Clapton, Eric



Four years ago, when I compiled the CBM master lists, John Winn had sent me a list of missing titles and among them this entry, which left me puzzled, as I had never seen this even mentioned anywhere:

4450 – Falkoner Center, Copenhagen (Wings)

So, now that secret can be revealed. While this bootleg may have been issued in early 1976 and Wings did indeed play at the Falkoner Center in Copenhagen, Denmark that March, this is actually a Delaney and Bonnie concert from 10 December 1969 taken from a broadcast on Danish TV. It’s quite sneaky how Harrison’s and Clapton’s names dominate the art work here. At least Clapton sings one of the songs, George can be more ‘felt than heard’.

Matrix: WEC S-4450-A 8420

The auction closed at $83.


The following CBM titles were all produced around this time, as can easily be seen and what they have in common is that they are very rare indeed.


Collector’s comment: “How much rare? I’ve seen two copies in 34 years…

King Crimson Texas Hall SH


Collector’s comment: “…this item is absolutely an extreme rarity in KC bootlegraphy.”



Pink Floyd Intl Transmission


Both of these Pink Floyd releases have 5 stars for rarity on floydboots

CBM must have cut back to producing only 100 – 200 copies of each of these, even the new releases. I wonder if they “felt the heat” from the FBI during this time and decided to keep a low profile for a while by producing only very small runs. Anyone have any other ideas, please leave a comment.



Japan: 1985

Source: Mining the Live Aid radio broadcast from July 13th ’85 for two double sets. Selected were the performances by David Bowie, Bryan Ferry with David Gilmour), the Wembley Finale, Paul McCartney, F.Mercury & B.May, the Power Station and Duran Duran.

ETS 2588 A: TVC 15 / Rebel Rebel / Modern Love / Heroes / Sensation / Boys and Girls / Slave To Love / Jealous Guy
ETS 2588 B: Do They Know It’s Christmas / Is This The World We Created?
ETS 2589 A: Let It Be / ? / ? / ? / Murderess / Get It On (Bang a Gong)
ETS 2589 B: A View to a Kill / Union of the Snake / Save A Prayer / The Reflex

[Not an accurate track list, I just tried to piece it together from various sources.]


Volume 2 presents Eric Clapton, Led Zeppelin (with Phil Collins), The Who, Black Sabbath, Mick Jagger (w. Hall&Oates, Eddie Kendricks, David Ruffin and Tina Turner), Bob Dylan (w. Keith Richards & Ronnie Wood) and the finale in Philadelphia.

ETS 2590 A: White Room / Rock & Roll / Whole Lotta Love / Stairway To Heaven
ETS 2590 B: My Generation / Love Reign On Me / Won’t Get Fooled Again / Paranoid
ETS 2591 A: Lonely At The Top / Just Another Night / Miss You / State of Shock / It’s Only Rock & Roll
ETS 2591 B: Ballad Of Hollis Brown / Ship Comes In / Blowing In The Wind / We Are The World




Meanwhile, someone in Europe went “the whole hog”and issued everything on a 12 LP box (ca. late ’85/86):






Peter Blake art work



Green cover version


…and blue. I am not sure what the exact title is, as I have no image of the spine writing or back cover (perhaps it is ROCK GALA? HOTWACKS has always listed it as THE SUN but obviously that comes from the newspaper clipping used for the front cover and may not have been Shiro’s intended title).

Japan: 1984

Source: Soundboard/FM broadcast of the first night at the Royal Albert Hall in London on 20 September 1983. HOTWACKS says this comes from an FM broadcast and maybe that is correct. There was also an official VHS release but this can be ruled out as the source as songs appear on the bootleg that never appeared on the video.

2542 A: Everybody Ought To Make A Change / Lay Down Sally / Have You Ever Loved A Woman
2542 B: Blowin Off The Way (this might be Rambling On My Mind) / Cocaine / Women Smile (likely Man Smart, Woman Smarter / Some Comes Across The River / Road Runner
2543 A: Slowdown Sundown / There’s A River (correct title: Take Me To The River) / Gimme Some Lovin / Star Cycle
2543 B: Pump (The Pump) / Beck’s Bolero / People Get Ready / Hi Ho Silver Lining
2544 A: Prelude / who’s To Blame / City Sirens / Stairway To Heaven
2544 B: Wee Wee Baby / Layla / Goodnight Irene

The complete set list:

Various Artists – ARMS Benefit Concert –
Date: September 20, 1983
Venue: Royal Albert Hall, London, England.

Source: Ex+ Stereo Soundboard Recording
01: Introduction
02: Everybody Ought To Make A Change
03: Lay Down Sally
04: Wonderful Tonight
05: Ramblin’ On My Mind / Have You Ever Loved A Woman
06: Rita Mae
07: Cocaine
08: Man Smart Woman Smarter
09: Road Runner
10: Slowdown Sundown
11: Take Me To The River
12: Gimme Some Lovin’
13: Opening
14: Star Cycle
15: The Purmp
16: Goodbye Pork Pie Hat
17: Led Boots
18: People Get Ready
19: Hi Ho Silver Lining
20: Prelude
21: Who’s To Blame
22: City Sirens
23: Stairway To Heaven
24: Tulsa Time
25: Wee Wee Baby
26: Layla
27: Bombers Moon
28: Good Night Irene

Band lineup
Eric Clapton: Guitar, Vocals
Jeff Beck: Guitar, Vocals
Jimmy Page: Guitar
Andy Fairweather Low: Guitar, Vocals
Steve Winwood: Keyboards, Vocals
Charlie Watts: Drums
Simon Phillips: Drums
Kenny Jones: Drums
Bill Wyman: Bass
Fernando Saunders: Bass
Ray Cooper: Percussion
Chris Stainton: Keyboards
James Hooker: Keyboards
Tony Hymas: Keyboards
Ronnie Lane: Vocals





Below, different back cover design with (stickered?) number missing from above:



Japan: ?

Matrix: JIMMY-1 1M / JIMMY-2 1M (stamped)

Source: Cow Palace, Daly City, CA (near San Francisco). Cover states this is from the 3rd of December ’83. A pro-shot video exists for the 02 December performance.

“The ARMS charity concert proved so popular with both the audience and the musicians that the decision was taken to perform a further nine concerts in the USA. The US dates included Joe Cocker, who notably sang lead vocals on “With a Little Help from My Friends”, and Clapton, Jeff Beck and Jimmy Page each shared lead guitar duties on the “Stairway to Heaven” instrumental. While Ronnie Lane appeared in New York, he did not appear at all of the US dates. They played in San Francisco at the Cow Palace December 1 through 3, 1983 for three sold out shows. Also, Steve Winwood was unable to do the American shows and Paul Rodgers was now playing in Page’s set. (They later formed The Firm together.)” [source: Wikipedia]

The short US tour started in Dallas on 28 November ’83 for two nights at Reunion Arena, than San Francisco and two nights each at the L.A. Forum and New York’s Madison Square Garden.




Japan: Late 1985 / early 1986

Source: Wembley Arena, 04 March 1985 (‘Blues Brother’ Dan Aykroyd showed up on the 5th and introduced the band as well as playing harmonica on Further On Up The Road)

Quality has been described as excellent

Matrix · XL – 1621/1622 A / B 111

1621 A: Everybody Ought To Change Sometime / Motherless Children / I Shot The Sheriff / Same Old Blues
1621 B: Blues Power / Tangled In Love / Steppin ‘Out (Shaun Murphy) / Tulsa Time / Lay Down Sally
1622 A: Something’s Wrong (Marcy Levy) / Badge / Behind The Sun / Wonderful Tonight / Let It Rain                                                                                                                           1622 B: Who’s Lovin ‘You Tonight / Have You Ever Loved A Woman / Ramblin ‘On My Mind / Coaine / Layla / Knock On Wood / Band Intros / Further On Up The Road

A source that was shared on dime in 2010 had incomplete versions of “Who’s Loving You Tonight” and the beginning of “Have You Ever loved a Woman”, likely due to a tape change. So, if you own this vinyl boot, please check and report back.

Band Lineup:
Eric Clapton – Guitar, Vocals
Donald ‘Duck’ Dunn – Bass
Tim Renwick – Guitar
Chris Stainton – Keyboards
Jamie Oldaker – Drums
Marcy Levy – Backing Vocals
Shaun Murphy – Backing Vocals



Japan: 1985


Sources: 1589 A, B and 1590 A: Roger Waters (with Eric Clapton), third performance of the Pro’s And Con’s of Hitchhiking Tour at London’s Earls Court on 21 June 1984. 1590 B: First two tracks from the 4th performance on 22 June 1984 and last two tracks: David Gilmour  at L.A.’s Universal Theater on his About Face tour 22 July 1984

Quality rating: Vgs



Another Japan bootleg containing material from Roger Water’s 21 June 1984 Earls Court. Is this the from same source tape? If you know more about this title, please leave a comment.


Japan: Year ?

First edition cover; back cover detail:



Side A: Set The Controls For The Heart Of The Sun / Money / Have A Cigar / Wish You Were Here     
Side B: Pigs On The Wing / In The Flesh / Nobody Home / The Gunners Dream  

Quality: ?

The Reissue:









Japan: 1984 – released during that gap when Eric did not tour Japan between December 1981 and 1985, so we know this is not another clandestine ‘live in Japan’ recording passed off as being from a different continent for legal reasons.

Source: Sides 1 up to Further On Up The Road on side 5 recorded as correctly stated at Cologne Sporthalle on 26 April, 1983. Side 5, the last two tracks and all of side 6 are actually from the 4th of December, 1981: Kyoto Kaikan Daiichi Hall. As Japanese bootlegs were not supposed to contain recordings of concerts that took place in Japan, this could not be mentioned on the cover.

Quality rating: ‘Exs’ and now having heard a sample, I would agree.

Matrix: XL 1549/1550/1551 A/B 111/112


1549 A: Tulsa Time / I Shot the Sheriff / Lay Down Sally / Worried Life Blues

1549 B: Let it Rain / Double Trouble/ Sweet Little Lisa (Albert Lee)

1550 A: Key to the Highway / After Midnight / The Shape You’re In / Wonderful Tonight

1550 B: Blues Power / Ramblin’ On My Mind – Have You Ever Loved A Woman? – Ramblin’ On My Mind (reprise) / Cocaine

1551 A: Layla / Further On Up the Road / Blow Wind Blow (listed as ‘Drifting Blues’)* / Motherless Children*

1551 B: A Whiter Shade Of Pale* / Setting Me Up (Albert Lee)* / Another Ticket* / Badge*

*denotes Kyoto 1981 tracks


1983 Tour personnel:
Eric Clapton: Guitar, Vocals
Albert Lee: Guitar, Vocals
Donald Duck Dunn: Bass
Jamie Oldaker: Drums
Chris Stainton: Keyboards


1981 Tour personnel:

Eric Clapton: Guitar, Vocals
Albert Lee: Guitar, Vocals
Dave Markee: Bass
Henri Spinetti: Drums
Gary Brooker: Keyboards, Vocals

Clapton Rainbow = Budokan

Clapton Rainbow = Budokan b

Japan: 1981

Source: The back cover states this was recorded at a concert at the London Rainbow in January of 1981 but this is incorrect. Eric played at that venue on February 5th ’81, a benefit for the Dr. Meg Patterson’s drug rehabilitation clinic, however this recording comes from the Budokan in Tokyo and was made over a year earlier: 3* December 1979, the day the majority of his official live album JUST ONE NIGHT had been recorded (release date: April 1980). At least one of the songs from the 4th was also used, most likely “Further On Up The Road”. Not only may UD have hid the effect that this was a recent capture from a Japanese performance but they may also want to not have advertised the fact to collectors that they already owned in this recording in multi-track quality. Did any bootleg buyer notice? On the other hand, it may just have been an honest mistake.

At the time of writing, a copy is offered on eBay for $30

A vinyl rip of this bootleg was included on the 4 CD release JUST ONE MORE NIGHT . There is some confusion regarding the correct date on various websites and it is listed under the 4th as well, however, the inclusion on the  CD bootleg settles it for me.

6551 A: Tulsa Time / Early in the Morning / Lay Down Sally / Wonderful Tonight / If I Don’t Be There By Morning
6551 B: Worried Life Blues / Country Boy (feat. Albert Lee)/ Double Trouble / All Our Pastimes

6552 A: Blues Power / Knockin’ On Heaven’s Door / Setting Me Up (feat. Albert Lee)/ Ramblin’ On My Mind / Have You Ever Loved A Woman
6552 B: After Midnight / Cocaine / Layla / Band Intros > Further On Up the Road

Quality: Excellent stereo


Clapton JOMN


The 1979 Tour book – perhaps an inspiration for the bootleg title

Clapton 79 J Tour b

Clapton Live In Japan 818Clapton Live In Japan B lblClapton Live In Japan D lblClapton Live In Japan scratched             Scratched out matrix markings.

Japan: 1975

Source: Budokan, Tokyo – 2 November 1974, minus two songs

01. Smile (acoustic)
02. Let It Grow (acoustic)
03. Can’t Find My Way Home (acoustic)
04. Better Make It Through Today
05. I Shot The Sheriff
06. Key To The Highway
07. Willie And The Hand Jive
08. Get Ready
09. Badge
10. Presence Of The Lord
11. Singing The Blues
12. Layla
13. All I Have To Do Is Dream
14. Blues Power

The Band:
Eric Clapton guitar, vocals
Jamie Oldaker drums
Dick Sims keyboards
Carl Radle bass
George Terry guitar
Yvonne Elliman backing vocals
Marcy Levy backing vocals




I do wonder if ERIC CLAPTON ON TOUR ’74 OG-824/825 was a re-pressing of this same album, similar to Queen’s A BEAUTIFUL ALBUM / QUEEN NOW I’M HERE.


Clapton Snowhead

Also found with Slipped Disc and blank white labels.

Source: KBFH compilation of Eric’s second Santa Monica Civic show on February 12, 1978 plus one track (“Sign Language”) from their Dallas, TX – 15 November 1976 partial recording.

Wolfgangsvault has the following master tapes in its archives:

Dallas Convention Center (Dallas, TX) November 15, 1976

    1 Hello Old Friend 03:57
    2 Sign Language 03:57
    3 Knockin’ On Heaven’s Door 05:51
    4 Blues Power 12:13
    5 Crowd 00:42
    6 Layla 12:33


Santa Monica Civic Auditorium (Santa Monica, CA), February 12, 1978

    1 Crowd 00:48
    2 Medley: Peaches And Diesel / Wonderful Tonight 04:51
    3 Wonderful Tonight 04:01
    4 Lay Down Sally 05:25
    5 Next Time You See Her 04:34
    6 The Core 09:12
    7 We’re All The Way 03:07
    8 She’s In Love With A Rodeo Man 03:26
    9 Fool’s Paradise 04:16
    10 Cocaine 07:14
    11 Badge 08:35
    12 Double Trouble 06:29
    13 Interlude 01:00
    14 Nobody Knows You When You’re Down and Out 04:48
    15 Let It Rain 07:15
    16 Knockin’ On Heaven’s Door 05:43
    17 Last Night 04:16
    18 Layla 06:52
    19 Crowd 02:29
    20 Bottle Of Red Wine 04:49
    21 Interlude 00:40
    22 You’ll Never Walk Alone 04:02

Eric Clapton – guitar, vocals
Dick Sims – keyboards
George Terry – guitar
Carl Radle – bass, vocals
Marcy Levy – vocals
Jaime Oldacker – drums



“This may be – in terms of the number of different releases – the most-circulated Clapton recording among collectors.  This is with good reason, as it’s a good show! Over the years many incomplete versions of this performance were traded among collectors, and then among the first Clapton ROIO released on vinyl [I would disagree though that Snowhead was one of the first Clapton vinyl bootlegs], then on some of the very first Clapton CD ROIO releases.”

” “The Core”, and the blues medley (“Going Down Slow”, and “Ramblin’ On My Mind”) from this performance were later released as part of the “Crossroads 2: Live in the Seventies” box set. If you listen and compare, it’s clear that the officially released versions are remixed – it’s a shame they dole out bits and pieces instead of the whole show! Still, this is a neat one and a personal favorite.  Of note, EC instrumentals are rare enough in concert, but to open a show with one and then segue into one of the few truly er, wonderful, versions of “Wonderful Tonight” is a real treat.”

Boston Gardens, July 12, 1974

Set List: Opening, Smile, Let It Grow, Can’t Find My Way Home, Willie And The Hand Jive, Get Ready, Member Introduction, Layla, Presence Of The Lord, Steady Rollin’ Man, Mainline Florida, Blues Power, Have You Ever Loved A Woman, Badge, Little Queenie

Slowhand Live in Boston lists titles that do not match the above song list such as “Have You Ever Been Lonely” and “Bright Lights, Big City” making it hard to determine, what is actually present but Hand Jive‘s Boston part is on Side 1 with the tracks on side 2 coming from the July 10 Providence R.I. show.

Hot Wacks track listings taken from the covers:

ZAP 7880 Side 1: Smile / Have You Ever Been Lonely / Have You Ever Loved A Woman / Blues Power (24:30)      Side 2: Can’t Find My Way Home / Presence Of The Lord / Bright Lights, Big City (21:15)

ZAP 7884 Side 1: Willie And The Hand Jive / Get Ready / Untitled [band introductions?] / Layla (25:15) calls this a fair to poor audience recording while Hot Wacks states 7880 is “Vgs” and 7884 “Exs”.

Providence, R.I. – July 10, 1974

Civic Center, Providence, RI – July 10th, 1974
Set list: Intro, Smile, Don’t Have To Hurt Nobody, Have You Ever Loved A Woman, Blues Power, Key To The Highway, Presence Of The Lord, Bright Lights Big City, I Can’t Hold Out, Willie And The Hand Jive, Get Ready, Little Wing, Layla, Little Queenie

ZAP 7884 Side 2: Layla / Boogie / Little Queenie

Quality listed as “Exs”