Vicious, Sid

Vicious S VB 5

Vicious S VB b 3

The back cover was taken from an ad for the “Come On Everybody” 45

Vicious S CMon Evryb ad

Vicious S VB 2

Vicious S VB 8

It appears that there are two versions for the cover. Above, showing a standard LP album sleeve and below, a sort of one-panel gatefold open to top + bottom sleeve that wraps around another sleeve in the center:

Vicious S VB 4

Other tall tale signs for this version are the the clear plastic sleeve needed to keep it all together:

Vicious S VB 8

As well as the white line at the bottom where outside sleeve and inside cover meet:

Vicious S VB 7

I do not know at this time which version came first.

Vicious S VB lbl

Japan: mid-1980. The art department must have gotten confused, stating “UD-6535” correctly on the label but “6336” on the cover.

Source: Audience recording from MAX’S KANSAS CITY, NY., recorded 9 September 1978 (early show). “7th:  Sid performs a gig under the banner ‘Music Industry Casualties’ at Max’s Kansas City (the famous New York City rock’n’roll club) – there’s a couple of the Dead Boys playing too; Sid has enlisted The Idols: bassist Arthur Kane & drummer Jerry Nolan from the New York Dolls, and guitarist Steve Dior, later of the London Cowboys.  The Clash’s Mick Jones guests on guitar.”

This was only the second Sid Vicious bootleg ever. The first one being the USA release Sid Vicious Live (Creative Artistry Inc. JSR 21;  rel. early 1980), which presented the very same material. The UD release supposedly has the sonic edge over the U.S. title..

Side 1: Search and destroy / I wanna be your dog / No lip / Something else/ Belsen was a gas

Side 2: Steppin’ stone / Chinese Rocks / My way / Take a chance with me (listed as “Take a chance on me”)

The following track listing and times come from the Sid Vicious Live LP:

Side A
101 intro 1:26
102 Search and Destroy [Iggy Pop] 2:01
103 Now I Wanna Be Your Dog [Iggy Pop] 2:32
104 stage announcement 0:44
105 No Lip [Dave Berry] 3:03
106 Something Else [Eddie Cochrane] 1:47
107 intro 0:52
108 Belsen Was a Gas [Jones-Cook-Rotten-Vicious]] 2:27

Side B
109 (I’m Not Your) Stepping Stone [Tommy Boyce and Bobby Hart] 3:16
110 Chinese Rock [Richard Hell and Dee Dee Ramone] 2:55
111 My Way [Paul Anka, Claude Francois and Jaques Revaux] 3:03
112 encore break 1:50
113 Take a Chance With Me [Walter Lure and Jerry Nolan] 3:06

Nothing from this date was included on the official Sid Sings LP.

Vicious S Live

Vicious S Live

Vicious Sid

A 1980’s U.S. poor quality reissue with white labels. Probably a reissue of the Live LP shown above due to the matrix # (JSR 21).

Vicious Sid RE

The second pressing of the reissue, no mentioning of Innocent Records on the insert.


The idea of the “Viicious Burger” came from the Pistol’s art director Jamie Reid – probably inspired by a photo of Sid eating, Bob Gruen took during their U.S. tour; first used in June 1979 for the ‘CMon Everybody’ Sex Pistols 45.

Jamie Reid’s is most famous for jis cut-and-paste ransom note designs.  Influenced by radical politics he was exposed to while at art college in Croydon, he took to the ideas of the avant-garde political group, the Situationist International. One of his fellow students happened to be none other than Malcolm McLaren – and the rest is history.


Sex Pistols VBurger

Buttons, T-shirts and coffee mugs with this logo exist as well – punk had gone ‘full commercial’.

Sid V Max's KC 78

Sid V MKC 78 review



Hotel Chelsea

The Hotel Chelsea in 1978 – oh look, a record store…

Whenever I’m in New York and I walk by this ‘Goth castle’ on 23rd St. , I don’t think of Bod Dylan or Dylan Thomas or Thomas Wolfe (or … ) I think of the ‘king and queen of self destruction’: Sid & Nancy in room 100 on the “junkie floor”. The room was removed/converted soon after the tragic incident, after mourners and fans sneaked into the building and left flowers at the door step and owner Stanley Bard apparently was not keen on having a punk rock shrine inside the hotel.



Whenever I seek out Bank St., however, I think of John & Yoko in # 105 during one of John’s most creative periods of his solo career – and not of Sid (who passed away in # 63).