Spines came with red or white printing.




Japan: 1983 or early ’84 – this used to be one of the highest selling ETS bootlegs at auctions, sometimes selling for $300+. Godfather Records picked this recording for CD release in 2013, as they play really well at this show, subsequently this may have impacted the resell value. On the other hand, Kiss fans have always enjoyed their vinyl bootlegs, so it may not.

Source: Universal Amphitheater, Los Angeles, 27 March 1983




KISS KitP 11B.jpg

Japan: 2nd half of 1985

Value: Kiss vinyl bootlegs count among the ones achieving and keeping a high value but the sky is not the limit. Recently, this title was offered at set sale for a rather over optimistic $550 and has now been changed to auction with a starting bid of $199; past auction results show it having achieved between just over $100 and $400 (not counting the autographed copy; shown as the 1st image).

Source: The Animalize tour stop at Long Beach Arena, 1st night. Another recording from this venue released by XL, makes you wonder if XL had a close contact in Southern California supplying them with tapes. However, on the 17 of February ’85 and not the 22nd as stated on the back cover (as corrected by the kissbootlegged website). Definitely not a Japanese concert in disguise as Kiss was in the middle of a 10 year Japan tour abstinence in ’85.

1611 A: Detroit Rock City / Cold Gin / Creatures Of The Night / Fits Like A Glove
1611 B: Heaven’s On Fire / Paul Stanley guitar solo – Under The Gun / War Machine / Eric Carr drum solo
1612 A: Young And Wasted / Gene Simmons bass solo / I Love It Loud / I Still Love You
1613 B: Paul talking / Love Gun / Black Diamond (incl. Oh Susanna) / Lick It Up [ fades out ]

This is the actual corrected set list. The back cover smuggled in such nowhere to be found mystery tracks as “I’VE HAD ENOUGH (INTO THE FIRE)” (end of side 1), “BURN BITCH BURN” (on side 2 – see the title label above, could have been a quote from Paul Stanley’s onstage banter). “TRAD” on side 4, refers to “Oh Suzanna”. 74 minutes

Quality rating: ‘Very good +’ on kissbootlegged









I really need better images for this but this still quite an in demand bootleg and is hard to find. This triple set has usually sold for big money at auction: $261 in 2011 and $553 in 2013.

Japan: 1984

Source: Stated as being from Long Beach Arena, 27 January 1984 and it probably is due to the 10 year Japan Tour hiatus the band was in the middle of at this time.

1576 A:    Creatures of the night / Detroit rock city / Cold gin / Fits like a glove
1576 B:    Firehouse / Guitar Solo – Paul / Gimme more / Guitar Solo – Vinnie
1577 A:    War machine /I love it loud / Bass Solo / I still love you
1577 B:    Drum Solo / Young and wasted / Love gun
1578 A:    All hell´s breaking loose / Black diamond
1578 B:    Lick it up / Rock´n roll all nite

Quality rating: Audience recording rated very good plus

Finally, we come across this release, which differs from the others.

  1. All previous XL matrix numbers followed the same formula: XL 15XX/XX A/B 111 + I – but not this one, which has 99K A/B/C/D
  2. This is the first XL release also found with blank white labels.
  3. This is the first Japanese bootleg since David Bowie’s Don’t Touch That Dial that was copied abroad (at least partially in this case) under the grammatically more correct title EGOS AT STAKE (unless I’m wrong and a different tape was used but there-use of the the title and the quality degradation of the copies speaks against this).


First pressing label – Japan: 1984. Japan was in the middle of a KISS drought that would last exactly 10 years. It appears that demand for KISS remained strong as XL would release another KISS title soon after this one (World Tour 1984) and yet another a bit later (Kissing In The Pink).




The source listed here is actually correct for a change: London, Wembley Arena – 2nd night on 9 September 1980


I do believe that these worse sounding single LP copies with wrap around (five different variations as seen on ) or single sheet paper inserts were produced in Europe. I will show a variation that cannot be seen on kissbootlegged:



In 2012, bootleggers went back to the Japanese original but with their own simplified version of an XL label and pressed 300-500 copies on black and four different vinyl colors (yellow, a dirty yellow that I have seen described as “beer-colored” and 1 green + 1 blue disc):







Kiss Mama We're All Crazy Now

Kiss Mama We're All Crazy Now b

Japan: 1978

Source: Audience recording of the first Budokan Tokyo performance, 01 April 1977

Side 1:    Mama Weer All Crazee Now (Slade) / Introduction – Detroit Rock City / Take Me / Let Me Go R & R / Ladies Room / Firehouse / Makin’ Love / I Want You / Cold Gin     
Side 2: Do You Love Me? / Nothin’ To Lose / God Of Thunder / Rock ‘n’ Roll All Nite / Shout It Out Loud / Beth / Black Diamond

HOTWACKS quality rating: “Vgs”

What made the bootleggers include the Slade song? Was this played over the PA or is this just the original single/album track? What is the message – apart from using the title for this bootleg?


Kiss played four shows at the Budokan as part of their first Japan Tour, one each on April 1st and 4th and two on April 2nd. At least three of these were recorded by Mr. Peach and released on the Tarantura label. It appears that both of the shows on the 2nd were filmed for the Young Music Show / HBO edited 50 minute special, which the band has since released as part of their KISSOLOGY series.

This makes this bootlegs still quite desirable – unless a Mr. Peach recording is released (no less than five of the tour’s performances have already been released and it has to be assumed that he wet all out as usual and recorded every single concert). 

Kiss Tokyo 77 ticket stub

1st of April ticket stub, confirming the date quoted on the back cover


Vicky Vinyl copied this title as part of her Dragonfly label by removing the Slade track, spreading the songs over three LP sides and filling the remaining fourth with six songs recorded at the L.A. Forum on 27 August 1977:

Kiss Takes Tokyo 77

Kiss Blitz London

Kiss BL dragfly

Kiss BL lime

Released by Vicki Vinyl in late 1977 or 1978 – Matrix: K 1322 A/B

Later reissued as part of the 3 LP KISS KARTON box set.

Cover image by Bob Gruen, taken on the band’s off day following their Kyoto show 1977/03/27 at Ryozen Kannon – a war memorial commemorating the War dead of the Pacific War, featuring a statue of Bodhisattva Avalokiteśvara (Kannon). I doubt the band knew it at the time but “The shrine beneath the statue contains […] images of the god of wind and god of thunder. ”


Kiss Kyoto 77

The first appearance of the London ’76 tape had been on her FRIED ALIVE (IMP 1113) title, when ‘Rock’n Roll all Night (Party Everyday)’ was tacked on to the end of side 2 and misidentified as being from San Diego. The track would not be included again on any of the versions of BLITZ LONDON.


Available in the 1970s with Dragonfly and Ruthless Rhymes labels and in the ’80s with GLC ones.


“Copyright 1981 Great Live Concerts (GlC) Produced by Clarence White 6012-4299.” [This particular version used to sell in the $200 – $300+ range ]

and with Hot Tub Records custom labels ‘borrowed’ from the Rolling Stones San Diego 1981 double Light Up The Town.

Blitz re-issue B label B

Quality rated as Vg minus  “…source is a very good audience recording that is clear and very enjoyable with a good balance of instruments and vocals. There are some sound fluctuations through out but does not distract from the listening experience.”



A Japanese issue with fake Idle Mind labels, an I.M.P. number borrowed from the original Kiss Destroys Anaheim release (IMP  1120) and a wrap-around style insert was released ca. 1978 and includes the introduction as well as the first song, “Deuce”.

Length: 46min.
Quality: B-

“… this comes from the Japanese vinyl bootleg which is far better than the other vinyls. The common vinyl versions called Blitz London runs too slow and does not include Deuce, whereas the Japanese version called KISS Blitz London has the intro, Deuce and a normal pitch.

The show is not complete, missing Gene’s solo / 100,000 years / Peter’s solo right before Black Diamond, and also missing Rock and roll all nite and Let me go rock’n roll (if the last one was played). Here’s a smashing piece of info some of you old vinylcollectors might not have thought of then. On the vinylboot called Fried Alive there’s a track supposedly recorded in “San Diego 1976″, the track is Rock and roll all nite. To my ears it’s the exact same recording as this London-show, which in all probability means we really DO have Rock and roll all nite from Lonon as well. The sound, the ambience and the audience noise sounds exactly like London. It’s most certainly NOT San Diego in any case, as KISS didn’t play there in 1976 :)”

01. -tuning up-
02. Deuce
03. Strutter
04. Flaming youth
05. Hotter than hell
06. Firehouse
07. She / Ace – solo
08. Nothin� to lose
09. Shout it out loud
10. Black diamond
11. Detroit rock city


KISS Blitz London 2Kiss Blitz London pink

KISS Blitz London J 2


The back cover ad up close:

Kiss HO ad 76 II


Kiss BL Lesco R K 1322

Another reissue (described as Japanese in two auctions I found but that may be incorrect) going for big $$$ in the past – this is known as Lesco R K 1322

And on and on… the title is still sold today as a vinyl bootleg as a picture disc, on colored PVC, …


KISS UK tour ad

Kiss HO ad 76

UK Tour ads

Kiss London 76

16 May at the Hammersmith Odeon, their last performance in the UK


The original release probably sounded worse than what you can hear on this YT clip:


Kiss Sneak Attack

Sides 1- 3: Very good audience recording from one or more of the three shows performed at the L.A. Forum on 26/27/28 August 1977, as part of the Love Gun Tour, that were recorded and released as Alive II .

Quality: “The audience recording was issued early on vinyl as Sneak Attack on such labels as Ruthless Rhymes, Dragonfly Records and GLC and as KISS My Axe on Canyon Records.
The audience source is very good bordering on excellent, there is a nice mix of audience noise present that captures the party atmosphere perfectly.” (

The double set was also re-issued in 1984 on GLC labels and colored PVC as part of the LXXXVI resissue series (# 07 and limited to around 100 copies) and also with Full Tilt labels:

Kiss Sneak Attack cv

This title is also still in production to this day but it tends to sell for modest prices over the years (with the exception of the colored copies, of course). with the fact that the official live album was culled from these shows having an effect.


CTrick KISS LA 77


How do you spell L.A. again? The poster and the Tee currently on eBay with minimum asking prices of close to $1000


Kiss LA 77 LAT

See the full LA Times review here:

Another review can be found here:




Finally, combined and hawked as a box set. I don’t know which release came first. Blitz London and Sneak Attack may still have come out in 1977 and the box in the following year.

Also available on Ruthless Rhymes, GLC and Canyon Records.