Dio, Ronnie James




Japan: Late 1985/early 1986

Source: Some confusion here, cover claims “OAKLAND, CALIFORNIA – August 13 1985 (Opening night)”, as does the bootleg page of the excellent website. However, their page for the Sacred Heart Tour lists the correct location and venue: Manteca, CA (it’s between Modesto and Stockton) at the Oakwood Lake Amphitheatre (attendance 3,600)


1627 A: Intro / King Of Rock And Roll / Like The Beat Of A Heart / Don’t Talk To Strangers
1627 B: Hungry For Heaven / The Last In Line / Holy Diver / The Last In Line / Drum Solo / Heaven And Hell
1628 A: Guitar Solo / Sacred Heart / Rock ‘N’ Roll Children
1628 B: Long Live Rock ‘N’ Roll / Man On The Silver Mountain / Rock ‘N’ Roll Children / Rainbow In The Dark / Stand Up And Shout


Incorrect location given on this torrent as well. I wonder if this was the source for the XL release.

    Oakland Coliseum
    Oakland, California, USA
    August 13, 1985

    Support Act: Rough Cutt

    Bootleg Title : Oakland ’85

    Audience Recording OK/OK+/VG+ (Listenable, I would say for collectors only – check samples) >
    There’s 2 girls & a guy who scream, sing, talk, for most of the show…

    64:25 minutes

    01. Intro > The King of Rock & Roll
    02. Like the Beat of a Heart
    03. Don’t Talk to Strangers
    04. Hungry for Heaven
    05. The Last in Line > Holy Diver >The Last in Line
    06. Vinny Appice Drum Solo
    07. Heaven & Hell > Vivian Campbell Guitar Solo > Claude Schnell Keyboard solo > Guitar Solo > Keyboards <CUT> 13:13 ends
    08. Rock ‘N’ Roll Children > Long Live Rock ‘N’ Roll >
    09. Man on the Silver Mountain > Rock ‘N’ Roll Children
    10. Rainbow in the Dark
    11. Stand Up & Shout

    Band Line up:

    Ronnie James DIO – Vocals
    Vinny Appice – Drums
    Jimmy Bain – Bass
    Vivian Campbell – Guitar
    Claude Schnell – Keyboards





Japan: 1985

Source: As listed on the back cover. As stated in an earlier post, Dio did not tour Japan until later in 1986 – save for one festival experience in July of ’85 – so, it can safely be stated that this is not a Japanese concert recording. Irvine Meadows amphitheater just saw its last concert on October 30th, 2016 and will be turned into apartment buildings. Ozzy Osbourne recorded the Japan only (until 2012) video Speak Of The Devil here in June of 1982.

Quality is quite decent.





Japan: 1984 or 85

Dio would not play in Japan until the Super Rock Festival in August of 1985 and do a proper tour until the end of their Sacred Heart tour a year later.

Source: Tapio’s Ronnie James Dio’s bootleg site confirms the source stated on the cover but again this may or may not be correct (perhaps the site’s owner is just listing the album and copying from the back cover).

London, England
Hammersmith Odeon Theatre
Sound Quality: B-
Times: 77.19

01. Intro
02. Stand Up And Shout
03. Straight Through The Heart
04. Shame On The Night
05. Children Of The Sea
06. Holy Diver
07. Drum Solo
08. Stargazer
09. Heaven And Hell
10. Guitar Solo
11. Heaven And Hell – (Reprise)
12. Rainbow In The Dark
13. Man On The Silver Mountain
14. Starstruck
15. Man On The Silver Mountain – (Reprise)
16. Evil Eyes
17. Don’t Talk To Strangers