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Adam & The Ants A.N.T.S. 2Adam & The Ants A.N.T.S. bAdam & The Ants A.N.T.S. det


Japan: Second half of 1981 – which would make it among one of the first Adam and the Ants bootlegs. The band toured Japan in the first half October of 1981 and I suspect that the bootleg was available in time for the visit.


Matrix:  Z V UD 6558 A 111+F / Z UD 6558 B 111+ / Z V UD 6559 A 111+F   /   Z UD 6559 A 111+

6558 A: Hello, Hello, I’m back again / Kings of the Wild Frontier / Beat My Guest / Ants Invasion / Cleopatra

6558 B: Kick / Fall in / Killer in The Home / Press Darlings / Zerox / Physical

6559 A: Cartrouble / Fat Fun / A.N.T.S. / Plastic Surgery / Kings of the Wild Frontier

6559 B: It Doesn’t Matter / Deutscher Girls / Lou / Puerto Rican / A.N.T.S.

Sides 1 – 3: Live at the Empire Ballroom in London, 8 June 1980.

Adam atA AInvasion Tour

Side 4: Tracks 1-4: Peel session, 23 January 1978 – ‘It Doesn’t Matter’ and ‘Lou’ were officially released starting in 1990 on the official Peel Sessions CD. Track 5: FLEXIPOP magazine, No. 4, UK – February/March 1981

“…this very good quality bootleg (possibly the best of the live vinyl bootlegs)”




Sex Pistols Sweden

Cover image shows the fresh faced band onstage with Jordan (“Queen of Punks”) at Andrew Logan’s loft, Valentine’s day, 1976, their 10th ever gig. In 1977 she briefly managed Adam & The Ants – which are next up, coincidentally.

Sex Pistols Sweden b

Sex Pistols Sweden lbl a

Sex Pistols Sweden lbl 2

Japan: 1981

Most of the Sex Pistols’ concerts on their summer 1977 Scandinavian Tour took place in Sweden:

13.7.77 Daddy’s Dance Hall, Copenhagen, Denmark
14.7.77 Daddy’s Dance Hall, Copenhagen, Denmark
15.7.77 Beach Disco, Diskotek Ostra Stranden, Halmstad, Sweden
16.7.77 Mogambo Disco, Helsingborg, Sweden
17.7.77 Discotheque 42, Jonkoping, Sweden
19.7.77 Club Zebra, Kristinehamn, Sweden
20.7.77 Pinvinen Restaurant, Oslo, Norway
21.7.77 Studenter Samfundet, Trodheim, Norway
23.7.77 Barbarellas Disco, Vaxjo, Sweden
24.7.77 Barbarellas Disco, Vaxjo, Sweden
27.7.77 Happy House, Student Karen, Stockholm, Sweden – 23 & over
28.7.77 Happy House, Student Karen, Stockholm, Sweden – 15 & over

Recordings from this tour are worth having as the band had arguably hit a peak as a live band.


Disc one was recorded at the last Swedish concert at the Happy House, Student Karen in Stockholm on July 28 (not the 21st as stated on the back and not disc 2.

Side A: Anarchy In The UK / I Wanna Be Me / Seventeen / New York / EMI
Side B: Submission / Problems / God Save The Queen / Pretty Vacant

The gig was filmed on 16mm (see YT clip below) and broadcast on the radio and subsequently bootlegged (minus ‘No Feelings’ and ‘No Fun’).

It was the father of NOMADS’ guitarist Hasse who made the 16mm film and supplied the tape for the BAD BOYS LP, made by ”Tummen”, manager of punk band The ASS.” []

The first release of this material was on the Swedish BAD BOYS LP (PECCA records matrix no: BB77), limited to 1000 copies.


Disc 2 is the same recording as the Japanese bootleg TOUR OF SCANDINAVIA (SP 3117 / ZAP–7961) minus the studio tracks, previously presented in this blog here.


The UD release was then copied in Australia ca. 1983 on the Happy Porpak punk and new wave bootleg label:

Sex Pistols BBISWE

Sex Pistols BBISWE  b


Prices at auction have fluctuated quite a bit from $130+ t0 $300, one auction finished at a remarkable $437 in July of 2014.

Deep Purple California Jam

Deep Purple California Jam b

Japan: 1981



The only previous (bootleg) release of Deep Purple’s appearance at the California Jam Festival in 1974 had been the inclusion of one song – “Space Trucking” – on the first release on Contraband’s King Kong sub label, 1974/5 (KK001-A/B):

VA California Jammin 2


“Lenny Stogel, former Music manager & ABC Television executive
Sandy Feldman decided to sponsor two huge outdoor Rock n Roll
Festivals, one in 1974 and the next in 1978 and both Festivals were
held at Ontario Motor Speedway, Ontario, California just outside
of Los Angeles. The Festivals became known as CAL JAM and
CAL JAM II. Both Festivals were Televised on ABC Television on
its “In Concert” series. CAL JAM I in 1974 generated the largest gross income of its time $2,000,000 and drew in 200,000 fans.”

“Most of this concert was broadcast over 4 weekends in April 1974 on KLOS-FM ABC-TV Stereo Simulcast, along with other California Jam artists.” [wikipedia]

The first official release of this performance was on video in several countries from 1981 onward.

Deep Purple Cali Jam VHS


The California Jam part of the UD bootleg featured the missing track “Lay Down Stay Down” for the first time, which was not included on any of the later official releases until the remastered version of the official California Jamming CD in 2003. As the complete concert runs over 80 minutes, I suspect that UD made some cuts, most probably in the originally 25 minutes long “Space Trucking”. They also did some reshuffling, as the show started with “Burn”. 

6555 A: Space Trucking / Burn / Might Just Take Your Life / Lay Down Stay Down
6555 B: Smoke On The Water / Mistreated / Space Trucking (Reprise)


The California Jam material was bootlegged on vinyl at least one more time on this four track LP (H-300 A/B) on the European Laughing Clown label, ca. 1983, most likely taken from the video soundtrack (I am not sure I trust the source description given on the back and this label appears to have had a tendency to utilize available video soundtracks).

Deep Purple Flasback

Deep Purple Flasback b


Deep Purple Cali Jam fire

Ritchie playing with fire “The fire Marshall said it’s OK – really”


The second disc featured a copy of the TAKRL bootleg PERKS AND TIT (1930 A/B), featuring four tracks from the final show on the U.S. leg of the tour ‘three days after’ but also repeating “Smoke On The Water” from California Jam. Still, it makes a nice companion piece and shows an above average effort by UD.

Dep Purple Perks & Tit detail

This double LP appeared more frequently in past eBay auctions than other UD titles. A recently recorded auction in August of 2014 ended at $100.




Japan: 1981 – listed in HOTWACKS as THE BACK IN BLACK TOUR ’80-’81’

Not from Brussels, Belgium as stated on cover (where the band did play on January 25 ’81) but from the 2econd night at Tokyo’s Nihon Seinenkan on 5 February, which was also filmed for a TV broadcast. The quality of this album is excellent but I have seen it described as an audience source.

6553 A: Hell’s Bells / Shot Down In Flames / Sin City / Back In Black
6553 B: Bad Boy Boogie / The Jack / What Do You Do For Money Honey
6554 A: Highway To Hell / High Voltage / Whole Lotta Rosie / Rocker
6554 B: You Shook Me All Night Long / T.N.T. / Let There Be Rock

Time: 78 min, 18 sec.; compared to, at least Osaka, Tokyo got one more song, “What Do You Do For Money Honey” as evidenced by the complete Osaka audience recording.

A copy reached $190 at auction in January of 2014


The LP AC/DC (SAM 155), which started off the group’s listing in HOTWACKS since the mid 80’s is just a pirate of a Japanese tour promo picture disc that contained selections from their officially released albums Highway To Hell, Back In Black and If You Want Blood You’ve Got It. This explains why it lists tracks not performed on this tour. Nevertheless, this was pirated as a picture disc and on black and colored PVC several times and must have fooled a few unsuspecting buyers.

The Japanese original promo (Atlantic, PS-180):


The pirated version described in HOTWACKS (Germany, ca. 1985):


1991 version (with each reissue more errors appeared on the track list):


In 1982, a single LP with seven tracks, lasting 61 minutes, 17 seconds appeared. I have seen the original listed as a Japanese product but I doubt that. 1985 – definitely made in Europe – reissues with green/black or more common plain white labels have a playing time of only 56 minutes, 31 seconds. Either the original ran too slow or these too fast. Didn’t they mean “Lightning” though based on the image?


Finally, the official 2007 DVD box PLUG ME IN, featured at least three of the Tokyo video performances.



AC DC J Tour 81 fl

AC DC j 81 t

AC DC J Tour 81 c

AC DC J Tour 81 a

Clapton Rainbow = Budokan

Clapton Rainbow = Budokan b

Japan: 1981

Source: The back cover states this was recorded at a concert at the London Rainbow in January of 1981 but this is incorrect. Eric played at that venue on February 5th ’81, a benefit for the Dr. Meg Patterson’s drug rehabilitation clinic, however this recording comes from the Budokan in Tokyo and was made over a year earlier: 3* December 1979, the day the majority of his official live album JUST ONE NIGHT had been recorded (release date: April 1980). At least one of the songs from the 4th was also used, most likely “Further On Up The Road”. Not only may UD have hid the effect that this was a recent capture from a Japanese performance but they may also want to not have advertised the fact to collectors that they already owned in this recording in multi-track quality. Did any bootleg buyer notice? On the other hand, it may just have been an honest mistake.

At the time of writing, a copy is offered on eBay for $30

A vinyl rip of this bootleg was included on the 4 CD release JUST ONE MORE NIGHT . There is some confusion regarding the correct date on various websites and it is listed under the 4th as well, however, the inclusion on the  CD bootleg settles it for me.

6551 A: Tulsa Time / Early in the Morning / Lay Down Sally / Wonderful Tonight / If I Don’t Be There By Morning
6551 B: Worried Life Blues / Country Boy (feat. Albert Lee)/ Double Trouble / All Our Pastimes

6552 A: Blues Power / Knockin’ On Heaven’s Door / Setting Me Up (feat. Albert Lee)/ Ramblin’ On My Mind / Have You Ever Loved A Woman
6552 B: After Midnight / Cocaine / Layla / Band Intros > Further On Up the Road

Quality: Excellent stereo


Clapton JOMN


The 1979 Tour book – perhaps an inspiration for the bootleg title

Clapton 79 J Tour b

Iron Maiden Killers Tour of UK 81  III

Iron Maiden Killers Tour of UK 81  II

Iron Maiden Killers Tour of UK 81 b 2

Iron Maiden Killers Tour of UK 81  det

Iron Maiden Killers Tour of UK 81 discs

Iron Maiden Killers Tour of UK 81 lbl

Iron Maiden Killers Tour of UK 81 lbl 2

Japan: 1981 (Iron Maiden toured Japan in the second half of May 1981 and I suspect this bootleg may have been timed with their visit.). I believe this was the second Iron Maiden bootleg manufactured in Japan. I am only aware of two later Japanese ones: RUNNING FREE and Maiden World Slavery Tour 85 on the ETS label while manufacturing of IM bootlegs shifted to Europe with a large number being released towards the mid-80’s.

Source: Unknown – but definitely not from their Japan tour. It matches the st list played in late 1980 (but not the one from the officially filmed London Rainbow concert).

Sound quality described as good.


6539 A: The Ides Of March / Sanctuary / Wrathchild / Remember Tomorrow / Charlotte The Harlot
6539 B: Killers / Another Life / Transylvania / Strange World
6550 A: Prowler / Innocent Exile / Phantom Of The Opera / Iron Maiden
6550 B: Running Free / Drifter / Women In Uniform / I’ve Got The Fire


Set list from late 1980 UK tour for comparison:

Apollo Theatre
Manchester, England
30th November 1980

01.The Ides Of March
04.Remember Tomorrow
06.Charlotte The Harlot
07.Another Life/Drum Solo
09.Strange World
10.Innocent Exile
11.Phantom Of The Opera
12.Iron Maiden
13.Running Free
15.I’ve Got The Fire


Still selling above average for a UD title in the $250-60 price range.




Saxon SAotL 3

Saxon SAotL

Saxon SAotL b

Japan: 1981

Source: Quoted as “UK January 1981” but the first ever Saxon bootleg was most likely recorded at the Hammersmith Odeon on 19 December 1980.

Side 1: Heavy Metal Thunder/ Dallas 1 PM/ See The Shining Light/ Back To The Wall/ Hungry Years
Side 2: Rainbow Theme; Frozen Rainbow/ Strong Arm Of The Law/ 20,000 Feet/ 747 (Strangers In The Night)/ Street Fighting Gang
Side 3: Sixth Form Girls (listed but not performed)/ Stand Up & Be Counted (ditto) / Stallions Of The Highway/ Wheels Of Steel
Side 4: Motorcycle Man/ Machine Gun/ Siren (not a song but the end of the show)


Set list from the Hammersmith Odeon on 1980/12/19:

Heavy Metal Thunder
See The Light Shining
Backs To The Wall
Hungry Years
Frozen Rainbow
Strong Arm Of The Law
20000 Feet
747 (Strangers In The Night)
Freeway Mad
Dallas 1 PM
Stand Up And Be Counted
Stallions Of The Highway
Wheels Of Steel
Motorcycle Man
Machine Gun

Saxon did tour Japan in early May of 1981. As will be seen, while U.S. bootlegs were often released after a concert in the area or a tour stop somewhere else, a few of the Japanese bootlegs from the early 1980’s were strategically released to coincide with that band’s Japan Tour.


The UD bootleg reviewed in the Saxon UK fan club magazine in 1981 (thanks to GigAddiction for the scan):

Saxon 1st boot

Black Sabbath Buer Album

The cover illustration of Buer, the 10th spirit comes from the 18th century grimoire (a textbook of magic, typically including instructions on how to create magical objects like talismans and amulets; how to perform magical spells; charms and divination; and how to summon or invoke supernatural entities such as angels, spirits, and demons) Pseudomonarchia Daemonum . Its Wikipedia entry mentions this bootleg:

Black Sabbath Buer Album b

The third UD title to be sourced from a Japanese concert performance, note how the back cover avoids mentioning this/feigns amnesia for legal reasons. This left Western Sabbath collectors speculating for several years that the album originated from a series of performances at London’s Hammersmith Odeon – specifically the 20 January 1981 3rd of 4 shows, since Ronnie can be heard saying “…to see you again, some of you the third time”!.

Black Sabbath Buer Album lbl

Japan: 1981

Source: Audience recording from the Nippon Seinen Kan on 17 November 1980

Side 1: Supertzar (02:21) / War Pigs (07:29) / Neon Knights (04:55) / N.I.B. (05:23) / Children of the Sea (06:05)
Side 2: Sweet Leaf (incl. Drum Solo) (07:41) / Lady Evil (04:30) / Black Sabbath (09:06)
Side 3: Heaven and Hell (13:05) / Iron Man (07:24) / Guitar Solo (incl. Orchid) & Band Jam (11:49)
Side 4: Guitar Intro & Die Young (05:19) / Paranoid & Heaven and Hell (Reprise) (03:30)

“Quality very good.” Legendary Japanese taper ‘Mr. Peach’ attended and taped this show as well but in this case his source does not seem to clearly trump the first one (that was used for this LP and later circulating from the master and on CD) as is often the case with Mr. Peach sources.

Matrix: Z G UD 6546 A 111
    Matrix: Z G UD 6546 B 111
    Matrix: Z G UD 6547 A 111
    Matrix: Z G UD 6547 B 111


Black Sabbath Japan Tour 1980

The tour announcement, not mentioning this concert on the 17th, so it must have been added due to strong demand.

Black Sabbath Japan Tour 1980 i

Clash Songbooks

Clash Songbooks b

Clash Songbooks lbl 4 Clash Songbooks lbl 3 Clash Songbooks lbl 1 Clash Songbooks lbl 2

Now those are some labels. Perhaps the release date was even close to December?

Japan: 1981

Source: Audience recording of the complete 17 June 1980 Hammersmith Palais concert.


Clash Ham Palais 1980


Immortalized by none other than the Clash themselves in their own “White Man At Hammersmith Palais” (also name checked in Ian Dury’s “Reasons to be Cheerful, Part 3”) was another classic and famous tram-shed-turned-concert-venue. Opening in 1919 it as Palais de Danse and primarily used to host dance and jazz events, it occasionally hosted rock bands starting from the 1960’s and became a frequent tour stop for rock bands during the punk and new wave area.  The list of performers include The Beatles, The Rolling Stones, The Who, Bill Haley & the Comets, David Bowie, The Sex Pistols, The Cure, The Police, U2 and every UK act you can think of that toured in the 1980’s and were trusted to sell 2,000 tickets for a London appearance.

Hammersmith Palais od

The final gig at the Palais was a performance by The Fall on 1 April 2007, a recording of which was subsequently released as the live album Last Night at The Palais. It was torn down in 2012.