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Beatles Live C Wiskey Flats

I’m quite fond of the bottle + glass drawing WCF must have cut out somewhere.

Beatles LCaWFl bla

Beatles LCaWF lbl b

They could spell it correctly on the label but not on the inserts…

The cover inspiration taken from the US fan club LP release of the fan club flexi discs. The release date for this was December of 1970.

Beatles X-Mas album 2


USA: 1971

Source: Soundboard recording from Convention Hall, Philadelphia, PA, likely recorded by radio station WIBG-AM

Beatles Philly 64 III

Although the books Way Beyond Compare and Beatlegmania Volume One and Two claim this WCF version with ‘Whiskey’ labels came first in 1970, this is not the case. In fact, this was already the third version (and second copy) of this recording. What is undisputed is that this was the first beatleg to feature a concert recording from the height of Beatlemania, thankfully the audio quality lived up to the occasion.


Original version: ALIVE AT LAST, East Coast bootleg, released in the spring of 1970:

Matrix: 1001 A / B

Beatles AAL

Beatles AAL stamp

Beatles AAL lbl 1

Beatles AAL lbl 2


First copy: IN CONCERT AT WHISKEY FLAT, pre-TMOQ West Coast bootleg, released ca. July 1970.

This means either Dub or Ken came up with the fictional “Whiskey Flat” location, WCF turned it into “Flats” and CBM (see below) decided to do away with all that nonsense and that this was really from Atlanta (although the Beatles had not performed there on their 1964 US Tour).

Matrix: OPD 19 70 – 417F  /  OPD 67-2 70418F

Beatles ICaWFlat 3



Third copy: LIVE CONCERT ATLANTA by Contraband, offering a degraded insert with a failed guess regarding the source (on a later reissue) and the worst sound quality of the four versions. On the other hand, the only one with a personalized label (at least for the initial pressing run). Virginia, USA based bootleg label, first CBM release probably last quarter of 1972 or first of ’73.

Matrix: 3552

Beatles Live C Atlanta 3552 3


Beatles Live C Atlanta 3552 o lbl

Beatles Live C Atlanta 3552 detail

A later reissue on their King Kong sub-label, ca. 1975:

Beatles live - atlanta


Fourth copy: JL 521 Japan copy, ca. 1976:

Beatles Live Concert Atlanta JL 521

Beatles Live Concert Atlanta JL 521 lbl


Beatles Philly IV





Dylan Isle Of Wight 2


Dylan IoWight 509 lbl a.jpg

The sides seem to be reversed, i.e., the concert started with the tracks on side two but that is how the British original had it as well. This is not the complete performance., which consists of 17 songs. “I’ll be your baby tonight” is found here between “Like A Rolling Stone” and “Mighty Quinn” but was missed by all WCF and the  CBM version pirating this insert. The different vinyl bootleg versions all suffered from challenging audio. The concert was also recorded on multi-track tapes, and after a few tracks appeared on an EP in the early 70’s, the whole concert was officially released in 2013.

USA: 1971

There also appears to be a later WCF reissue in their trade mark folder style covers.

Copied from one of the following choices:

  • The original 1970 UK release; 1st edition: Blank black label, with or without stamp. 2nd edition: With island sticker – C-7 A/B matrix on all copies:

  • Any of the three different Holland 1971 Peace / Piece versions:

1st issue: Title stamp plus peace sign in red or blue with this label; 2nd issue: Slightly larger stamp in purple:

3rd issue with a different red stamp and a pink “Piece” label:

The matrix for all three  versions was ’31 W-A/B HM-PART – 1/2 ‘



CBM Copies with matrix ‘ (C-7-A) MOTION BEAVER REC. 104701 / (C-7-B) MOTION BEAVER REC. 104702 ‘

  1. Using WCF’s art work again and with their early ‘large letter’ label style:

To me, this proves again that WCF’s version had come first.


2.  This rare insert variation, I have only found once:

3.  And finally the last version, ca. 1974 in their ‘minimalist insert’ style:


TMOQ’s popular and more complete version did not appear until around September of 1972


Dylan was a late addition at the Isle of Wight Festival, this was his first performance in over two years.


John, George and Ringo watching Dylan. While for George it was the start of a life-long friendship and appreciation, John would 10 years later record himself calling Dylan (along with Paul McCartney) a “company man” and “… Gotta Save Somebody … I guess he wants to be a waiter now …”.



Dylan Kindest Cut 2


Dylan Kindest Cut

The insert is also found in b&w, green or red.



USA: 1971/2

Matrix: 507 A / B

It appears that this was reissued in the folder-style cover as well and exists with a different insert or a wrap around insert or even a printed cover, which moved the track list to the back:

Dylan Kindest Cut alt ins

Dylan Kindest Cut alt insert b



A copy of this 1971 original:

Dylan Kindest Cut BBG

The sticker found on the back was copied by WCF and integrated as part of their art work:

Dylan Kindest Cut sticker 2

The one on the front was not:

Dylan Kindest Cut sticker

Dylan Kindest Cut lbl 1

Dylan Kindest Cut lbl 2

Matrix: RI 3145 / FIWN

Sources: The majority of these recordings comes from the “Minnesota Hotel tape”, recorded 22 December 1961. More info here: 

Exceptions are “Ballad of Donald White” from a March 1963 WBAI FM radio broadcast and “Only a hobo/talkin’ devil” and “John Brown” from the 1963 Broadside recordings.


CSNY Ohio 3



CSNY Ohio lbl A


If you have better quality images for the insert and one for the label B-side, please leave a comment.

USA: 1971/2

Source: Big Sur, CA music festival staged by the Esalen institute the weekend of September 13 & 14, 1969 (plus one pirated track), as detailed in this extensive previous post found by clicking here

A straight copy of the Snoopy Records release with the same name, easily recognizable by the track list WCF added. The WCF version is not that common.


CSNY Ohio lbl


John E Gulliver's Gone 3

John E Gulliver's Gone detail

John E Gulliver's Gone lbl

USA: 1971

As we’ve already seen with their The Who Unreleased LP, WCF weren’t above copying officially released material. This is a straight copy of Elton John’s first album Empty Sky from 1969, which was not released in the US until early 1975.



WCF weren’t the only bootleggers who decided to fuel the surge in interest for EJ material by pirating this album, there were at least two other different versions



Dylan Villager.JPG

Dylan Villager inner

The blank inner gatefold covers, as used for all double albums WCF produced between 1070 and 1972.

Dylan Villager Kathy

Labels came in any combination of ‘WCF blue’, red or white with the names “STEVE” or “KATHY”.

USA: 1971

Matrix: 503-A/B X and 504-A/B V

The title comes from the location of the Gaslight Cafe in Manhattan’s Greenwich Village area.

Gaslight cafe

Source: Side 1 & 2: “The Famous ‘Gaslight’ tapes have traded among collectors since the 60’s, and individual songs have been available on various bootleg recordings since the early 70’s.” [] 06 September 1961 known as the first Gaslight (cafe) tape. This is the first recording capturing Dylan performing one of his own compositions.

Man On The Street
He Was A Friend Of Mine
Talkin’ Bear Mountain Picnic Massacre Blues
Song To Woody
Pretty Polly
Car Car

The last song on 503-B “California” is a ‘Times They Are A-Changin’ sessions outtake from the second half of 1963. Two more close the second disc (marked with * below).

The second disc has the Gleason home tape, recorded 01 February 1961 in East Orange, NJ ( ):

Jesus met the woman at the well
Gypsy Davy
Bull session I
Pastures of plenty

Jesse James
Bull session II
Remember me
Lay down your weary tune *
Moonshine blues *


Most interesting are the comments found at “As far as quality goes, the Villager is one of the worst records ever made. Paradoxically, as far as collectibility goes; it was a highly sought after piece for collectors of this type of material.
The rarity of the album stems from a few facts. First of all, there was a very small run produced. The title itself evoked all kinds of speculation and rumors in the early 70’s. A lot of people talked of the existence of this record, but few had seen it.
This LP set a record in Europe in 1976 as the highest price ever paid for a bootleg album. The album changed hands for an incredible $400! One of the reasons for this high price was not only the speculation of the early 70’s, and the fact that it was an import in Europe … but an incredible looking full printed cover. As it turns out, the cover had been a one or two of a kind silk-screen … not done by the manufacturer, but by a printer who wanted to create a wonderful looking cover for his album. Putting a value on this cover is a very subjective thing and better left to the discretion of the buyer/seller.”

These days, the title achieves from < $30 – $70 at auction.


This double set was also reissued in a folder-style cover ca. 1973/4 with the usual blank white labels:

Dylan GWW inner


Byrds LaBiE

Byrds LaBiE b&amp;w

Byrds LaBiE lbl 1

Byrds LaBiE lbl 2

Byrds LaBiE pur 2

The track list on side A is incorrect, as this owner corrected insert shows; the first track is “You Ain’t Going Nowhere” and not “Eight Miles High”:

Side A: You Ain’t Going Nowhere 3:30 / Lover Of The Bayou 4:30 / Old Blue 4:15 / Well Come Back Home 4:15 / My Back Pages 3:10                                                                    Side B: Baby, what do you want me to do 4:00 / He Was A Friend Of Mine 3:28 / Willin’ 4:09 / Fiddle Song 3:02 / Take A Whiff On Me 3:45

USA: 1971

I believe this was the first ever Byrds bootleg. While an East Coast bootlegger made up the venue ‘Atlanta Whiskey Flat’ for a Beatles performance, here WCF invented ‘Buddy’s in England’ for this tape which most likely was passed to them without any identifying information.

Source: Incomplete radio broadcast by Dutch station VPRO, as broadcast on a US radio station some time after the event: The Byrds at the tail end of their European tour, recorded here in Amsterdam at the Concertgebouw on 1970-07-07. Concertvault claims this is the  10:30PM second show (there was also a 7PM early show, which can be found on their website).

It appears, the complete set list looked like this:

Amsterdam, 1970-07-07

You ain’t going nowhere
Lover of the bayou
Old blue
Welcome back home
My back pages
Baby, what do you want me to do
He was a friend of mine
Fiddle tune
Take a whiff on me
This wheels on fire
It’s alright, Ma (I’m only bleeding)
Watching the river flow
Jesus is just alright
All things
Country jig
Medley: Turn turn turn/ Mr. Tambourine man/
8 miles high
So you want to be a Rock ‘n’ Roll star
Positively 4th street
Mr. Spaceman
You don’t miss your water
Chestnut mare
Chimes of freedom
Amazing grace