The Firm



Japan: Late 1985 / early 1986

Source: Audience recording (a soundboard recording exists as well) from Costa Mesa, CA, the Pacific Amphitheatre on 16 March, 1985

Corrected track list (may still not be 100% accurate):

1619 A: Closer / City Sirens / Make Up Or Break / Morning After The Night Before / Together / Cadillac
1619 B: Prelude / Money Can’t Buy / Radioactive / Live In Peace / Midnight Moonlight
1620 A: Midnight Moonlight (cont.) / You’ve Lost That Loving Feeling / The Chase / Just Wanna Make Love To You
1620 B: Full Circle / Someone To Love / Cut Loose (Paul Rodgers track)/ Boogie Mama / Everybody Needs Someone To Love

Quality rating: “Vgs” in HOTWACKS


The Firm – such a promising project that ended up not fully living up to its potential. Jimmy and Paul Rodgers met in 1983 after agreeing to take part in Eric Clapton’s ARMS London and subsequent short US tour. He needed a vocalist for his mini-set and Steve Winwood whom he had used in London was not available for the US dates, so Paul was in. Completing the line up was Manfred Mann’s Earth Band drummer Chris Slade (those not born in the 60’s – or earlier – probably remember him for having been a member of AC/DC) and Tony Franklin.

While first pre-album shows in the UK were a sell out, their debut album had few memorable tracks. A US tour was well received but when they returned to the UK, their appearance at Wembley Arena was “vastly under subscribed”. A second album Mean Business was released in 1986 to lukewarm response, they toured the US again, returned home and that was the end of that project. Jimmy would record his solo album Outrider in ’87 and tour very successfully in ’88 (digging up and dusting off the Led Zeppelin numbers the Firm concert goers had likely hoped to hear years earlier.