Mark – Almond

Mark-Almond Band CMF

Notes from the needledropper ‘Doinker’ [and many thanks for his audio preservation work]:

The Mark-Almond Band (John Mark/Jonny Almond) Mega-Rare Restored Vinyl “City Mourning Freedom” Live in Ohio 1970-xx-xx from FM *an incredible show*

“If there ever was a bootleg show that I could take to the grave with me, it would be this one. Musically, it’s that important to me.

This music is perfect for listening to at 3am when you don’t know where or what you are anymore. Complex, inward harmonies blend with haunting sax and striking vocals. And, don’t forget the social consciousness thrown in for good measure!

The sides were reversed and blended for this torrent as it’s out of sequence on the vinyl. The setlist listed on the vinyl goes like this:

The City

In fact there are a couple of mistakes here. “The City” was played at this show as an encore, “Mourning” is in fact “The Sausalito Bay Suite”, and there is another track after “The City” that I can’t identify. The fact that “TSBS” is cut at the point where it is, is a wound deep enough that I can’t heal it. You just have to take the fact that there’s almost 12 minutes of this piece, and leave it like that. I can’t tell you how much it would mean to me if you have this song in its entirety from this show.

After retracking and properly identifying these songs, I come up with this set list.

    Freedom 11:10
    Mourning (The Sausalito Bay Suite) 11:44
    The City 19:01
    Love (Pickup) 7:18