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MARC Records release of the July 1st Budokan show was previously featured here, along with the Wizardo copy. – Title labels were back for this occasion.

MARC’s final Queen release from their second Japan tour can be found here. – MARC’s first color cover.



Gallagher Rory Souped Up Rory!

Japan: ca. second half of 1976. I believe this was the first Rory Gallagher bootleg made.

Source: Rory on his 28th birthday, filmed by the BBC at the “Shepherd’s Bush BBC Theater”, as it is introduced by Bob Harris, later known as the Shepherd’s Bush Empire concert venue.

I am not sure what happened to “Bullfrog Blues”, which is the last song in the YouTube video but not on the bootleg.

Side 1: Introduction, I take What I Want / Bought and Sold / All Round Man
Side 2: Out on the Western Plain / Souped-up Ford / Hands Off

Matrix: RG 76056-1 / 2

What do Paul Simon and Rory Gallagher have in common?

Both had their first Japan tours in 1974 (Rory in January, he would return in January of 1975 and again in October/November of 1977).

Rory Gallagher bootlegs listing:


The album title inspiration? Melody Maker, 3 January 1976 issue

Simon P art-superb-simon

Simon P art-superb-simon b 2

Simon P art-superb-simon detail

Japan: ca. mid- to second half of 1976

Was anyone buying this LP and hoping for an audio witness of a rare Simon & Garfunkel mini-reunion on a London concert stage disappointed when listening to this? …  In December of 1975, while on tour in Europe, Paul Simon recorded a live TV special in a BBC studio (not on the 27th and not at the Palladium). As part of the finished program, two clips from Simon & Garfunkel’s appearance on Saturday Night Live from 18 October ’75 were edited in: “The Boxer” and “Scarborough Fair”. As the YouTube videos show, this special was also broadcast in Japan (were Simon had toured as early as April 1974) . This is the soundtrack of that TV special.


Side 1: Still crazy after all these years / Homeward Bound / I do it for your love / 50 ways to leave your lover / Toots Thielemans: Bluesette
Side 2: Loves me like a rock/ Some folks’ life’s roll easy / (Simon and Garfunkel SNL/75} The Boxer + Scarborough fair / My little town / American Tune

Paul Simon plus the following musicians:

Davin Sanborn – Alto Sax
Toots Thielemans – Guitar
Richard Tee – Electric Piano
Tony Levin – Bass Guitar
Steve Gadd – Drums

Cover photo taken at the 1972 McGovern benefit, as these images show:


1972 mcgovern benefit color


Paul Simon Japan 74 stub


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Led Zep White Summer

Led Zep White Summer b

Led Zep White Summer detail

Led Zep White Summer lbl

Led Zep White Summer mat

Led Zep White Summer lbl B

Led Zep White Summer mat B

Listen to the full album here:

Japan, ca. mid-1976

Side 1: 

Train Kept A Rollin’  [Winterland, San Francisco – 25 April 1969]

Since I’ve Been Loving You  [Düsseldorf, Rheinhalle – 13 March 1970]

White Summer / Black Mountainside  [Düsseldorf, Rheinhalle – 13 March 1970]

Side 2:

Dazed And Confused  [Düsseldorf, Rheinhalle – 13 March 1970]

Communication Breakdown  [Winterland, San Francisco – 25 April 1969]

ABC Song  [Robert Plant & daughter Carmen at Headley Grange Studios, January – February 1974]

This appears to be a combination of the German release Life plus two (filler) tracks from Wizardo’s 1975 CAUTION EXPLOSIVE (# 329):

Led Zeppelin Caution Explosive

The rare German bootleg  (1017 M)- about 200 pressed – was also released in 1975.

Led Zep Life

Above, first version of the cover before the misspelling was discovered?

Led Zeppelin Live Best 1017 300

Led Zep Life lbl

Matrix: M 1013 A/B

Pressing quality is supposed to be mediocre at best. Despite its status as a rare item, there are five copies offered on discogs as I am writing this.

White Summer (<< Black Mountain Side..) [ 10:59 – cut ], [ cut ], Since I’ve Been Loving You [ 7:05 ], [ cut ], Dazed And Confused [ 19:37 – cut ].

“Source: Incomplete good 1st audience recording. 39 minutes.
Details: The source is quite distant but still enjoyable. The guitar is the most prominent in the mix with guitar and vocals somewhere in the middle and drums as the most distant and echoey. Since I’ve Been Loving You has some minor speed issues in places and Dazed And Confused is distorted. []

Bootleg LP Reference(s) source 1: The Final Option (Rock Solid Records & The Swingin’ Pig Records), Germany 1971 (no label), Led Zeppelin Film Can (Rock Solid Records), Life (Best), & White Summer (Acid, Box Top Records, Marc & Rock Solid Records both issues)”


vienna 70

Led Zep Mar 11 70 HH


Düsseldorf set list:

Communication Breakdown
I Can’t Quit You Baby
Dazed and Confused
White Summer / Black Mountainside
Since I’ve Been Loving You
Organ solo / Thank You
Moby Dick
How Many More Times (medley incl. Move On Down the Line, Bottle Up ‘n Go, “Lemon Song”)
Whole Lotta Love


When led Zeppelin’s first German tour was originally scheduled, they were supposed to play in Frankfurt on March 10th before moving on to Hamburg. However the Frankfurt concert was cancelled and instead two nights were played at Hamburg’s Musikhalle (where early in 1971 Pink Floyd would get bootlegged resulting in the famous M-502/Take Linda Surfing/Miracle Muffler bootlegs).

Why was this concert cancelled?

Led Zep DE shows 70

Next stop: Vancouver, BC on the 21st, originating date of the famous Pb bootleg.


Jethro Tull started 1970 with a short Scandinavian tour in mid January before flying off to Los Angeles to film their contribution in 
The Switched-On Symphony, an NBC TV Special directed by Jack Good, featuring Tull, the Nice, Santana, Ray Charles, Jack Benny and the LA Philharmonic Orchestra. 

After filming a live-in-the-studio special for the German program Beat Club on the 19th, they were booked to perform their first ever concert appearance in Germany at the 4,000 seat Jahrhunderthalle. Only two further German dates were to follow in April in Nuremberg and Hamburg,

Jethro Tull FRA JHH 70 ticket

The concert promoters had underestimated the enthusiasm and demand for tickets and on concert day, an extra ticket-less 2,000 people showed up.


When it became apparent that the extra non-ticket holders were not going to be admitted, some took matters into their own hands and reportedly 11 of the hall’s large glass panes and four glass doors were shattered in a mini riot, causing 40,000 DM in damages {Pink Floyd’s fee for their 1971 Hamburg Musikhalle performance, to put it into perspective] and five hospital admissions.An audience recording of one of the shows has survived and was eventually pressed on CD as Fairytales From The Pawnshop .

The local citizens were not pleased  to learn about this destruction of public property, to say the least. There was going to be a fall out: No more rowdy destructive rock’n roll at the Jahrhunderthalle (a concert by Leonard Cohen the following May was allowed to go ahead).  An article appeared on February 28th claiming: Broken Glass Shakes Promoter’s Confidence: After The Fiasko At Jahrhunderthalle, Pop Soon At The Festhalle


The original (signed) concert poster showing both concert times.

The first victims were Led Zeppelin, whose scheduled concert at the same venue was nixed. Apparently, a suitable Frankfurt area venue could not be found and so they were the first band to ever play at the giant acoustically-challenged barn that is the Festhalle in July of the same year, when they returned to Germany.

Led Zep FRA July 70 review

Concert review of Led Zeppelin’s 18 July ’70 Frankfurt performance mentioning the circumstances of the March cancellation.

Deep Purple Get It While It Tastes

Deep Purple Get It While It Tastes b

I have also found these picture labels on a Japanese blog. Does that mean there was a first pressing perhaps that used these?

Deep Purple Get It While It Tastes lbl a

Deep Purple Get It While It Tastes lbl b

Deep Purple’s last night of their AustralAsia tour live at the Budokan, 15 December 1975

The official multi-track recorder was running backstage to capture material for yet another Japan only live album (to be released March 1977 as Last Concert In Japan, the 1985 31 minute video compilation Rises Over Japan and finally upgraded and including the full show in 2001 as This Time Around: Live in Tokyo ) while recorders were running in the audience as well. Apart from the person taping the source that ended up on GET IT WHILE IT TASTES, Mr. Peach also attended this show and his much better recording was released by Tarantura in 2010 as Made In Tokyo (making it the second recording of an already officially released concert among his tapes, his Cheap Trick capture being the other one).

It looks like Marc released this LP around the early summer of 1976, beating the official album comfortably, although lacking in the fidelity department.

“In a 1995 interview, Glenn Hughes calls Last Concert in Japan an “awful record,” and says that it “should never have been released” because “Tommy couldn’t play.” “

Side 1:  Burn / Lady Luck / Love Child / Smoke On The Water / Wild Dogs                                                  Side 2:  I Need Love-Soldier Of Fortune / You Keep On Moving / Stormbringer / Highway Star

The set list:

Lady Luck
Love Child
Gettin’ Tighter
Smoke On The Water
Wild Dogs
I Need Love
Soldier Of Fortune
Keyboard Solo
Lazy (incl. Drum Solo)
Owed To ‘G’
This Time Around
Guiter Solo
You Keep On Moving

Highway Star


Vicky Vinyl must have gotten hold of this title around the same time as MARC’s Suzi Quatro release – 1977, I would guess:


Deep Purple Made For Japan redDeep Purple Made For Japan red bDeep Purple Made for Japan blueDeep Purple Made for Japan yelDeep Purple Made for Japan SM Pig

Apart from “Stormbringer”, the bootleg and the official LP selected the same tracks.

Deep Purple-Lyrics-Jap Pressing


Deep P 75 Budokan



Deep Purple fans must be among the least shy to stick a bootleg under an original member’s nose and ask to have it signed:

Deep Purple Get It While It Tastes signed

Deep Purple GiwiT signed


The end of the tan MARC title labels had come, it seems. Check the next posts for the labels.

Queen LOASE b


By the middle of 1976, MARC had caught up with the band’s second Japan tour and released their second Queen title much closer to the concert date. Another end of tour performance – respectable but not reaching Queen’s brilliance of their final tour performance.  The recording is slightly distant but still more than decent.

Side 1:  Bohemian Rhapsody (tape & rock part) / Ogre Battle / Sweet Lady / White Queen / Bohemian Rhapsody (verses) – Killer Queen  – The March Of The Black Queen – Bohemian Rhapsody (reprise) / Bring Back That Leroy Brown

Side 2: The Prophet’s Song / Stone Cold Crazy / Lazing On A Sunday Afternoon / Liar / In The Lap Of The Gods…Revisited 

The likely set list that evening:

Bohemian Rhapsody (tape & rock part)
Ogre Battle
Sweet Lady
White Queen
Flick Of The Wrist
– Bohemian Rhapsody (verses)
– Killer Queen
– The March Of The Black Queen
– Bohemian Rhapsody (reprise)
Bring Back That Leroy Brown
Brighton Rock
Son And Daughter
The Prophet’s Song
Stone Cold Crazy
Doing All Right
Lazing On A Sunday Afternoon
Keep Yourself Alive
In The Lap Of The Gods…Revisited
Now I’m Here
Big Spender
Jailhouse Rock
God Save The Queen

This is the only available source for this night. “A second audience source from this show exists, reportedly the complete show, but it has been said that it will never leave the taper’s hands. ” []  That, of course, is rather sad.



Ken came out with the first copy on his Flat Records label, ca.1977/8:

Queen Crowning Glory


Vicky Vinyl released it as the first title of her SLA / Rodan sub-label in 1979:

Queen Geisha Boys IMP

Queen Geisha Boys bl lbl

Queen Geisha Boys b


In 1981, someone from the UK made their own version under the same title and even copied the font & track list of the SLA version on the back of their new creation:

Queen GB uk b
Queen Geisha Boys RE


Finally, three songs and half the medley were included on the 1982 European 500 copies only release CARDIAC ARREST: “Ogre Battle, Sweet Lady, White Queen, The March Of The Black Queen – Bohemian Rhapsody (reprise)”.

Queen CA b

Queen CA

Side 1:

Has any band been more lucky when it came to touring Japan than Wings? Two sold out tours and not a single gig played! With now three cancelled Japan Tours to his name, Paul must hold the record.

Second place probably goes to the Animal’s Japan tour in November of 1968: “…after a few successful shows at major venues, the group was expected to put on two shows a night for Japanese gangsters for two weeks.  Eric and the band rebelled, and had to bribe their way out, so they abruptly left Japan without their equipment. ” []

Wings Japan Tour 75

Prior to the start of their Australian tour, arrangements had been made to film and record the first night in Melbourne on 16-track tape (show # 8 of the tour) at the Sidney Myer Music Bowl (that is is the complete name of the venue) – for use in TV- and radio specials.

The Australian FM broadcast was bootlegged in 1976 as disc one of the Wizardo bootleg FLY SOUTH minus the announcer’s comments.

Wings Fly South mcv

The material was also broadcast in Japan on JO2R but with several differences compared to the Australian version:

– Two extra songs, “Band on the Run” and “Hi Hi Hi” were included plus  the introduction to “Venus and Mars”

– However, the musical introduction (“Batman”) to “Band on the Run” can only be found on FLY SOUTH

– The Japanese broadcast was also treated to some post-production work via “audience reaction” bits meant to mask edit points. In the YT video at the bottom, listen to one of these very noticeable overdubs at 14:00 minutes.

MARC Records released the Japanese broadcast tape in 1976:

Side 1: Venus And Mars/ Rock Show/ Jet/ Let Me Roll It/ Maybe I’m Amazed/ I’ve Just Seen A Face/ Blackbird/ Yesterday
Side 2: Listen To What The Man Said/ Call Me Back Again/ Letting Go/ Band On The Run/ Hi Hi Hi/ Radio Announcement* Bluebird* (JO2R radio ad)

Matrix: TW-76011 A/B

Wings Rock Show '75 Jp

Wings Rock Show '75 Jp 2

Wings Rock Show '75 Jp b

Wings Rock Show '75 Jp lbl

Wings Rock Show '75 MARC


Later in 1976, when John Wizardo compiled his WINGS triple LP box {505}, he decided to include some of the Melbourne tracks and selected “Venus And Mars”, “Rock Show”, “Jet” and “I’ve Just Seen A Face” – but not from the source tape he had used before on FLY SOUTH but from the MARC LP.

In my opinion, what could have been a great box set – with all the ’76 source tapes only Wizardo had: Chicago, San Diego and San Francisco – was watered down by the inclusion of tracks that had been available before. Did he listen to Rock Show ’75 and realize this was the same performance as FLY SOUTH? Then why not include “Band on the Run” and “Hi Hi Hi”, the new tracks? Or did he find the audience enhancements and minor differences worthy enough to warrant inclusion?

The same goes for the UK 1973 tracks, which I assume came from Edinburgh, 23 May 1973 (2nd show), as released by Wizardo himself as one of his first titles in the 300 series in 1975: Paul McCartney in scotland (302) and by Contraband as scotland – 73 (Instant Analysis 1030). Unfortunately, the Eight Arms To Hold You  book does not comment on this.

Wings 505

This is the video special produced in Japan:


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