I.M.P. 1001/2/3: THE ROLLING STONES ‘1975 Tour of the Americas part one’ aka “Who went to church this Sunday” + “part two” + “1975 NERVOUS BREAKDOWN / L.A. FRIDAY” / Mike Millard

Rolling Stones 1975 TOTA pt one disc

Rolling Stones 1975 TOTA pt one b stamp

Rolling Stones 1975 TOTA pt one 1 lbl

Matrix – side1: Impact 1 / Side2:  Impat 2
dbboots.com states: First edition in black vinyl. Second edition in multicolored vinyl. Third edition with Ruthless Rhymes labels and black vinyl.

Source: Great Western Forum, Inglewood, CA – 13 & 10 July 1975 (different venue & date where noted)

Side 1. If You Can’t Rock Me (03:33) / Get Off Of My Cloud (03:40) / Star Star (04:37) [July 10] / You Gotta Move (05:01) / Brown Sugar (03:48) / Band intro (01:25) / It’s Only Rock’n Roll (But I Like It) (06:05)
Side 2: Tumbling Dice (05:50) / Wild Horses (07:24) / Jumping Jack Flash (06:47) 


Part 2:

MATRIX: Impat-2-1 (1) Rolling Stones Forever. Impat-2-1 (2) Watch For Part III

Side 1: Gimme Shelter (05:33) / Ain’t Too Proud to Beg (03:47) / Midnight Rambler (14:46)
Side 2: Doo Doo Doo Doo Doo (Heartbreaker) (05:16) [July 10] / Fingerprint File (09:41) [July 10] / Sympathy For The Devil (10:05) 


Part 3 “1975 Nervous Breakdown / L.A. Friday” [the 13th was actually a Sunday]:


Side 1: Honky Tonk Women (05:29) / All Down The Line (04:09) / Angie (05:52) [July 10] / Luxury (03:42) [June 1, Baton Rouge, LA – 2nd show] / Dance Little Sister (04:26) [June 1, Baton Rouge, LA – 1st show]
Side 2: You Can’t Always Get What You Want (12:42) [July 10] / Happy (03:37) / Brown Sugar (04:22) [July 10] / Rip This Joint (02:09) / Street Fighting Man (04:12) 


1975 was quite a year for live show tapers and bootleggers. Led Zeppelin toured from January to March, Pink Floyd started their in April, the Wizardo label started churning out titles in the middle of the year, as did another massive Rolling Stones North American Tour. Again, Vicky Vinyl was able to secure copies of excellent audience recordings made by local concert taper Mike Millard, who worked in the Audio Visual Dept. at Mt. San Antonio College (Mt. SAC) in Orange County, CA.

“part two” especially clearly shows Vicky Vinyl’s love for the band in every detail and stands high above any output from most of the contemporary bootleggers at that time. This material has since been officially released by the band as a download – under Vicky’s chosen title L.A. Friday to boot! – and subsequently bootlegged on vinyl again from the FLAC files (see last image before the Mike Millard notes).

Rolling Stones 1975 TOTA pt 2

Rolling Stones 1975 TOTA pt 2 detail

Rolling Stones 1975 TOTA pt 2 disc


Rolling Stones L.A. Friday

Rolling Stones L.A. Friday back

Rolling Stones L.A. Friday disc

Some of the disc variations:

red – IMP logo label
white – IMP text label
blue – Slipped Discs text label
MCV blue – blank label
MCV red – IMP text label
MCV blue/black – IMP logo label
MCV red – Slipped Discs text label


In 1976, the single albums were reissued as a 3 LP box, using the inserts for the first release and blacking out “part one”:

Rolling Stones 1975 TOTA box rwb

Rolling Stones 1975 TOTA box 2 g st

Rolling Stones TOTA box RR SD


LA Friday RS

P.S. 2012 limited vinyl bootleg set made from the official soundboard recording released by the band.


Mike Millard


The recorder model used by Mike Millard from 1975 onwards. Not much is known about Mike and the same information is usually copied across the web sites that mention him. The following blog post was written by someone who actually knew him:


List of shows known to have been taped by Mike Millard:

Eric Clapton – Irvine Meadows Amphitheatre, Laguna Hills, CA 23 September 1988

Rush – Convention Center, Anaheim, CA – 16 June 1981

Yes – October 6, 1978, Inglewood, CA, Great Western Forum
Yes – October 5, 1978, Inglewood, CA, Great Western Forum

Kansas – Arena – Long Beach, CA – December 31, 1977

Yes – Long Beach Arena, CA – September 26, 1977

Yes – The Forum, Inglewood, CA – September 24, 1977
Yes – The Forum, Inglewood, CA – September 23, 1977

Led Zeppelin – The Forum, Inglewood, CA  June 27, 1977

Led Zeppelin – Led Zeppelin 1977-06-25 , Inglewood Forum, CA

Led Zeppelin – 1977/06/23 The Forum, Inglewood, CA     For Badge Holders Only / Part Two

Led Zeppelin – The Forum, Inglewood, CA  1977-6-21     Listen To This Eddie

Led Zeppelin – 1977-6-19 San Diego, CA

Wings – 1976-06-23 The Forum, Inglewood, CA        Wings From the Wings

Eric Clapton – LA August 14, 1975

Rolling Stones – LA Forum, Los Angeles, CA, July 13, 1975       Tour of the Americas, part one, two, three
Rolling Stones – LA Forum, Los Angeles, CA, July 12, 1975
Rolling Stones – LA Forum, Los Angeles, CA, July 11, 1975
Rolling Stones – LA Forum, Los Angeles, CA, July 09, 1975

Yes – June 23, 1975, Long Beach CA, Long Beach Arena
Yes – June 21, 1975 Los Angeles, CA Hollywood Bowl               The Sorcerer

Pink Floyd – 1975.04.26 – Los Angeles Sports Arena

Led Zeppelin – 75-3-27 LA Forum
Led Zeppelin – 75-3-25 LA Forum
Led Zeppelin – 75-3-24 LA Forum

Led Zeppelin – March, 12th, 1975, Long Beach, CA, Long Beach Arena
Led Zeppelin – March, 11th, 1975, Long Beach, CA, Long Beach Arena

Yes – March 19, 1974, Long Beach, CA, Long Beach Arena
YES – March 18, 1974, Inglewood, CA, Great Western Forum

  1. Rich said:

    I have an album from the Rolling Stones called 1975 tour of the Americas it’s a two vinyl four side album. The thing is I can’t find it on the web can some one tell me why or have any ideas where I can find more info on this album. Thank you

    • Hari said:

      Moonstone Records – This is a copy of IMP 1101 & 1102 under a new B&W printed cover

  2. we have a rolling stones vinyl that starts of at an american radio station talking to Peter Rudge, it has stencilled on it /RS75-A
    this has no writing on label and plain white sleeve, any help would be greatly appreciated

    • That LP is ROLLING STONES AMERICAN TOUR 75 VOLUME 1 , originally released with Holly Grail paper labels.

  3. Jason said:

    I have a rolling stone 1975 tour of the Americas part 1 but it’s all black cover and the vinyl just says 1 and 2

  4. Erik T said:

    Glancing at taper info when the name Steve Hopkins came up yesterday… Anyhow, lots of diehard tape heads are familiar with JEMS, an acronym for several long time tapers/ collectors. They found several rocking Mike Millard tapes, presumed lost, they included Bruce Springsteen and Bob Dylan shows from 1978 and 1980, I would be curious to see a full(er) list of Mike Millard tapes.
    Also, a respectful and belated RIP to Jared H. – the J in JEMS who passed away a little while ago. There is a youtube interview with him somewhere, shot soon before he died. Entertaining to watch…
    Funnily, for us obsessed nuts, someone in the comments noticed a couple of intriguing looking cassette cases- I.e. noticed certain artists/ dates that mightn’t be floating around.

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