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smith p 528

Manufactured in the Los Angeles area: 1977. Apparently, the planned part 2 never happened.

Likely only 100 copies pressed. Matrix: 75281 (‘wrmb’ scratched)

Source: Patti mentions seeing the Stones at Earls Court in London a couple of months ago (when she was in London as well to perform at the Roundhouse and appear on the BBC’s Old Grey Whistle Test). death records tended to record concerts in the Seattle or L.A. area only, so my best guess is that this comes from her Roxy, L.A. concert from November of 1976.

Quality comment: “The sound quality is good to excellent (but Patti sounds completely worn out).”

Side A: “Free Money”, “Pale Blue Eyes/Louie Louie”, “Ask The Angels”, “Time Is On My Side”
Side B: “Pumping (My Heart)”, “Ain’t It Strange”, “Gloria”


Thanks to Andrew for pointing out this release and reporting back on the content.

Smith P Live in London FARTY

Smith P Live in London FARTY 2

What a strange looking record. A trick of the light?

On the back cover:

Copyright (c) – Aresta Records
    Manufactured By – Amoeba; Label: Amoeba/ Plot of Thieves Products Farty XB 001
    Recorded At – The Roundhouse

Produced by Rolf for Invisible Inc.

Also a mentioning of “Schizophonic Records”, could be on the labels. Back shows a topless photo of Patti. Small print on the back refers to drugs and censorship. Does anyone have an image of this (as they went with a tamer one for the 2 LP version)?


Live in London (Farty XB 001)

Side 1: Real Good Time Together 2:45 /Kimberly 4:00 / Ain’t It Strange 7:35 / Energy (Set Me Free) 3:35 / Pumping (My Heart)     
Side 2: Free Money 2:45 / Pissing In The River 4:00 / Strange Reprise – Gloria (In Excelsis Deo) 4:35 / Time Is On My Side 7:15

“The sound quality and performance are good to excellent. “Real Good Time Together” and “Time Is On My Side” are both from Patti’s May 16, 1976, Roundhouse concert. The rest of the songs are from her follow-up concert on May 17. Deluxe brown/white cover. “


Smith P Live in LondonSmith P Live in London bSmith P Live in London discsSmith P Live in London b 2Smith P Live in London red lbl

Personalized labels in black & red.

“This double album contains most of the same songs listed above (except “Real Good Time Together” and “Kimberly”). The sound quality is much worse. Deluxe brown/white cover.

    In addition, it contains the following:
    1.”Histories Of The Universe/Seven Ways Of Going” (Poetry reading at St. Mark’s Church in Oct 1975 – sound quality very good, with Patti at her best.)
    2. Hungerthon Interview (WNEW, with Harry Chapin, 11/29/76 — sound quality very good, with Patti in a grumpy mood.)
    3.”War is Over”/”Piss Factory”/”Horses” (live performance at Central Park, early 1975 — sound quality poor to fair, performance excellent.)
    4. Rare Radio Interview (with ?? Scott Muni on WNEW, in early 1976 — sound quality very good, with Patti at her best again.)” []


I do not know which of these was released first. Interesting to see that the single album London tracks supposedly sound significantly better.


“Alan Henderson: I [had] met up with an Italian guy who had offered the facility of being able to manufacture some records, so we did some rather awful Stones live at Earls Court, Have You Seen Keef Standing in the Shadow, one I recorded myself, Patti Smith at the Roundhouse, … ” [Bootleg, Heylin p. 174]

In the same book, Clinton Heylin mentions *a UK bootleg* called Live at the Roundhouse. I have looked for this all over and found no confirmation of its existence. It’s also not mentioned on the oceanstar Patti Smith bootleg website or in HOTWACKS, so he must be mistaking these US products for UK product.


pattismith RH 76

PSmith 76



Smith P TWBCG 2Smith P TWBCG b

Smith P TWBCG lbl

Matrix:  UK -3 (ABCD)

Found with these red blank labels. Sold for around 8 GBP in the UK in 1979. Patti Smith and band played at the Rainbow in London on 1, 2, 4 April 1978 and this was likely recorded at one of those shows.

Side 1:  Privilege / Rock’N Roll Nigger  / Kimberly / Space Monkey
Side 2:  We Three / 25th Floor / It’s So Hard / Ghost Dance
Side 3:  Ain’t It Strange / Time Is On My Side / Because The Night / Pumping (My Heart)
Side 4:  Easter / Gloria / Be My Baby / My Generation

Alternate track list: 

Privilege (Set Me Free) / Babelogue/Rock n’ Roll Nigger / Kimberly / Space Monkey
Till Victory / We Three / 25th Floor / Running and Hiding / Ghost Dance
Ain’t It Strange / Time In On My Side / Because the Night, / Pumping (My Heart)
Easter / Gloria / Part I: In Excelsis Deo / Part II: Gloria / Be My Baby / My Generation

Comment “This very rare double bootleg is not listed in Hot Wacks XV. It is of a 1978 performance in London. Deluxe red cover. Sound quality is very good, performance is fair to good. ”  

Smith P YLUML adv

From Hot Wacks: First 200 copies rubber stamped “Advance Copy”. That seems quite high. Maybe the cover art got delayed.

Smith P YLUMLSmith P yluml SD

Smith P YLUML takrl

Smith Patti Light Up My Life

I dig the depth perception here – the owner really achieved a nice result in this angled shot. Photographing records is harder than it looks, I find.

Smith P YLUML b

Matrix # PSG-44-A / PSG-44-B

Collector’s Comment: “Unlike most of her other bootlegs, which were taken from radio broadcasts, this one was recorded on the scene from within the audience. The sound quality is excellent, and the performance is good to very good.”

“Most of the Patti Smith bootlegs come from around 1976, during her first significant touring after the release of her debut album, Horses, in the fall of 1975. This one is notable as a chronicle of the spring 1978 tour promoting her third album, Easter. Here, appearing on May 12, 1978, at the Santa Monica Civic Center, Smith is a more polished, less-spontaneous performer, and a more ambivalent one. The LP’s second side is given over to a selection of Easter songs — “Rock n Roll Nigger,” “Till Victory,” “Space Monkey,” “25th Floor,” and “Because the Night” — but the first side is more interesting. It consists entirely of cover songs, performed by Smith in her inimitable style. After playing the Who’s “The Kids Are Alright” and the Ronettes’ “Be My Baby,” Smith introduces “Time Is on My Side” by reciting a brief bit of her own verse: “Memory is just hips that swing like a clock/ Tick-tock, tick-tock, tick-tock/F*ck the clock!” the Who’s “My Generation,” meanwhile, gets new lyrics: “I don’t need that f*cking shit/Hope I die because of it.” After a surprise cover of John Lennon’s “It’s So Hard” comes an even more surprising choice from a woman who was just then experiencing her first and only singles hit. “Hi, we’re a Top 40 band, we’re the Patti Smith Group,” Smith says. “We’d like to do a little Top 40 for you.” And with that, she takes on Debbie Boone, doing a verse and chorus of “You Light up My Life.” Her mixed feelings about commercial success couldn’t be better expressed. This bootleg has only average sound, but it is one of the weirdest sets in the Patti Smith catalog. ” []


Complete set list:

01         Babelogue
02         Rock’n’Roll Nigger
03         Privilege (Set Me Free)
04         Kimberly
05         Till Victory
06         Redondo Beach
07         Space Monkey
08         25th Floor
09         The Kids Are All Right
10         Ghost Dance
11         Be My Baby
12         Time Is On My Side
13         It’s So Hard
14         Pumping (My Heart)
15         Because The Night
16         You Light Up My Life
17         Easter
18         Radio Ethiopia
19         Gloria
20         Ask The Angels
21         My Generation

“It offers an accurate glimpse of the artist circa 1978. Patti’s stage banter is hilarious and she is truly unique. There is virtually no hiss in this recording. You can hear the taper talk to his cohorts but only very rarely. Otherwise there is very little talking. No distortion, no speed problems, vocals are sometimes a little muffled. Parts of the recording are ex- in nature but I would call the rest of it vg to vg +, as always, IMHO. The show appears to be complete to me. It’s a wild performance with a lot of Patti/audience interchange and stage banter. “

Her live in concert rendition of the bootleg’s title track can be found here:

[Oh wow, quite the daring font for the title]

Set list from the only Patti Smith bootleg website I know of (which tends to disagree with the cover listings for some reason):

“Real Good Time Together”, “Set Me Free”, “Ain’t It Strange”, “Kimberly”, “Free Money” — side 1
“Redondo Beach”, “Pale Blue Eyes/Louie Louie”, “Things Just Ain’t The Same”, “Land” — side 2


“Sound quality is good, performance excellent.” 


From the people who brought you the “Flamin Grovies” bootleg […] comes this one-of-many documents from the Patti Smith tour of v.-late ’75/early ’76, back when Patti was wowing both the cognoscenti and the wee folk alike with her mix of decade-old rock ‘n roll and a buncha indecipherable Frog intellectuals and literary/sexual icons who just seemed custom-made for the mid-seventies chattering class brouhaha that was so “in” amongst the VILLAGE VOICE readers and phony high school intellectuals alike. Sound in amazingly good (making me wonder if this was taken from an FM broadcast) and the performance surprisingly together with only a few vocal gloops and glares to be found. Material is pretty much the standard fare for the day (meaning if you’re only a dabbler in the Patti mystique you might wanna save your buckskins if you find this somewhere) but an added treat appears in the form of the early-set standby cover of “The Hunter Gets Captured By The Game” which sounds pretty (dare-I-say) “professional” in this company!” ]

A re-issue of:

in the usual Wizardo splash colored vinyl variations:

Track list:

A1     Patti Smith –     Real Good Time Together  – (Velvet Underground)
A2     Patti Smith –     RAP / Giuseppe Verdi
A3     John Cale –     This Heart Of Mine – (John Cale)
A4     Patti Smith –     Strained On Strange
A5     Patti Smith –     Free Money
B1     Patti Smith –     Pale Blue Eyes – (Velvet Underground)
B2     Patti Smith –     Louie Louie
B3     Patti Smith –     Smooth Stone Beyond
B4     Patti Smith –     Gloria
B5     Patti Smith –     My Generation – (The Who)

From a P. Smith bootleg site:

Side 1: “Real Good Time Together”, “G. Verdi”, “I Keep A Close Watch” “Ain’t It Strange”, “Free Money”      Side 2: “Pale Blue Eyes/Louie Louie”, “Birdland”, “Gloria”, “My Generation”

Sound quality is fair, performance is excellent. Some (if not all) were released on multicolored vinyl. Also released as Hard Nipples (ZAP 7882)

COMMENTS: Even though it’s not the greatest sound quality, it’s listenable and it is a great show, John Cale makes an appearance.

Unfortunately, neither label told us where & when this was recorded and 35+ years later, we still do not know and the following is the closest we will ever get to the original source:

“This bootleg presents a live Patti Smith performance from late 1975/early 1976 in which she appears with John Cale, who produced her just-released debut album, Horses. Cale gets a solo spot on “I Keep a Close Watch,” awhile Smith intersperses songs from Horses (and “Ain’t It Strange” from the upcoming Radio Ethiopia) with such concert covers as the Velvet Underground’s “We’re Gonna Have a Real Good Time Together” and “Pale Blue Eyes” and the Who’s “My Generation,” as well as spicing up the proceedings with her usual commentary on everyone from Jimi Hendrix to Giuseppe Verdi. Especially interesting is a version of “Birdland” that makes the song’s references to Wilhelm Reich explicit. Unfortunately, the sound quality on what must be an audience tape is low. (Also released under the title Turn It Up.) ~ William Ruhlmann, All Music Guide”

Source: KBFH recording from the Cellar Door in Washington D.C. on January 16th 1976 (except ‘Hey Joe’ & ‘Piss Factory’ taken from the rare 1974 MER 7″or the 1977 re-release on Sire). “(aired on king biscuit 2-8-76)” according to a Patti Smith related website.

Set list from wolfgangsvault, where both shows can be listened to in full:

Early show:

Real Good Time Together 4:19
Privilege (Set Me Free) 4:00
Ain’t It Strange 8:19
Kimberly 5:47
Redondo Beach 5:23
Free Money 6:00
Pale Blue Eyes / Louie Louie 5:45
Pumping (My Heart) / Monologue 9:44
Birdland 10:18
Gloria 7:54
My Generation 3:32

Late Show:

Spanish Town 7:17
Real Good Time Together 3:18
Slavery 1:05
Privilege (Set Me Free) 3:45
Ain’t It Strange 8:59
Kimberly 6:24
Redondo Beach 4:31
Free Money 4:54
Pale Blue Eyes 5:55
Pumping (My Heart) / Monologue 2:31
Jolene 4:08
Birdland 12:07
Gloria 9:55
My Generation 3:29

TAKRL says:

“A curious story about this project. Creating this album the Doctor met his unfortunate untimely unwarranted demise. Everyone in Anytown lost interest in this project and gave it to another label who issued it in a pleasing but inaccurate form. After the Doctor was finally laid to rest, Deek and Art re-mastered the tapes, completed the original art-work and this ‘Original’ but now-reissued resulted.”

“Real Good Time Together”, “Set Me Free”, “Ain’t It Strange”, “Kimberly”, “Redondo Beach”, “Pale Blue Eyes/Louie Louie” — side 1
“Pumping (My Heart)”, “Birdland”, “Gloria”, “My Generation” — side 2
Recording of Patti’s Roxy (L.A.) concert, Jan 30, 1976. Sound quality and performance excellent (Iggy Pop makes a surprise appearance). This is probably the most copied Patti bootleg — [having been released as] Canine Teardrops (TAKRL 1982), Patti Smith (Fantasy Discos F7854), Teenage Perversity and Ships in the Night (TAKRL 919), and unlabeled. The Fantasy Discos and TAKRL 919 versions have deluxe B/W covers; the rest are blank or have paper inserts.
Front & back of the ‘Fantasy Discos’ version. Although they look like they contain different tracks, this is not actually the case.
And the ZAP version:
Source: Broadcast on KMET
[When a tape of the radio broadcast was shared on in July 0f 2012 the following issues emerged:]
Based on the two sources, this would be the complete setlist:
01  We’re Gonna Have a Real Good Time Together
02  Privilege
03  Ain’t It Strange
04  Kimberly
05  Redondo Beach
06  Free Money *
07  Pale Blue Eyes
08  Pumping
09  Birdland
10  Break It Up *
11  Land/Gloria **
12  My Generation
* only available on this source
** only available on “Teenage Perversity” There are other differences as well, as pointed out before, and there are cuts on this source that aren’t present on the bootleg source and vice versa. To get a definitive document, someone would have to correct the speed/pitch on both versions and get them to match, and then do a matrix of the two so that the missing parts of one would be filled in by the other. Yes, “Teenage Perversity” runs incredibly fast. This source might be running a touch slow.
[A final comment on the speed issue:]
“Just roughly compared the pace of ‘teenage perversity’ and the Bottom Line concert from 1975-12-27. Teenage Perversity:
Real Good Time Together has about 180 clicks – My Generation about 117 (half notes) Bottom Line 1975-12-27:
Real Good Time Together has about 175 clicks – My Generation about 113 (half notes) When changing the pitch of teenage perversity one half-step down, the pace becomes about one click slower than Bottom Line 1975-12-27. So the difference in pace seems to be in an usual range, though it sounds more dramatically. A part of this effect could be based on the quite harsh sound. As long as we have no reports about them using a lower tuning, I’d assume, they just were on fire… or on whatever ;)”
“Patti Smith released some good albums, but any serious fan of hers will tell you that she performed most of her material better live. There are a number of fine Patti Smith bootlegs, but this one — taken from a January 1976 show at the Roxy in Los Angeles, with near-perfect fidelity — is both her best and her best-known. Besides incendiary versions of several songs from her first few LPs, it features covers of “Louie Louie,” “My Generation” (with John Cale guesting), and The Velvet Underground’s “We’re Gonna Have a Good Time Together” and “Pale Blue Eyes,” as well as entertaining between-song raps and even a brief cameo by Iggy Pop. It’s no exaggeration to claim that this may be her best album, and one of the best ’70s punk/new wave albums of all.”
[Seems harder to find than other TAKRL titles. The text above suggests that this was released later under the originally reserved release number. I’d love to know if the releases listed above have any differences in sound quality. TAKRL’s cover is definitely considerably more classy than what ZAP came up with.
So great is the reputation of this recording that when Patti played my hometown this year, one newspaper mentioned “Teenage Perversity…” in its review.]