Costello E Live c v

Wide stamp

Costello E WAAC cv

narrow stamp

Costello E WAAC

or no stamp at all (black PVC? HOTWACKS mentions this reissue). This title is usually found on clear vinyl:

Costello E Live c v disc

USA: Late ’78 or early ’79

Source: KISW FM broadcast from the Paramount Theater in Seattle on 10 February 1978, missing the last five songs. Despite the cover claim, the recording is in mono here.

The EC wiki states “Same as Elvis Costello Live! and Unknown Places…”. Elvis Costello Live! is just another name for this very same 78 – 163/4 release and I was not able to confirm that an EC vinyl bootleg called Unknown Places exists.

Quality comment: “The sound though is excellent, maybe a little “muddled / muffled” at times. 7-out of-10.”


Notes from the original broadcast:

February 10, 1978
Paramount Northwest Theater
Seattle, Washington, U.S.

Source: KISW FM broadcast

01. [2:25] Mystery Dance
02. [4:40] Waiting For The End Of The World
03. [2:31] Night Rally
04. [2:13] No Action
05. [3:46] Less Than Zero (Dallas Version)
06. [3:37] The Beat
07. [4:58] (I Don’t Want To Go To) Chelsea
08. [4:18] This Year’s Girl
09. [3:24] Little Triggers
10. [2:29] Radio, Radio
11. [2:08] You Belong To Me
12. [6:18] Lipstick Vogue
13. [6:32] Watching The Detectives
14. [3:33] Pump It Up


Very good FM recording of EC & Attractions on the eleventh date (of 27) on their second US tour.


A concert review is here:,_March_10,_1978

Heart Double Live Gold

Heart DLG!

Heart DLG! bl

USA: Late 1978/early 1979

Source: Soundboard recording from the Aquarius Tavern in Seattle (formerly known as Parker’s Ballroom), summer of 1975 (the date is usually stated as June 1st). The venue has been confirmed due to the inclusion of two tracks – “Mother Earth Blues”and their cover of Kiki Dee’s “I’ve Got The Music In Me” – on their official MAGAZINE album in 1978. It appears that multi-track recordings were made that night and the bootleg sounds excellent.

Heart’s debut album Dreamboat Annie was released in Canada in the summer of 1975 but would not see a US release until the coming year and the band was playing showcases in certain markets to drum up radio interest.


Rolling Stones Nightclub '78

Found with at least two different stamps:

Rolling Stones Nightclub '78 II

Rolling Stones Nightclub '78 disc

This font and minimal design is found on all their releases that had a label.

Rolling Stones Nightclub 78 RE

Cover of a black vinyl re-pressing.

USA: ca. 2nd half of 1978/beginning of ’79

Source: One of several copies of the then sensational OUT ON BAIL LP + 7″ release on LURCH records. Except, there was no added 45 and “Jumping Jack Flash”, the next to last track on OUT ON BAIL seems to have been cut and “Sweet Little 16” from the A-side of the 45 added. Sensational, as soundboard recordings were still a rarity in these days. Soundboard recording from the Capitol Theater in Passaic, NJ, recorded 14 June 1978 – only the third gig of the tour.

It should be no surprise that the Stones were bootlegged at the Capitol Theater – everyone else playing there was too after all – the venue’s wikipedia page specifically mentions this. The audio feed of their video system producing rather thin sounding recordings with the vocals pushed up high in the mix, which is what we can hear on these releases as well.

More information on this original release and it’s second part IN AGAIN OUT AGAIN can be found in this earlier post.



This blog has perhaps two more years, so I better step on it and produce more and different posts – stopping with the Japanese releases for now – while there is still time.

This is a not that well known label using recordings captured from groups performing in the Seattle area, mostly in 1979, as well as tapes they came across that were being traded. It’s probably best known for being the original outfit that released Hendrix’s Wink Of An Eye bootleg.

Their numbering and use of colored PVC led some collectors to believe that this was another effort by the person behind K&S but he has denied any involvement, so that settles that. Some of these titles are extremely rare and seem to have been pressed in very limited numbers only. Cover stamps announced the vinyl color. It appears that a second run using black vinyl was the norm for most of these titles, except for Wink of an Eye, with its stamp proclaiming “MEMORIAL WAX”.

ROLLING STONES – Nightclub ’78  [gold PVC]  78-156 M / 157 M  
HEART – Double Live Gold  [gold]   78-158 M / 159 M / 160 M / 161 M  
ELVIS COSTELLO – We’re All Creeps  [clear]   78-163/4 M                                                      TODD RUNDGREN – The Death Of Rock And Roll  78-165/166 M

RAMONES – Blitzkrieg Bop  [red&black or solid black]  79-100 M / 101 M
JIMI HENDRIX – Wink Of An Eye   79-108/109
TUBES – in rock’n roll hospital  [red or black]  2 LP 79-107 M / 108 M / 104 M / 105 M
DEVO – Tigerwax   [“tiger colored”]    79-106M / W8
BRUCE SPRINGSTEEN – Fire 2 LP  [red & yellow]    W9
ELVIS COSTELLO – Big Opportunity  [red & blue]  W10 79-116 M /117 M  

TAKING HEADS – Art School  [yellow & green]  79-124-5 M
ELVIS PRESLEY – rockin’ TV 1956  [mcv]  79-126 M W12-1  / 79-127 M W 12-2
JETHRO TULL – ‘DARK HAITI’  [blue]  79-136 /137 /138 / 139 M
VAN HALEN – The Story of Joe 2 LP  [clear]   79-140 M / 141 M
SUPERTRAMP – Bits & Pieces  [1 red, 1 yellow disc or black] 79-144-7 
GRATEFUL DEAD – ‘HEAD TRIP’  [1 clear, 1 red disc]  79-148-151 M
BOB DYLAN – Live At The Pitstop 78 / Gaza Strip  [red]  79-152/153 M



Four years ago, when I compiled the CBM master lists, John Winn had sent me a list of missing titles and among them this entry, which left me puzzled, as I had never seen this even mentioned anywhere:

4450 – Falkoner Center, Copenhagen (Wings)

So, now that secret can be revealed. While this bootleg may have been issued in early 1976 and Wings did indeed play at the Falkoner Center in Copenhagen, Denmark that March, this is actually a Delaney and Bonnie concert from 10 December 1969 taken from a broadcast on Danish TV. It’s quite sneaky how Harrison’s and Clapton’s names dominate the art work here. At least Clapton sings one of the songs, George can be more ‘felt than heard’.

Matrix: WEC S-4450-A 8420

The auction closed at $83.


The following CBM titles were all produced around this time, as can easily be seen and what they have in common is that they are very rare indeed.


Collector’s comment: “How much rare? I’ve seen two copies in 34 years…

King Crimson Texas Hall SH


Collector’s comment: “…this item is absolutely an extreme rarity in KC bootlegraphy.”



Pink Floyd Intl Transmission


Both of these Pink Floyd releases have 5 stars for rarity on floydboots

CBM must have cut back to producing only 100 – 200 copies of each of these, even the new releases. I wonder if they “felt the heat” from the FBI during this time and decided to keep a low profile for a while by producing only very small runs. Anyone have any other ideas, please leave a comment.