 but this seems unlikely. While the band was on an extended North American Tour that year (the T-Shirts read “Invasian”), they also performed in Japan in December (their Tokyo performance from 6 December is on YouTube).

1566 A: Time Again / The Heat goes On / Here Comes the Feelings
1566 B: Eye to Eye / Steve Howe Guitar solo
1567 A: Only Time Will Tell / Open Your Eyes / Geoff Downes Keyboard solo
1567 B: The Smile has Left your Eyes / Wildest Dreams / Carl Palmer Drum solo
1568 A: Heat of the Moment / Sole Survivor
1568 B: Cutting in Fine / Daylight

Based on setlists, there is sufficient evidence that this is from one of the Japanese concerts.

Update: It has now been confirmed that Greg Lake is on vocals on this recording and as we know Lake joined ASIA to replace John Wetton for the four Japanese dates only, after spending six weeks learning the material.

So, here we have another case of a Japan concert recording being disguised/misrepresented as one recorded outside of Japan.

Meadowlands,, N.J.
August 25, 1983
(“alpha” tour)

runtime: 97:07
1: wildest dreams 4:05
2: time again 5:38
3: the heat goes on 5:01
4: eye to eye 3:29
5: time will tell 5:28
6: keyboard solo 6:53
7: Howe solo 8:16
8: clap  5:48
9: open your eyes 7:47
10: daylight 4:08
11: the smile has left your eyes 3:48
12: don’t cry 4:17
13: here comes the feeling (with drum solo) 14:58
14: sole survivor 8:28
15: happy birthday Jeffrey Downes :37
18: heat of the moment 8:18


Budokan,  Toyko 
December 7, 1983

Note: Not to be confused with any officially released material recorded the day before; December 6, 1983

01. Time Again
02. The Heat Goes On
03. Here Comes The Feeling
04. Eye To Eye
05. Steve Howe Solo: Sketches In The Sun
06. Only Time Will Tell
07. Open Your Eyes
08. Geoff Downes Solo
09. The Smile Has Left Your Eyes
10. Wildest Dreams
11. Carl Palmer Solo
12. The Heat Of The Moment
13. Cutting It Fine
14. Daylight
15. Sole Survivor

1983-12-09 Castle Hall, Osaka

01.Time Again
02.The Heat Goes On
03.Here Comes The Feeling
04.Eye To Eye
05.Steve Howe Solo
06.Cutting It Fine
08.Only Time Will Tell
09.Open Your Eyes
10.Geoff Downes Solo
11.The Smile Has Left Your Eyes
12.Wildest Dreams – Carl Palmer Solo
13.Heat Of The Moment
14.Sole Survivor
15.Don’t Cry


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Naming your band “Asia” or “Japan” was certainly not a hindrance to becoming big in Japan in the early 1980’s. Asia perfected the craft of commercializing prog-rock. However, these days, the band has not only been largely forgotten by the masses (except in Japan where they still tour, as recently as 2014) but this is the kind of bootleg you almost cannot give away.

Asia OTWT b

Japan: Second half of 1982/early 1983

XL 1511 A: Time Again / On Step Closer / Without You     
XL 1511 B: Steve Howe / Midnight Sun (Unreleased)     
XL 1512 A: Only Time Will Tell / The Smile (Unreleased)     
XL 1512 B: Cutting It Fine / Wildest Dreams     
XL 1513 A: Here Comes The Feeling / Carl Palmer / Karn Evil No. 9     
XL 1513 B: Sole Survivor / Heat Of The Moment

Source is stated as Philadelphia Spectrum on 22 June 1982 during the tour for their first self-titled album – “the world’s biggest selling album of 1982”, as it says on John Wetton’s website.

HOTWACKS quality rating: “Exs”


Asia Philly 82 ticket