1. metalmister said:

    Thank you for posting this here and really great that you’re back!!

  2. Erik T said:

    By the way. I’ll find a link because I don’t think it’s on Youtube, but there’s a decent mini documentary about the late Jared Hauser, the “J” in “JEMS” I believe. Hauser started taping in 1969-70 in Detroit. He made some remarkable tapes through the 70’s up to a few months before his death. He met a fellow Who fanatic in Toronto, where he recorded a few shows including one of the best loved Bruce audience tapes, Maple leaf Gardens 1977. Lots of Bruce, entire Who tours possibly, he really got around.

    • j said:

      great story’s from a even gretta period…

  3. j said:

    amazing docu….he was a real hero, but let’s not forget the magic Rubber, ..and the latter Peach, and my personal…CRYSTAL CAT.

  4. Carlo said:

    The Toronto guy , Mark Lewko____ Anyway he did the whole WHO tour in’79

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