Wizardo 500 series

Ramones 516 XL

Source: The Roxy, L.A. – 12 August 1976. The show was recorded for a radio broadcast and probably derives from a copy taped off the air. The whole concert has been officially released on the 2001 expanded CD version of Leave Home

Side 1: Loud Mouth/ Beat On The Brat/ Blitzkrieg Bop/ I Remember You/ Glad To See You Go/ Chainsaw/ 53rd And 3rd
Side 2: I Wanna Be Your Boyfriend/ Havanna Affair/ Listen To My Feet/ Hang Ten/ Judy Is A Punk/ I Don’t Wanna Walk Around With You/ Let’s Dance

Review from

“When this bootleg LP was recorded live at the Roxy Theater — a nightclub on West Hollywood’s famous Sunset Strip — on August 12, 1976, the Ramones weren’t ready to headline the Hollywood Palladium and were still concentrating on small clubs. But the Queens residents did have one self-titled album out on Sire and had acquired a following that was small but extremely enthusiastic — even then, they were regarded as one of New York’s most important punk bands. The sound quality on this vinyl LP isn’t fantastic, but it’s decent, and the album definitely captures the freshness and sense of reckless fun that characterized the Ramones in 1976. When the Ramones tear into “Beat on the Brat,” “Blitzkrieg Bop,” “53rd and 3rd,” “Now I Wanna Sniff Some Glue” and other irreverent classics, you’re reminded just how vital and exciting early punk could be. A few years after Live at the Roxy 1976 came out, the contents of this LP became half of the two-LP bootleg At Your Birthday Party.”


Ramones Roxy 034 2

Ramones Roxy 034 disc 2

The extremely rare later re-pressing by K&S, with the usual “most lost in shipment” fate.


Disc one of the double album At Your Birthday Party on Vicki Vinyl’s Dragonfly Records included a re-issue of WRMB 516:

Ramones AYBDP

Ramones AYBDP 2

Later re-pressed with Ruthless Rhymes labels.


And that was all of the Wizardo series (with the exception of Pete Townshend’s Classified – wrmb 368, which will be added later when we get to the TMoQ series).

Monkees Concert 1

Cover version 1

Monkees Concert 2

Cover version 2 and its ‘inspiration’ from 1977 below:

Davy Jones M Dolenz Show

Monkees in Concert

To the best of my knowledge, this is the only title in the 500 series that was also pressed on colored PVC.


Dolenz Jones Boyce Hart Disneyland

You can listen to the recording (and more as the last tracks are not on this album) here:–hart.html

Flamin Groovies Live Roxy

Rated “Exs” in Hot Wacks, probably the easiest to find album in the 500 series. 

K&S records selected this release for a re-pressing from the original plates on blue wax, limited to 200 copies, ca. 1978. Due to their usual shipping problems (I assume they were shipped to the US), most of them never made it and this is a very rare title.

Flamin Groovies Roxy

Flamin Groovies Roxy disc

One copy sold in late 2007 for $329; the above one failed to find a buyer at $260 in July of 2013.

Firesign 1

All I have found regarding the source is: “Bootleg Of Partial 14 April [some sources say 17] 1974 Berkeley Concert”.

A rare example of a bootleg containing comedy.

“According to LIFE magazine, Firesign were “The favorite comics of the Rock Age.”
They are, in fact, creators of what Stereo Review’s critic Eric Salzman called “contemporary, relevant, multi-level non-linear theater — a kind of verbal electronic opera.” The quartet presents the work in the authentic voice of its author-improvisers of whom Rolling Stone said, “The very least they should get is an Academy Award.”

Runaways 510 2

Source: Just as the cover says

Side 1: Cherry Bomb/ Take It Or Leave It/ Secrets/ You Drive Me Wild/ Don’t Abuse Me
Side 2: Is It Day Or Night?/ C’mon Everybody/ Johnny Guitar/ Wild Thing

Quality: “Exs” Someone claimed that this was taken from a radio broadcast, I hear an audience recording, it’s just a better than an average one.


This and the death records 525 release No Olds Allowed which I had previously listed here, were later re-pressed and combined as a double album on Ruthless Rhymes Records ca. 1978:

Runaways The Originals blu

Runaways The Originals stamp

Runaways The Originals disc 1

Runaways The Originals disc 2

The multicolored pressings exist in many different shades, colors and unique patterns

Runaways Originals

pressed on simple yellow and green PVC:

Runaways Originals yel gree

and on plain black PVC:

Runaways Originals bl





The original plan was simple, create two new releases numbered 507 and 508 and put the same number on the slip sheets to match the matrix numbers. And then someone got mixed up…

Jefferson Starship 508 alt slip sheet

Jefferson Starship

Record Matrix: 508 A/B; mostly found with cat & dog labels. Also exists listed as death records

Side 1: Dance with the Dragon riff->Ride the Tiger, Fast Buck Freddie, That’s for Sure->solos       Side 2: Play on Love, Better Lying Down, Somebody to Love, Have You Seen the Saucers

Source: The Inglewood Forum, 30 September 1976 with Heart opening, which was also recorded and released as the rare LP Frostbacks Live, L.A. Forum on the Wizardo sister label death records 520. See it here. 

Update: Research by a very dedicated individual (see below) has led to a new date & venue: 1975-11-05  Los Angeles, California, Shrine Auditorium


Rare insert version below with corrected release number. Found with the rare green Von Grossenshuss / Teufel Folk Songs label.


Jefferson Starship 1976 Tour Dates (probably not complete but more complete than anywhere else on the net):

Super Jam with Jefferson Starship, Fleetwood Mac, Ted Nugent, Jeff Beck, Jan Hammer – Busch Memorial Stadium (St. Louis, MO) – June 29, 1976
Boston Gardens (Boston, MA) – July ?
Milwaukee Arena (Milwaukee, WI) – July 1
Washington Park (Homewood, IL) – July 4
Central Park (New York, NY) – July 7 (WNEW-FM simulcast)
Niagara Falls Convention Center (Niagara Falls, NY) – July 9
Providence Civic Center (Providence, RI) – July 13
Colt Park (Hartford, CT) – July 14
w. Country Joe & The Fish and Stoneground – Greek Theater (Berkeley, CA) – July 27
w. Jeff Beck – Capital Centre (Largo, MD) – August 21
Nassau Coliseum (Long Island, NY) – August 26
w. Jeff Beck – Richfield Coliseum (Cleveland, OH) – August 30
w. Jeff Beck – Richfield Coliseum (Cleveland, OH) – August 31
Riverfront Coliseum (Cincinnati, OH) – September 1
Pine Knob Music Center () – September ?
Winterland (San Francisco, CA) – September ?
w. America, Doobie Brothers & The Beach Boys – Veteran’s Memorial Stadium (Erie, PA) – September 2
The Summit (Houston, TX) – September 22
Tarrant County Convention Center Arena (Fort Worth, TX) – September 24
w. Heart – The Forum (Los Angeles, CA) – September 30
Kemper Arena (Kansas City, MO) Aladdin Theatre (Las Vegas, NV) – October 3


“* MORE DATE & LOCATION INFO ::: For 4 decades this boot has circulated under an incorrect hall & dates. […] Now thanks to my listening to every little comment, the internet & the investigative wonders of DIMER gv0000, we can rest assured the mystery has been solved.

Online & elsewhere this has always been referred to as the Los Angeles (Inglewood) Forum, dated 1976-09-30, 1975-09-xx, 1976-08-24 & 1976-08-15 (& possibly others). However, there are a number of clues in the dialogue. Grace starts with, “Let’s go L.A.” & then makes a comment about Flo & Eddie’s merchandise & several remarks about Mark Volman (including while singing!), as well as talking about the lighting equipment & lighting technician, whom they are using courtesy of Flo & Eddie. There is also a comment by Marty far more fitting to the Shrine than the Forum about the hall size. Thanks to classy research by DIMER gv0000, we are now able to pinpoint the date & location. He found ads for a show not in the Starship lists – 1975-11-05 Los Angeles Shrine Auditorium with Flo & Eddie opening – & this most certainly is that. There was a Starship gig on 1976-09-30 at the Forum, but Heart was the opener.



Kiss 508

Kiss 508 lbl

Kiss 508 blue 2

Called the rarest Kiss vinyl bootleg in existence as almost all found copies play the Jefferson Starship master – supposedly only 10 copies exist that actually play the Kiss recording.

The originally intended album was probably created by borrowing Vicky Vinyl’s tape released earlier on Destroys Anaheim/ Part Two  on her Idle Mind label and creating a new master that also included a track by opening act Starz (creating some kind of a record by only ever having one song bootlegged out of your whole career and on top of that have the actual record misprint and become incredibly rare).

Track list:

A 1. Detroit  Rock City
A 2. King of the Nighttime World
A 3. Let me go Rock´n Roll
A 4. Strutter
A 5. Deuce

B 1. Bass Solo
B 2. God Of Thunder
B 3. Drum Solo
B 4. God of Thunder reprise
B 5. Pull the Plug (Starz)

A copy playing the intended Kiss tracks just sold for over $700 in March of 2013 (the copy with the cat & dog records went unsold at $33 this June, while a blue Wizardo label copy – still a mismatch containing JS – achieved $280 in November of 2012, go figure). The owner could only quote the the haphazardly written track list off the insert: ‘Get Up, Get Down’ [this is obviously ‘Detroit Rock City’]/ She [not performed at this show, so that raises some doubts]/ Strutter / Deuce / Let Me Go Rock’n Roll/ ‘Rock’n Roll Thunder’ [obviously God Of Thunder] and a song by  Starz, who may also have been on the bill.

kiss76 Anaheim

Bowie England 1971 505

Confused Wizardo: While the cover states WRMB 505 A/B, the matrix is WRMB 504 A/B [and both are wrong/double assigned]. Wizardo would repeat similar confusion with the Jefferson Starship title LIVE .


Bowie Kingston_ad 72

Set list (bold songs are on the LP):

Hang on to Yourself/ Ziggy Stardust/ Supermen/ Queen Bitch/ Song For Bob Dylan/ Changes/ Starman/ Five Years/ Space Oddity/ Andy Warhol/ Amsterdam/ I Feel Free/Band intro-Moonage Daydream/ White Light, White Heat/ Got to Get a Job/ Suffragette City/ encore: Rock & Roll Suicide/ encore: Waiting For the Man

Sound quality: In the “headache” category

Another very rare Wizardo album. One internet entry claims 2000 pressed but I believe it might be considerably less than that. Released in late 1976.