There are three different versions of this copy of the 1973 European (Dutch? / UK?) Benbecula Records release with the same name, containing the incomplete ’64 Hollywood Bowl recording:

OG 718 A / B  1H 

OG 718 A / B  1L

OG 802 A / B  1J

All of these are made in Japan, from 1974 onwards.


OG 718 A / B  1H – the fold-out insert cover:

Beatles OG 718 fold outBeatles OG 718 detailBeatles OG 719 bBeatles 718 H

Blank labels only


OG 718 A / B  1L – the printed cover version:

beatles OG 718 bBeatles OG 718 L bBeatles OG 718 2OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERABeatles OG 718 L

Blank labels only


OG 802 A / B  1J:


Beatles Shea OG 802Beatles Shea OG 802 b

Cover-wise, the one difference I can see is that the top right fold over seems to be cut straight, while the back of the earlier version OG 718 A / B  1L shows it cut at an angle, as shown here.

Beatles OG 718 L b d


The original:

Matrix: NTT10 A / B   Number on cover: P24 2813ST

One of the first bootlegs with a laminated cover, looking far more professional than what was produced in the US in 1972 (but also hard to take a good picture off. All the ones I have seen have a hazy & fuzzy quality to it).


Beatles Benbecula bBeatles Benbecula

Reissues had a matte cover finish, as this copy shown here for the logo detail:

Beatles Benbecula logo

Beatles Benbecula 1Beatles Benbecula 2

“If I Fell” and “I Want To Hold Your Hand” had been removed, presumably to create space for the three extra tracks. The first two came from the Beatles’ 1966 Christmas Fan Club flexi. “What’s The New Mary Jane” was the first true stereo issue of this outtake.

And in the early 70’s, the Capitol Records acetate made its way East across the Atlantic.This is the continuation of the story I had summarized in this blog post . Was this the first European release of the Hollywood Bowl material? I believe it was.



The name Benbecula Records would appear on another popular European bootleg later in the decade:

Wish the Animals Were Here ca. 1977, presented 40 minutes of the ‘recorder 2’ source from the first night of the Animals Tour at Dortmund’s Westfalen Hall on 23 January 1977:

Pink Floyd WTAWHPink Floyd WTAWH bPink Floyd WTAWH lbl 1Pink Floyd WTAWH lbl 2



  1. Erik T said:

    I thought Wish the Animals Were Here was an 80s boot, I’m sure it was taped for me by a guy who had purchased the record new, around the same time Wind Records out of Italy released double albums of Brescia 71 and Zurich/ Zurigo 72… I think Germesheim, the U.S. copy of Double Bubble came out around the same tome. Is it – Wish the Animals Were Here- in any Hot Wacks books or magazines before, say, 1885? I later got the whole show on tape, low generation, palpably better quality than this l.p. if memory serves, so I ditched the cassette of the l.p. eons ago…
    The STEMRA suggests a Dutch boot, but maybe someone was being extra clever in another European country? The cover is a tribute of sorts to British Winter Tour. Another friend has the 2 for sale, wants more than I am willing to cough up.

  2. Nicole Wittgrefe said:

    the red beatles at the shea stadioúm, from benbecula records :_ how much is the price please?

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