New York Dolls

Beck J Live Vol. 1 II

Beck J Live Vol. 1

Beck J Live Vol. 1 b


Source: Audience recording from the Taiikukan Aichi in Nagoya as part of the The World Rock Festival on 05 August, 1975

Japan: 197?

Quality rating in HOTWACKS: “Exs”


Volume 2 – still from Nagoya ’75. with a very different matrix (XLL-3120) and a deluxe black cover. Rarely seen and perhaps released significantly later:

Beck There & Beck Live II

Beck There & Beck Live II b

VOL 2 has:  SIDE A: Cause We Ended As Lovers / Freezer (Power) – SIDE B: Scatterbrain / Thelonius / You Know What I Mean


Jeff Beck’s first tour of Japan as a solo artist was part of the “World Rock Festival” in August, 1975.  Organized by Yuya Uchida, who was best know for performing as a supporting act for the Beatles in 1966, the event lasted three days (August 3rd in Sapporo, August 5th in Nagoya and August 7th in Tokyo).  All three sets were taped.  The New York Dolls were also part of the line up, making for an interesting pairing. Jeff Beck visited Japan after a lengthy trip around North America in support of Blow By Blow, his most successful album to date.  He would play three more shows later in the year before taking a break to record  Wired.

“This is a strange pairing, the proto-punk and glam band with the guitar virtuoso at the beginning of his jazz fusion period.  It’s more a celebration of the eclecticism of mid-seventies rock at the event and serves as a good snapshot of the times.  

The New York Dolls set included:  Introduction, Looking For A Kiss, Daddy Rolling Stone, Puss ‘N’ Boots, Trash, Bad Detective, Stranded In The Jungle, Unknown, Girls, Frankenstein, Teenage News

New York Dolls were at at point of transition at this point in their career.  Founding members Johnny Thunders and Jerry Nolan left the band while on tour in Florida in April.  The remaining members, David Johansen, Sylvain Sylvain and Peter Jordan were joined by keyboardist Chris Robison and their tour manager Tony Machine on drums for the trip to Japan. They were also released from their contract to Mercury Records during this tour.  

Their set on August 7th in Tokyo was recorded and released on the Tokyo Dolls – Live album with a set list quite similar to this show.  They start off with “Looking For A Kiss” and “Daddy Rolling Stone” to please the crowd.

“Stranded In The Jungle” is one of the show’s highlights.  “Frankenstein” begins with a recitation of a poem in Japanese before a radically reworked arrangement of the song from their first album.  The set ends with “Teenage News” and a thunderous applause from the audience.

Jeff Beck set list:  Introduction, Constipated Duck, She’s A Woman, Freeway Jam, Definitely Maybe, Superstition, Air Blower, Keyboard Solo, ‘Cause We’ve Ended As Lovers, Power, Got The Feeling, You Know What I Mean

There is an emphasis upon the faster numbers in the first half beginning with “Constipated Duck” (the only original composition), the clever Beatles cover “She’s A Woman” and “Freeway Jam” preserving its jazz roots. The largest applause is reserved for the Stevie Wonder cover “Superstition” in which Beck plays through the voice box to startling effect.

“Air Blower” is another heavy excursion where Beck makes his guitar sing in the middle improvisation. Max Middleton plays a short keyboard solo before the slower paced “Cause We’ve Ended As Lovers.” Bassist Wilber Bascomb starts off “Power” with the heavy funk beat, leading the band into a number that adroitly mixes funk with seventies metal.

The improvisational centerpiece of the set and the final number is a ten minute instrumental version of “Got The Feeling” from the Jeff Beck Group’s Rough & Ready album. Beck plays both light and shade and even gets into a duel with drummer Bernard Purdie by the song’s end. The encores include a quick “Thelonius,” the first song on Blow By Blow “You Know What I Mean” and a quick reprise of “Superstition” (this time with normal vocals).” (

Beck J Japan 75

Beck photographed by Bob Gruen, Japan, August 1975



From the same tour and the first day in Sapporo comes this rare Japan J. Beck bootleg classic:


Beck POTK d

Beck POTK lbl

This copy sold for $200 in January of 2016.

Japan: ? (1976-78 would be my guess) I would not be surprised if there was a connection to another supposedly ‘Made on Hokkaido’ bootleg: Rainbow’s 1977 Catch The Rainbow, which I had previously shown here.

Source: Audience recording from Okunai Kyogijo,Makomanai, Sapporo, 03 August 1975

Side 1: Intro / She’s A Woman / Freeway Jam / Definitely Maybe                                               Side 2: Superstition / Air Blower / ‘Cause We’ve Ended As Lovers / You Know What I Mean

Apparently a total length of 45:53 but side 1 is only 17 minutes long.

Reissued on CD just last year due its great quality. It seems that the master tape is unavailable or lost.

NY Dolls Dallas 74NY Dolls Dallas 74 detailNY Dolls Dallas 74 b

Sometimes offered as “signed”, incorrect as the signatures are printed and present on all copies.

NY Dolls Dallas 74 spine

I have only ever seen these with pink labels.


From a review:

Obviously recorded with a handheld cassette player, this bootleg recording documents a show at the legendary Mother Blues club in Dallas, Texas [incorrect, it was at Gertie’s] during their final 1974 tour [incorrect, it was in 1973], featuring the original line up. The Dolls were supporting the popular Texas band The Werewolves [incorrect, it was the other way around] and facing a hostile/apathetic crowd. The band sounds discouraged, as the audience taunts them with cries of “We want the a Werewolves!” through their show, but gamely perform their set. The very poor sound quality of the recording and the “end of the line” feel of the performance-supporting a band most listeners have never heard of-make this a hard recording to recommend. I have no idea whether this was one of the shows performed in red leather & Soviet paraphernalia but it would go a long way towards explaining the audience’s hostility; Dallas in 1974 would have been the worst possible venue for such gear. Fantastically rare, this live album has practically nothing else to offer.


HOTWAX rating: Vgm – sounding “sound much better than alleged.” on the official release mentioned below.


“Setlist: (one of the 4 shows) Courageous Cat Theme (*)/ Personality Crisis/ Vietnamese Baby/ Bad Girl/ Looking For A Kiss/ Great Big Kiss/ Pills/ Frankenstein/ Lone Star Queen/ Don’t Start Me Talking.

Note: These shows are often wrongly listed as having happened in 1974 as well. One of the shows is available on the “Dolls Live: Dallas ’74” bootleg LP (Smilin’ Ears 1978), except for (*). Also released as part of the “From Here to Eternity: The Live Bootleg Box Set” 3CD (Sanctuary/Castle 2006).
Arthur’s arm is still in a cast so roadie Peter Jordan continues to replace him on bass.” []




This was the bootleg my school pal Walter really wanted to have after he found it on a catalog I had received from the US. Walter always liked the more on the edge stuff, while I had and have my pop taste. We, or rather he, graduated from Queen and Pink Floyd to heady stuff stuff like Patti Smith, Pere Ubu and John Cale Paris 1919 and the Velvet Underground. He also had the Boomtown Rats though and that was more my territory and most importantly, he, like me, could see the late 1970’s brilliance of Cheap Trick.

Coming to think of it, most of my deeper school friendships were anchored by a shared interest in music and here I am, 35 years later, still talking about it.