Simon, Paul


Matrix: SGTJ-A / B

Based on the label I would date this to 1973 but it may exist with other labels and in different insert/cover variations.

I could not list this one when I tried to cover all of the Contraband releases, as it’s one of the rarer ones and I only had a small image of it taken from a sales list of the Warehouse record store in Tokyo (now closed in that location).

This is mostly a pirate release.

Track list (taken from HW, so likely incorrect in places):

S1: Not Yet / She’s Gone (But Morning Lives On) / Tear Jerker / Teenage Fool / High School Dance Instrumental / Dancing Wild
S2: Pretty Boy / Two Teenagers / Please Answer / High School Dance Instrumental 2 / 59th St. Bridge Song* / Feeling Groovy* / Cloudy*

The first 10 tracks were supposedly recorded by Simon & Garfunkel in the second half of the 1950’s when they called themselves Tom & Jerry. I looked hard and was only able to confirm three of the titles on compilations released decades later. The tracks marked ‘* ‘ were taken from their appearances on the Smothers Brothers Comedy Hour TV show in 1967 (in season 1, episode 14 – taped in May – and season two, episode 107, taped in October ’67).

Likely a copy of this early, ca. 1971, Contraband release (the use of “Microgroove” gives it away) that I had not been aware of so far. HW didn’t mention it (on the other hand, they mention a version called Solo ’65 that I cannot confirm exists):

 A further clue is HW’s quality rating for the WCF album: “Vgs, hissing”. Clearly, this was a couple of generations removed from the original.

In a past eBay auction this CBM album was mis-identified as an advance pressing of the official album due to the stamped title. A rare but funny misunderstanding (for those hip to the world of bootlegs).

For comparison purposes, here is another CBM title released around the same time:

Hendrix Munia yel


The official release from August 1965:

Apparently, the story goes that Simon spent a lot of time in London in the summer of ’65 and as his album with Garfunkel, Wednesday Morning, 3 A.M. had not been released in the UK (yet), he decided to record his own solo album, which would get a limited release in the Commonwealth countries (UK, CAN, AUS, NZ) only. By the time rock bootlegs had been invented this made the album attractive for those in the US not minding to get involved in a bit of piracy, despite the flagrant copyright violation.


Even TMOQ could not resist and released their own re-sequenced version around May of 1971.

A1  Kathy’s Song
A2  He Was My Brother
A3  Flowers Never Bend with the Rainfall
A4  The Side of a Hill
A5  A Simple Desultory Philippic
A6  Patterns
B1  A Most Peculiar Man
B2  I Am a Rock
B3  A Church Is Burning
B4  April Come She Will
B5  Leaves That Are Green
B6  The Sound of Silence

Here are early versions from ’71/2:

And later ones:


I have never seen an insert for this nor a smoking pig label version. Do they exist?

Simon P art-superb-simon

Simon P art-superb-simon b 2

Simon P art-superb-simon detail

Japan: ca. mid- to second half of 1976

Was anyone buying this LP and hoping for an audio witness of a rare Simon & Garfunkel mini-reunion on a London concert stage disappointed when listening to this? …  In December of 1975, while on tour in Europe, Paul Simon recorded a live TV special in a BBC studio (not on the 27th and not at the Palladium). As part of the finished program, two clips from Simon & Garfunkel’s appearance on Saturday Night Live from 18 October ’75 were edited in: “The Boxer” and “Scarborough Fair”. As the YouTube videos show, this special was also broadcast in Japan (were Simon had toured as early as April 1974) . This is the soundtrack of that TV special.


Side 1: Still crazy after all these years / Homeward Bound / I do it for your love / 50 ways to leave your lover / Toots Thielemans: Bluesette
Side 2: Loves me like a rock/ Some folks’ life’s roll easy / (Simon and Garfunkel SNL/75} The Boxer + Scarborough fair / My little town / American Tune

Paul Simon plus the following musicians:

Davin Sanborn – Alto Sax
Toots Thielemans – Guitar
Richard Tee – Electric Piano
Tony Levin – Bass Guitar
Steve Gadd – Drums

Cover photo taken at the 1972 McGovern benefit, as these images show:


1972 mcgovern benefit color


Paul Simon Japan 74 stub


Harrison Simon Live From New York Death 352

Recorded November 18, 1976 – NBC TV Studios, New York, NY

A1     George Harrison, Lorne Michaels, Don Pardo, Paul Simon – Opening         
A2     Paul Simon –     Still Crazy After All These Years         
A3     Paul Simon –     Fifty Ways To Leave Your Lover        
A4     George Harrison, Paul Simon –     Here Comes The Sun        
A5     George Harrison, Paul Simon –     Homeward Bound
A6     George Harrison –     Crackerbox Palace (promo video soundtrack)
B1     Paul Simon –     Something So Right        
B2     Dan Aykroyd, Paul Simon –  Skit    
B3     George Harrison –     This Song (promo video soundtrack)    
B4     Paul Simon –     Bridge Over Troubled Water

In other words, someone videotaped the broadcast episode and used that to master this bootleg LP. This is not even the rehearsal tape as I had thought, which would have at least offered a rare recording.

  • Matrix / Runout (Side A): XXXX 532-A
  • Matrix / Runout (Side B): XXXX 532-B

“17 1/2 minutes of the Saturday Night Live taping exists as a fair quality audience tape. Most of the performances are fragmentary and consist of little more than a single line. Better quality excerpts of the recording (which appears n its most complete form on [the CD] Living In The Underground) can be found on the 2LP set Somewhere In Utopia. The performances included in the broadcast do not appear on the rehearsal tape.”

1. Here Comes The Sun (2 passes)
2. Homeward Bound
3. By Bye, Love
4. Don’t Let Me Wait Too Long
5. Yesterday
6. Bridge Over Troubled Water
7. Rock Island Line
8. Ride Of The Valkyries
9. Here Comes The Sun

[Madinger, Easter: Eight Arms To Hold You, p. 456]

An episode transcript with still images can be found here:


Also found on the net is this release with the intriguing number that shuffles the one used by Death:

Simon & Harrison Live For The Record 352

As this clearly came out in 1977 but the Wizardo 350 numbers did the year before, I do not believe this is a previously unknown WRMB 352 release.

Simon P SS 2

Note the TAKRL 900 series typeface for the album title. This LP sticks out like a sore thumb among the HH releases. Perhaps it was really produced by someone else or later than the others,

Side 1: Run That Body Down/ Was A Sunny Day/ Cecilia/ El Condor Pasa/ Duncan/ Death In Santa Cruz
Side 2: Mrs. Robinson/ Congratulations/ Kodachrome/ Homeward Bound/ Mother And Child Reunion/ Sounds Of Silence

Matrix #: HH SIMON 1/2; SOUND QUALITY:  B/C+ (audience)

Simon P SS lbl

May 19, 1973 Saturday
Civic Center,
Santa Monica, Ca. USA

Audience Mono
Teac X-1000R > Tascam CD-RW900
Low Gen Reel > CDR > EAC Secure > Audacity (edits) > CD Wave (tracks) > FLAC
Total Time – 86:03
Thanks to the taper!
Transfer and encoding by Steve Hopkins

Note: this recording is far from ideal, but quite listenable nonetheless…
it’s mono, it’s paused between most songs, there’s mic noise, although
mostly between songs, and the crowd is loud relative to the music…
but this is the only recording of a complete concert from Simon’s 1973
tour that i know of, so i thought it should be shared…also included
in torrent file, a scan of my reel box with an ad for Simon’s Boston
concert earlier that same month…enjoy!

Disc One 65:17
01. Me And Julio Down By The Schoolyard (cut in) 2:25
02. Run That Body Down 2:50
03. Was A Sunny Day 3:43 >
04. Cecilia 1:29
05. American Tune 4:52
06. El Condor Pasa 4:55
07. Duncan 6:22
08. Death In Santa Cruz – Urubamba 3:48
09. Good Bye Song – Urubamba 2:19
10. The Boxer 5:44
11. Mrs.Robinson 2:50
12. Congratulations 3:56
13. Kodachrome 4:17
14. Homeward Bound 2:55
15. Something So Right 4:15
16. Mother And Child Reunion 4:14
17. Sounds Of Silence 4:16

Disc Two 20:46
01. Nobody But Jesus – Jesse Dixon Singers 2:47
02. Jesus Is The Answer – Jesse Dixon Singers 2:56
03. Bridge Over Troubled Water 7:19
04. Loves Me Like A Rock 3:28
05. America 4:15

Paul Simon launched his first solo tour without his longtime collaborator Art Garfunkel on May 6, 1973. The tour kicked off just a day after the release of the singer’s third studio album “There Goes Rhymin’ Simon.”