Culture Club




Japan 1985 – Culture Club played concert dates in Japan in June of ’84.

A copy of this title sold for a remarkable $280 in January of 2015

Source: Supposedly recorded at Brendan Byrne Arena, East Rutherford, NJ on 12 November 1984 but this is unconfirmed. As there are songs here from their Waking Up With The House On Fire album, which was released in late October of ’84, the recording seems to come from that tour.

2561 A: The Dive / Unfortunate Thing / I’ll Tumble 4 Ya / The Medal Song / Time
2561 B: Church Of The Poisoned Mind / Do You Really Want To Hurt Me / Mistake No.3 / Karma Chameleon
2562 A: It’s A Miracle / Dangerous Man / Mister Man / Mannequin
2556 B: Miss Me Blind / Hello Goodbye / The War Song / That’s The Way (I’m Only Trying To Help You) / Crime Time

“Track B4 fades out early, and track C1 fades into the middle of the first verse.”


This track listing from a radio broadcast from a concert in Sydney from July of 1984 seems to indicate that the ETS bootleg comes indeed from a later concert):
01. Take Control
02. Mister Man
03. I’ll Tumble 4 Ya
04. It’s a Miracle
05. Karma Chameleon
06. Black Money
07. Love Twist
08. Do You Really Want to Hurt Me
09. Church of the Poison Mind
10. Victims
11. Time (Clock of the Heart)

Tracks missing:
12. Miss Me Blind
13. White Boy
14. That’s the Way (I’m Only Trying to Help You)
15. Melting Pot



Japan: 1984 – the band toured Japan in July of ’84

This is one of the few 45 rpm releases on XL/ETS.

Source: Hammersmith Odeon, (31) May 1983, likely taken from the BBC In Concert radio broadcast or transcription disc. This may also have been officially released on the White Feathers Tour VHS/laser disc.

2545 A: Kajagoogo / Interview Rooms / This Car Is Fast / Monochromatic
2545 B: Hang On Now / Magician Man / Take Another View
2546 A: Ooh To Be Ah / O.T.T. (Over The Top) / White Feathers
2546 B: Frayo / Ergonomics / Too Shy / Lies And Promises



There were only two more vinyl bootlegs featuring this band and they always had to split it with Culture Club. Interestingly, one of them copied the TAKRL design:



It appears as if this is the same recording as on the ETS release. Netherlands (?) ca. 1984.

Finally, there is the CKGG R54 LP, which offered the same songs from the same source (for Kajagoogoo) again “but poor quality transfer to vinyl.” according to the Kajafax website.






Spot the letter/# sticker we know from UD/XL titles in its usual position.



“It’s A Miracle (Early dates played “It’s America”)” – so this is not a listening error mishearing “a miracle” for “American”.


Japan: 1983 – they also toured Japan for the first time that year.

Source: Culture Club on their When Cameras Go Crazy & first U.S. Tour. L.A., Hollywood Palladium, 11 March 1983.


Around the same time or a little bit later, a sort of unintended ‘companion-piece’ was produced with this European bootleg, supposedly recorded in Japan in 1983: It’s a miracle (R.O.S. Records, CC-831)


Also exists on purple PVC.