1. j said:

    our master is still alive 😉

  2. I have been reading your blog for about 3 years or a little longer, and I really love it. From the simple aesthetics of the design to the information and effort behind it.

    Beyond the analysis of bootlegs (I mean, of each disc or edition of itself), I personally would like it (if you continue to upload entries) to be about the history of bootlegs publishers. I know that you have spoken about them when analyzing some bootlegs, but I believe that there is no other site on the internet today that collects that information. The old bootlegs.com site is offline (although it can be accessed via WayBackMachine) but it didn’t have as much information as your blog does.

    Thank you for so much information over time. I am from South America and here nothing is known about these “pirates” (neither about those who are global nor about those who are from my country either).


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