Phoenix Records


Genesis Lftmotm

Well, this has a ‘deluxe’ blue cover but the original release on Atlantic was reissued with one as well, so I doubt this is the K&S version. If anyone has an image of that, please leave a comment.

Previuously reviewed in its own entry under this link here



Cars El Mocambo 062

Cars El Mocambo 062 b

Side 1  Good Times Roll / Bye Bye Love  / Nightspots / My Best Friend’s Girl / Moving In Stereo    
Side 2  Since I Held You / They Won’t See You  / Don’t Cha Stop  / Just What I Needed  / Candy-O

Complete set list had two more songs:

01 – Good Times Roll
02 – Bye Bye Love
03 – Nightspots
04 – My Best Friends Girl
05 – Moving in Stereo
06 – Since I Held You
07 – Take What You Want
08 – They Won’t See You
09 – Don’t Cha Stop
10 – Just What I Needed
11 – Candy-O
12 – You’re All I ‘Ve Got Tonight

There were several versions of this album, taken from a radio broadcast on 14 September 1978 (shortly before KBFH taped the band and headliner Cheap Trick at the Palladium in NYC, as released on the Audifön label/Vicky Vinyl boots THE CARS 78 and 78 CALIFORNIA MAN)

Cars El Mocambo 2

Mostly found as a stamped white LP:

Cars El Mocambo 3

Interesting text added by an eBay seller in May of 2013: “The Cars doing what they do best on stage at the El Mocambo in Toronto on Sept. 14, 1978. Stereo pro recording. If I recollect, some of these were on multi-colored vinyl, but I don’t know if this is one [ I doubt any of these exist on mcv. ]. This is a sealed, never-opened, brand spanking new copy from the Beggar’s Banquet collection, Anaheim’s long-gone “Underground” record store, boxed away for decades.”



I am aware of the YS 1600 double album with a deluxe b&w and later re-issued with a green & white cover (mostly found with yellow & tan but also with Slipped Disc labels):


Yes In The Round


and then sides 1&2 only on the 80’s style GLC label and limited to 100 orange copies as part of the LXXXIV series (# 57)


Yes ITR # 57Yes ITR disc

but I have never seen a K&S version of this. If you have, please leave a comment.


Numbers 064 to 069 do not seem to have been assigned.


070: 7 LP Elvis box set that fell victim to the February 1980 raid. No further information available.


071: The Sex Pistols vinyl bootlegs page does not list a K&S version for this release:



Rolling Stones The Trident Mixes

Rolling Stones The Trident Mixes b

A beautifully done double album with a full color cover. I would put the release date at late 1979, as it was mentioned in Innersleeve # 20, January 1980 (see below). The first issue was on black PVC.

Rolling Stones TM January 1980

Matrix: MCG/K&S 072

LP 1, side 1:
1. Jiving Sister Fanny    [03:24]
2. I’m Going Down    [03:02]
3. I Don’t Know Why    [02:08]
4. Give Me A Hamburger To Go (aka Stuck Out Alone)    [03:20]
5. Downtown Suzie    [03:49]
6. Blood Red Wine    [05:19]

Side 2:
7. Travelling Man    [06:03]
8. Family    [03:44]
9. Still A Fool    [09:59]
LP 2, side 1:
10. Family    [04:15]
11. Leather Jacket    [03:31]
12 Dancing In The Light    [02:50]
13. Potted Shrimps    [04:12]
14. So Divine (Aladdin Story)    [05:29]

Side 2:
15. And I Was A Country Boy    [04:26]
16. Who Am I?    [03:52]
17. Trident Jam    [03:43] 


“Jiving Sister Fanny” was recorded on July 2nd, 1969 at Olympic Studio, the day before Brian Jones died.  Two versions with different lyrics were recorded that day.  This is the rarer of the two, having appeared on some pressings of Metamorphosis while the second take appears on most pressings of the album and on the London Years.  

“I’m Going Down” was initially worked on between April 17th to July 1969 at Olympic Studio and later right before the US tour from October and November, 1969 in Los Angeles.  This take, which was also used for Metamorphosis in 1975, dates from July 14th and July 15th, 1970 at Olympic.  This track differs from the commercial version by having a false start.  This track features Bobby Keys on sax, Rocky Dijon on percussion, Stephen Stills on guitar, and Bill Plummer on upright bass.  

“Hamburger To Go” (aka “Give Me A Hamburger To Go” and “Stuck Out Alone”) dates from sessions at Olympic from March and April, 1968 and remains unreleased.  ”Downtown Susie” is a Bill Wyman tune recorded on April 23rd, 1969 at Olympic Studio and is the same as the version on Metamorphosis except is shorter at the fade by five seconds.  

“Blood Red Wine”  was recorded May, 1968 at Olympic Studio.  Jagger sings the vocals, Nicky Hopkins plays piano, and no other information is available.  It has never been released which is a shame because it is the most intriguing song in this collection.  “Travelin’ Man” is another unreleased song recorded at Olympic in October, 1970.

The first version of “Family” dates from May, 1968 in Olympic and it the arrangement with the electric guitar.  The acoustic guitar arrangement which would appear on Metamorphosis would be recorded the following month.  “Still A Fool” was recorded at the same sessions and is a ten minute jam on the Muddy Waters tune.  Jagger tries his best to sing like the blues singer too.

Six out of the last seven tracks are instrumentals.  “Leather Jacket,” recorded on June 22nd, 1970 at Olympic Studio in London, is a lighthearted and infectious pop instrumental whose sunniness is outside the pale of the Stones.  “Dancing In the Light,” dating from the spring of 1970, is another upbeat instrumental but with some recognizable Stones raunch.  “Potted Shrimp” and “Aladdin Story” come from the same time period as “Leather Jacket” but recorded at Stargroves.  “And I Was A  Country Boy” comes from the Feb.18-Mar.31 1969 sessions.

“Who Am I?” (aka “See I Love You”) is a true mystery.  It is listed on this release as being from Olympic Studio in March to May 1970.  Others sources say late 1969 and even others from Jamaica 1972 and still others claim it comes from 1963 because of its simplicity.  The best sources say it was recorded on July 14th – 15th, 1970.

The final Trident jam is another mystery.  There is no name associated with it and was never used by the band.  […] Although there are no hidden gems on this (there is a reason why many of them still reside in the vaults) but this is an interesting collection. ” []


A few years later copied in Europe on colored wax (5 different colors – green, blue, red, yellow, mcv), easily identifiable by the shorter matrix number K&S 072

Rolling Stones The Trident Mixes disc



Ferry B ANO

Ferry B ANO b

Ferry B ANO lbl

Source: 23 June 1977 (early show) – Bottom Line, New York – KBF radio broadcast. The full recording of the early and late show is on wolfgangsvault:

Side One
1 Let’s Stick Together
2 Shame, Shame, Shame
3 Road Runner
4 All Night Operator
5 Party Doll
6 You Go To My Head
7 In Your Mind

Side Two
1 Love Me Madly Again
2 Love Is The Drug
3 Tokyo Joe
4 This Is Tomorrow
5 The ‘In’ Crowd


Bryan Ferry vocals
Chris Spedding guitar
John Wetton bass
Phil Manzanera guitar
Paul Thompson drums

Chris Mercer tenor sax
Martin Drover trumpet
Mel Collins soprano sax
Ann Odell keyboards



Led Zeppelin 074

And the final words on the insert of the last ever K&S release are: “…in closing” – how fitting.

Side 1: Operator* / I Can’t Quit You Baby** / I Gotta Move** / Dazed & Confused**
Side 2: How Many More Times** / Travelling Riverside Blues*** / Communication Breakdown*** / Whole Lotta Love***
Recording: (*)Excellent mono soundboard; (**) (***)Excellent mono professional pre-FM soundboard radio recording.

Sources: (*)Alexis Korner and Steve Miller with Robert Plant ’68; (**)Stockholm Konserthuset, 14 March  ’69; (***)Maida Vale Studio 4 (BBC – Top Gear with John Peel), London, 24 June ’69

This master was given a second lease on life when it appeared as disc 2 of the double album release SPARE PARTS on Ken’s Phoenix Records:

Led Zep Spare Parts lbl 3

Led Zep Spare Parts lbl 4

And surprisingly as side 2 of the very rare Japanese acetate BLOW ONE’S COOL (GRASSHOPPER GH-104 A-B) (impossible to find an image of this), to pad out the partial audience recording from the infamous Milan 1971 riot show.

Rolling Stones Return To LiverRolling Stones Return To Liver bRolling Stones Return To Liver b detail Source: 2nd show at Anaheim Stadium (the day after the shoe throwing show), 24 July 1978 (misidentified in Hot Wacks as being from 23 July)

Side 1: intro [00:54] / Let It Rock [02:44] / All Down The Line [04:54] / Honky Tonk Women [05:08] / Star Star [04:43] / When The Whip Comes Down [06:28]
Side 2: Beast of Burden  [07:25] / Lies [05:44] / Miss You [09:44]
Side 3: Just My Imagination (Running Away with Me) [09:54] / Shattered [05:49] / Respectable [04:20] / Far Away Eyes [05:15]
Side 4: Tumbling Dice [05:57] / Happy [03:30] / Sweet Little Sixteen [04:05] / Brown Sugar [05:07] / Jumping Jack Flash  [08:11] 

Good to Very Good Stereo Audience recording (only rated “Gm” in Hot Wacks)


A new version and different source tape was issued  in the early 80’s on Ken’s Phoenix Records. It adds “Love In Vain” but does not have “Jumping Jack Flash“.

Rolling Stones On Tour 2Rolling Stones On Tour bRolling Stones On Tour

MATRIX: Scratched out (RS 2 -A/B) new 44773 – A /B // 44773 C/D
Very Good Audience recording.


Rolling Stones Anaheim 78Rolling Stones Anaheim 78 b

Young N Rust NS

Young N Rust NS b

The influential Rust Never Sleeps Tour ended with two shows at the LA Forum on October 23rd and 24th 1978 right after the show at the Cow Palace in Daly City outside of San Francisco that had been filmed for the concert documentary.

SIDE 1 : Sugar Mountain / I Am A Child / Comes A Time / Already One / After The Goldrush / Out Of The Blue
SIDE 2 : When You Dance I Can Really Love / The Loner / Love Is Green / Downtown / The Needle And The Damage Done / Lotta Love
SIDE 3 : Hard To Find A Job / One-Way Ticket / Cortez The Killer / Cinnamon Girl
SIDE 4 : Like A Hurricane / Tonight’s The Night / Out Of The Blue

“Exm” audience recording

Neil played an identical set each night at the Inglewood Forum, except that the source tape for the 23rd is 93 minutes long and that for the last night 100 minutes:

01.    Sugar Mountain
02.    I Am A Child
03.    Comes A Time
04.    Already One
05.    After The Gold Rush
06.    Thrasher
07.    My My, Hey Hey (Out Of The Blue)
08.    When You Dance I Can Really Love
09.    The Loner
10.    Welfare Mothers
11.    Come On Baby Let’s Go Downtown
12.    The Needle And The Damage Done
13.    Lotta Love
14.    Sedan Delivery
15.    Powderfinger
16.    Cortez The Killer
17.    Cinnamon Girl
18.    Like A Hurricane
19.    Hey Hey, My My (Into The Black)
20.    Tonight’s The Night


Young N American Tour

Young N American Tour b

Re-release on Phoenix Records.

When this material started being torrented in the last decade, American Tour was said to be from the 23rd and Rust Never Sleeps from the 24th but that cannot be right as it is the same recording.

This is still reflected in the reviews on “American Tour is a double-disc bootleg drawn from an audience tape probably made on October 23, 1978, at the Los Angeles Forum as part of the Rust Never Sleeps Tour. As such, it is essentially similar to Live Rust, the legitimate album culled from the same tour. It does, however, contain a few extra songs: “Already One,” from the then newly released Comes a Time; “Come On Baby Let’s Go Downtown,” the Danny Whitten song that appears on Tonight’s the Night; and “Welfare Mothers” (mistitled “Love Is Green”), which is on Rust Never Sleeps. It also features, between the set closer, “Like a Hurricane,” and the encore, “Tonight’s the Night,” a cheesy MC who rouses the crowd in a blatantly insincere manner. Since American Tour probably was released before Live Rust, it served initially to provide a recording of one of Young & Crazy Horse’s more impressive tours, but with the release of the Reprise album, it became largely redundant. (By the way, don’t be fooled by the incorrect titles into thinking this album contains unreleased material. “Hard to Find a Job” is really “Sedan Delivery,” and “One-Way Ticket” is “Powderfinger.”)”

vs.: “Not to be confused with the legitimate Neil Young album Rust Never Sleeps (Reprise 2295), the bootleg album of the same name is a two-disc live recording drawn from the last performance of the Rust Never Sleeps Tour, October 24, 1978, at the Forum in Los Angeles. Either a soundboard or a good quality audience recording, the album contains 18 songs and is essentially similar to the legitimate release Live Rust. The differences are that the bootleg contains versions of “Already One” and “Welfare Mothers” not found on Live Rust, while Live Rust contains a version of “When You Dance I Can Really Love” not found on the bootleg. Nevertheless, Live Rust makes this bootleg largely redundant, which it may in fact have been intended to do.”

Young N RNS sticker

This seller seemed to have more information. “2nd show” would point to the 24th. Only 1000 made – could this be true or just a selling argument to justify the hefty asking price of $145 [it ended up selling for $100 on eBay]?

Young Neil Live LA lbls

Young N Rust NS b

This second version with Slipped Disc labels and a different track list is generally credited to the 24th. Comparing the overlapping tracks would bring final clarity.

Side A: Sugar Mountain, I Am A Child, Comes A Time, Already One, After The Gold Rush
Side B: The Thrashers, Out Of The Blue And Into The Black, Rock And Roll Will Never Die, The Loner, Welfare Mothers, The Needle And The Damage Done, Cinnamon Girl
Side C: Lotta Love, Gotta Get Away, Powder Finger, LIke A Hurricane
Side D: Cortez The Killer (reggae version), Out Of The Blue And Into The Black, Tonight’s The Night

Listed as “Exs” in Hot Wacks.

Young N LA Forum RE

Young N LA Forum RE bl

on Unmitigated Audacity Records # NY 201

Browne Jackson Technicolor RS

Side 1: Take It Easy/ Jesus in 3/4 Time/ For Every Man/ Rock Me On The Water/ Jamaica Say You Will/ Song For Adam
Side 2: These Days/ Redneck Friend/ Sweet Little Sixteen/ My Opening Farewell/ Holiday Inn/ Looking For You

Released ca. 1979

[According to Jackson Browne fan sites, this was recorded at the following show. When comparing, it looks as if some of the song titles on the album are incorrect – likely since even his name is misspelled on the cover.]
1971/March/27     Jabberwocky University Syracuse

“Jackson Browne’s performance at the 200 seat Syracuse University Jabberwocky Club took place March 27, 1971, a year before he released his debut solo album but several years after his career began in the 1960s in Los Angeles and Orange County folk clubs. He also became, briefly, a part of the coffeehouse-based folk circuit in New York City in the late 1960s.

Prior to the Jabberwocky performance, Jackson Browne had written songs recorded by Nico, The Byrds, Bonnie Raitt, and The Eagles.2

Source: The source is from a first generation master, soundboard recording.

Sound Quality: The sound quality is very good to excellent, very clear and clean, in all very good
Set: Full concert recording.

Set List:

01 Introduction
02 Under The Falling Star
03 World To Gain ***
04 Together Again ***
05 Mae Jean Goes To Hollywood
06 Last Time I Was Home ***
07 Jesus In 3/4 Time
08 My Opening Farewell
09 From Silverlake
10 Rock Me On The Water
11 Jamaica Say You Will

12 Together Again ***
13 Take It Underground ***
14 When You Lose Your Money ***
15 Our Lady Of The Well
16 These Days
17 Someday Morning
18 Shadow Dream Song
19 Song For Adam
20 Looking Into You

*** Songs that Jackson Browne never recorded for any album”

Browne J OTR

Sides 1&2: A re-release of Technicolor Roadshow

Sides 3&4: A re-release of Return Of The Common Man [TAKRL 1993]


“Though the FBI’s autumn 1976 operation had done little to abate the flow, it did necessitate one rethink. One problem with bootlegs was that they looked like, well bootlegs. This made it easy for even ill-informed FBI agents to recognize a bootleg at ten paces. While the legal temperature was no more than lukewarm, bootleggers resisted the sort of professional packaging that could double their production costs. From 1976 on, though, it became increasingly important for a bootleg to be stuffed in record racks alongside official goodies and be passed off as low budget legitimate releases. Printed covers started to become the norm; xeroxed inserts began to be reserved for small circulated runs.

Ken seemed willing to go with the flow. Dispensing with his two post-TAKRL labels, Flat and ZAP, he switched to black and white printed covers at the end of 1977, assuming yet [more identities with labels such as Impossible Recordworks, its occasional sister label Excitable Recordworks and the full color cover Phoenix releases.].” [Bootleg!, Heylin, pp. 132-3]

NY, NY – Madison Square Garden on December 8, 1975

8 / 10 stars for this very good audience recording of a great performance

Side 1: 
When I paint my masterpiece 
It ain’t me, Babe 
Lonesome death of Hattie Carroll 
Tonight I’ll be staying here with you 
It takes a lot to laugh 

Side 2:  (duets with Joan Baez)
The Times 
Dark as a dungeon 
Mama you’ve been on my mind 
Never let me go 
I dreamed I saw St. Augustine 
I shall be released 

Side 3: 
Romance in Durango 
Oh sister 

Side 4: 
One more cup of coffee 
Just like a woman 
Knockin’ on heaven’s door  (Providence, RI – November 4 ’75  2nd show’)
This Land is your Land (Bangor, ME – November 27 ’75 )


Second release ca. 1978 with a b&w cover on TAKRL 24910 – This seems to be rather rare.

Dylan Hurricane Carter BenefitDylan Hurricane Carter b


Third release in 1980 on Phoenix:

wolfgangsvault has a full recording of what they call “set 1” plus more Rolling Thunder shows:

I tried to find out if any tracks on the official “Bootleg Series Vol. 5 – Rolling Thunder Review” release (now here’s a great name for a series of releases. If bootlegs are so bad, why use that description as a selling point?) came from this show but I was unable to.

That having been said, I wanted to include a positive review of the officially released package (as this blog is as much performance-based as it is bootleg-based). Obviously, those in ’76 didn’t have a chance to buy this official item but most would certainly have preferred it over the audience recording as their first choice:

“The Bootleg Series Vol.5, chronicling the early months of Dylan’s Rolling Thunder Revue tour back in ’75, was probably the biggest surprise for me in terms of sheer quality; to put it bluntly, it is the best live Dylan record I have heard, and unless I am pleasantly surprised later on (unlikely, considering that I have Real Live and Dylan & The Dead to look forward to) I imagine it will stay that way. Whereas Dylan’s 1966 “Royal Albert Hall” concert – often cited as his best live document – captures Dylan at his angriest and most elusive, reinterpreting his older folk classics as brash electric rockers whether his audience liked it or not, The Rolling Thunder Revue is nothing but celebratory. The first six tracks here are, to me, some of the best music this guy’s ever created: “Tonight I’m Staying Here With You,” previously the sweet, unassuming final track on Nashville Skyline, is recast here as a driving anthem without losing a hint of its intimacy; “It Ain’t Me, Babe”, beyond all reason, works as a reggae-tinged country song; and “The Lonesome Death Of Hattie Carroll” takes a previously dour protest song and intensifies it beyond all measure. Far and away my favorite track here, however, would be “A Hard Rain’s-A Gonna Fall,” which manages to take one of Dylan’s most prophetic standbys and turn it into a boogie-rock hoedown. Just this track alone – featuring one of Dylan’s fiercest vocal performances – may be proof that when it comes to reinterpreting Dylan, nobody does it better than the man himself.
The rest of Rolling Thunder isn’t nearly as exciting as those first six tracks, but what it lacks in intensity it more than makes up for in intimacy and open-heartedness. For one thing, it features Dylan’s first duets with Joan Baez in over a decade, with the two of them performing lovely versions of “Blowin’ In The Wind,” “Mama You Been On My Mind” and “I Shall Be Released.” Dylan’s solo acoustic songs are practically as good, with effective takes on “Mr. Tambourine Man,” “Love Minus Zero,” and then-recent Blood On The Tracks classics “Tangled Up In Blue” and “Simple Twist Of Fate”. And while I will admit that most of the live Desire tracks here don’t do much for me – they’re fine, but not remarkable – the Revue’s performance of “Isis” is so great that it almost makes the studio version redundant. The Bootleg Series Vol. 5 succeeds by combining the best of both worlds, leavening Dylan’s penchant for defying audience expectations with a sweet sense of nostalgia that never comes off as pandering. Even if it doesn’t replicate the exact feel of a Rolling Thunder show, it feels like a complete Dylan experience.”

Dylan POaRT

TAKRL says: “Last Roy N. Oak cover. Last double with original back cover.”

According to “The back is a close up of Dylan & Baez sharing the same mic, and also contains the track listing, venue and song info, as well as the company logo. The matrix is hand carved, and along with it “TAKRL” is carved on each disc. The Newport material had circulated for a decade, and was used mostly for filler. The crux of this release are the songs that were Passed Over for the official BOTT release, and a Rolling Thunder venue that Bob had recently played.

In 1977, the LP was pressed again and released in a similar package.

© 1999 Craig Pinkerton

A 1978 re-release has basically the same image as is pictured, with info listed below. There is no back insert, ‘World labels’.

Also re-released in late ’78 with original inserts and yellow Spindizzie labels/

Sides 1-3 were released in 1979/89 by TMOQ using the same name as this LP:

The sources are: 
Side 1: Newport Folk Festival – July 25 1965
Side 2: ‘The World of John Hammond’ WTTW studios Chicago – 10 September 1975, except last track and all of side 3 – original 1974 Blood On The Tracks outtakes
Side 4:  Providence, Rhode Island  11-4-75 

8 stars     NMP70   ‘ 78 release: 60

Matrix: 2982 A/B/C/D

Side 1: Maggie’s Farm/ Like A Rolling Stone/ It Takes A Lot To Laugh/ It’s All Over Now, Baby Blue/ Mr. Tambourine Man 
Side 2: Hurricane/ Oh Sister/ Simple Twist Of Fate/ Tangled Up In Blue
Side 3: Lilly, Rosemary, and the Jack of Hearts/ If You See Her Say Hello/ You’re A Big Girl Now/ Idiot Wind  
Side 4: It Ain’t Me, Babe/ Never Let Her Go/ I Dreamed I Saw St. Augustine/ I Shall Be Released/ Just Like A Woman/ Knockin’ On Heaven’s Door  

Side 3 & 4 was also released as the single LP: Beyond the Shadow of a Doubt

[not to be confused with the Live in Sydney ’78 double LP with the same title]

Side 2 & 3 was also released as the single LP  Bloodtakes on the East Coast Contraband label.

Release date: 1975

TAKRL says: “When the Doctor heard CBM`s four record set called ‘Sweet Apple Trax’, he timed and listened and figured out that this amazing material could easily fit on a mere two discs in a logical, enjoyable sequence. He set out with razor blade and tape and this collection resulted. First edition front and back covers.”

[ Or in other words, “hey there is a release waiting for an easy rip off”. However, the good doctor was right regarding the length of the CBM discs. These stayed well under the limits for vinyl pressings. ]

Here is the track listing for the original CBM release “Sweet Apple Trax Volume 2:”

Side 1

No Tracklisting DDSI No. Comments Time
1 Let It Be (First Practice) 9.109 A stop and go rehearsal with chord calls (Roll 106) 8:05
2 Be Bop A Lu-la 9.54  Brief version + “Baby Blue” 0:31
3 Silver Spoon 9.55
She Came In Through The Bathroom Window rehearsals
Some fun pieces where the boys are obviously enjoying themselves.
4 Tuesday Speaking
5 High Heel Sneakers 10.24  A lively performance. 1:56

Side 2

No Tracklisting DDSI No. Comments Time
1 I’ll Be Mine 8.94
8.94 – 8.98 are “I Me Mine” rehearsals and 9.44 – 9.45 are “I’ve Got A Feeling” 1:15
2 One After 909 9.46 “Yes I am” version (Roll 94a) (from the film) 0:57
3 Norwegian Wood 9.50 Instrumental while everyone is talking (Roll 94a) 0:46
4 Bathroom Window 9.51
She Came In Through The Bathroom Window “once more” 2:08

Side 3

No Tracklisting G.B.No. Comments Time
1 A Long Road 9.68 Actually “La Penina” 1:03
2 Shakin’ In The Sixties 9.84 Roll 98a Slate 187a 0:37
3 Move It 9.85 Roll 98a Slate 187a 0:55
4 Good Rockin’ Tonight 9.86 Roll 98a Slate 187a 0:50
5 Across The Universe 9.88 Slate 181 3:29
   6 Two Of Us 9.34 “Fast version” with backing vocals  2:49

Side 4

No Tracklisting DDSI No. Comments Time
1 Momma you’ve been on my mind  9.106
Roll 101, Actually “Ramblin’ Woman”
“I Threw It All Away”
“Mama, You Been On My Mind”
All George, doing a terrific solo acoustic medley.
2 Domino 8.98
Slate 150a.
Tracks 2 & 3 are all “I Me Mine” rehearsals,
that flow into each other.
3 I Me Mine


“In [December] 1974 the first completely unreleased Twickenham outtakes surfaced on the legendary “Sweet Apple Trax” LPs. These were originally released as two two-LP sets by CBM using the Instant Analysis label (matrix numbers 4182-REV-2000 and 4181-STD-2002). This phenomenal series was among the most enjoyable vinyl bootlegs of its era, and many of us listened to it for hours on end, leading to a lifelong addiction to this stuff.  By the way, these LP’s were originally announced under the title “The Apple Treasure Chest Masters, Vol. 1 & 2”.  When they finally appeared, they had “deluxe” printed sepia-toned jackets.  A late ’70’s repress from the original plates came with blank white labels and black and white covers which were copies of the originals.

Beatles Sweet Apple Trax tan detail

Beatles Sweet Apple Trax tan lg

Beatles Sweet Apple Trax tan lg b

Beatles Sweet Apple Trax tan lg d

Beatles Sweet Apple Trax dif cov

Beatles Sweet Apple Trax 2

Beatles Sweet Apple Trax 1 KiKo

Beatles Sweet Apple Trax 2 KiKo

These 1975/6 King Kong reissues have the matrix numbers 4182 REV2000 (Volume 1) and 4181 BLD2002 (Volume 2).


Wizardo Records released their own double set on colored wax around late 1975 as well (# 343). These must have been a limited pressing as little evidence of these sets can be found around the internet, especially of a colored set (an image of one on black wax with ‘Old Glory’ labels does exist):

Beatles Sweet Apple Trax

“The “Sweet Apple Trax” LPs were copied almost immediately by Kornyphone, which combined the material onto a single double set called “Hahst Az Sun” (TAKRL-2950).  This prompted CBM to remaster their own release as a double album in order to compete.  It was distributed under the title “Hot As Sun” (matrix number 4216 REV 2000 / 4217 BLD 2002) on the Instant Analysis label. ”


Beatles Hot As Sun

Beatles hot as sun dragon

“In 1980, single LP repressings of “Hot As Sun” were distributed as “Sweet Apple Tracks Crate 1” and “Sweet Apple Tracks Crate 2”.  It might be noted that the Kornyphone issue “Hahst Az Sun” rearranged the songs and omitted a few seconds here and there.  This set was copied many times and reissued on a variety of single LP bootlegs, and with a full color cover as “Sweet Apple Trax” on the Newsound Records label (matrix NR 909-1).  The Newsound plates were also used for picture discs which came out under the titles “Sweet Apple Trax Vol. 1” and “Sweet Apple Trax Vol. 2”.  The original source tapes were remastered by Audifon records for the first 2 records of the 3 LP set “The Beatles” (commonly known as “The Black Album” released in May, 1981).  These plates were subsequently used for the first three albums of the original “Get Back Journals” vinyl boxed set.  More recently, an hour of the original tapes were released on CD in “Songs From The Past Vol. 3”.  All of the material was included on the first “Get Back Journals” CD set.”

Track List for “Hahst Az Sön”:

1. Two Of Us     2:03

2. Don’t Let Me Down     3:35 (9.30)*

3. Suzy Parker    / I’ve Got A Feeling 1:47 (9.31 – 9.35) – Listed as “When You Get to Suzy Parker Everybody Gets Well Done”.
4. No Pakistanis 3:50 (9.57)

5. Get Back    2:03 (9.58)

6. Don’t Let Me Down    3:21 – The song is not listed on the cover.

8. (Medley)    24:10

Be-Bop-A-Lula (Vincent/Davis) / Baby Blue (Vincent/Jones) (09.044a)
She Came In Through The Bathroom Window    (09.45)     
High Heel Sneakers    (Higginbottom)    
I Me Mine        
I’ve Got A Feeling (09.35)    
The One After 909 (09.39)    
Norwegian Wood (This Bird Has Flown) (09.40)    
She Came In Through The Bathroom Window    (Lennon/McCartney) (09.41)

9. Let It Be – Titled as “Let It Be (By The Numbers)”

10. Shakin’ In The Sixties (09.71)

11. Good Rockin’ Tonight  (09.73)

12. Across The Universe    (09.70)

13. Two Of Us    

14. Mama, You’ve Been On My Mind (Dylan) (09.87) – Titled “Momma, You’ve Just On My Mind”

15. Tennessee    (Perkins) (09.74)

16. The House Of The Rising Sun    (Traditional) (09.76)

17. Commonwealth Song (09.77) – Titled as “Back To Commonwealth”

18. (Medley)        
White Power (Get Off) (09.79) – Listed as “White Power”    
White Power (Get Off) (09.81) – Listed as “Promenade”

19. Honey Hush    (Turner) (09.82) – Listed as “Hi ho Silver”

20. For You Blue (09.083)

21. Let It Be (09.88)

*the numbers in parentheses refer to the numbering system in Sulpy & Schweighardt’s book “Get Back”


In 1976, sides 1 & 2 also appeared as this title on Ken’s Aftermath reissues side label:

Beatles Caught Offguard

Followed by sides 3 & 4 naturally:

Beatles Manual Ecxitations

Sides 3 & 4 saw yet another reincarnation when it kicked off this Beatles reissue series on sister label The Kornyphone Label For The Working Man in the same year:

Beatles VBotBRarest 1

Contraband was not yet done with this material as they gave it another go ca. 1975/6:

Beatles Hi Ho Silver

Beatles Hi Ho Silver detail


TAKRL e-issue ca. 1978 with a printed b&w cover [repeated matrix #s “2950-A/B/C/D” scratched out]:

Beatles Hahst A S b&w

Beatles Hahst A S b&w b

And another with a color cover on Ken’s Phoenix label, ca. 1980:

Beatles Hahst Az Sön

Beatles Hahst A S b

On Ken’s GLC label, at least some of this material was then re-packaged as a 3x 2LP set called Apple Trax: Volume 1, 2, 3

Beatles Apple Trax Vol 1

Volume 1 is supposed to contain the following tracks: Old Hillbilly way, House of the rising sun, Get off white power, Yackety Yack, For you blue, Let it be, Get back, Don’t let me down, On our way home, Suzy Parker, No Pakistanis, Let it be, Silver spoon, High heeled sneakers, I me mine, One after 909, A long road, Shakin’ in the 60’s, Across the Universe, On our way home, Momma, you’ve been on my mind, da de da