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Matrix: ( side A none ) / 999 – B

Also exists with a blank yellow label, as seen on WCF’s copy of Rod Stewart with the Faces live at the L.A. Forum.

Released ca. 1972 – it should be noted that WCF did not release their albums in a strict chronological order, so this album numbered 999 was not released after 901 & 902 (JETHRO TULL – US TOUR APRIL 1972; ROLLING STONES – THE STONES AMERICAN TOUR IN L.A. 1972) but likely earlier.

The title may have been a joke perhaps. Nassau Coliseum held its first rock concert – Three Dog Night – (a couple of months after its opening) on 29 April 1972 and none of the tracks on this album sounded like they had been recorded live at an arena.

It was no surprise then that when the album was reissued by WCF in 1973/4, it received a new title (still misleading though).

Matrix : 999 A  /  999 B


WCF had copied this album from this rare and half-decent Beatles bootleg released in 1971, THE BEATLES LAST ALBUM

Matrix: 0171 – 01 1971

Three partial Christmas flexi disc recordings (1966, ’67 & ’69), pirates of the German version of “She Loves You” and the John & Paul 45 plus the highlights and first ever release of their David Frost performance in 1968 (years before the Deccagone 45), three songs from their BBC Top Gear appearance as described below and also “Shout” from their ’64 Around The Beatles TV special. Really not too bad for 1971.

“More material appeared in the early Seventies. This did not usually fill a complete LP; one or a few tracks, at times a single programme, were added to other material. The first programme to appear was Top Of The Pops, the U.S. rebroadcast of Top Gear July 16, 1964. This was independently released by an anonymous label on the album titled THE BEATLES LAST ALBUM, and by CBM on THE NEVER RELEASED MARY JANE. The first one was released in (possibly) late 1971 or early 1972, matrix 01 971. It was copied in 1972 by White Cover Folks as LIVE AT NASSAU, matrix 999, originally distributed with a yellow label. This album was repressed in 1973 and 1974 as TOP OF THE POPS/LIVE IN GERMANY. The CBM record (THE NEVER RELEASED MARY JANE), with matrix 3585, was originally distributed in November 1972 with a purple slipsheet and label with printed title. The subsequent issues had generic labels and usually a blue printed insert. This session was also included on a record by Highway HiFi, a subsidiary of TMOQ-Smokin’ Pig, titled TOP OF THE POPS, matrix HHCER 111. This LP was first issued in mid-1974 with a slipsheet printed with “rainbow” effect, and repressed a number of times until 1983.” [ excerpt from A COMPREHENSIVE BEATLES HISTORY of THE BEATLES’ BBC Bootleg Releases. (ref: Great Dane’s Complete BBC Sessions liner notes) ]

THE BEATLES LAST ALBUM had previously been reviewed in this post from 2013.

Matrix : 902 A 902 – B or 902-A X / 902-B X

Released ca. 1st or 2nd quarter of 1973

A reissue in a folder-style label with a dark blue insert and on white label exists as well:


Source: Not only did WCF usually not reveal any track source info – in this case not even a track list – but the title was an outright lie, as the recording was not from Los Angeles but from The Scope in Norfolk, VA, Contraband’s home turf. This is a copy of CBM’s fake Rubber Dubber album, documenting their July 5th, 1972 performance:

1. Sweet Virginia [04:15]
2. Brown Sugar [03:22]
3. Rocks Off [03:52]
4. Gimme Shelter [04:53]
5. Happy [03:09]
6. Tumbling Dice [04:28]
21. You Can’t Always Get What You Want [07:32]
22. Band intro [00:44]
23. Bye Bye Johnny [03:21]
24. Rip This Joint [03:27]
25. Jumping Jack Flash [03:37]
26. Street Fighting Man [04:38]

You can see the first post I created on the CBM title by clicking on this link.



Available with blank orange and or white labels. I have not found any title labels for this release.

Source: Audience recording from Madison Square Garden on 23 January, 1973 (HW states it was on the 21st but Neil & The Stray Gators played Carnegie Hall on that date).

Mediocre quality, which means this release was quickly outsold by Contraband’s Coming Home & A Bit More

01. On The Way Home 3:55
02. Here We Are In The Years 4:04
03. LA 3:24
04. Soldier 2:48
05. Out On The Weekend 4:58
06. Harvest 2:52
07. Old Man 3:30
08. Heart Of Gold 3:26
09. The Loner 3:58
10. Time Fades Away 4:28
11. New Mama 3:08
12. Alabama 3:59
13. Don’t Be Denied 5:44
14. Cinnamon Girl 3:32
15. Lookout Joe 4:29
16. Southern Man 5:28
17. Last Dance 5:02
18. Are You Ready For The Country? 5:32

I believe, this is the recording discussed and presented here, which you can also download in MP3:

J. Geils Band LFG

Matrix: 777 X A / B

A straight copy of their official live album, which was recorded in Detroit in late April of 1972 BTW and not in Germany:

J. Geils FH

It was officially released 26 September, 1972, peaked at # 54 on the album charts.


Deep Purple MIJ

Deep Purple MIJ lbl

Matrix : 804 – A / B & 805 – A / B

Officially released ca. December of 1972.

I did not expect any bootlegger to be so brazen and copy this famous live album but here is the proof. This release did much better than “LIVE” FULL HOUSE,  reaching # 6 in the US and eventually going platinum. I would place both WCF pirates at the start of 1973.



Matrix: 752 SIDE I / 752 SIDE II

Released ca. 1972

Source: Audience recording from the L.A. Forum on 10 March, 1971 (not 3rd of October as everyone assumes; a listing of their 1971 tour dates & the ticket stub below prove this).

In the UK, the album was released as “faces”, in the US both the album and the concert tickets say “small faces”.

Small Faces LA F t

Side A: (I Know) I’m Losing You / Love In Vain / Turn Me On (Dancing In The Streets)
Side B: Maybe I’m Amazed / It’s All Over Now / Country Comfort

The recording only received a very low “Gs”  rating in HW. I did not find any description or sound sample on the net. Obviously, there are better sounding captures like the one below.

For comparison:

The Faces
Sports Arena, San Diego, California
March 18, 1971

01. You’re My Girl
02. I Want To Be Loved
03. Maybe I’m Amazed
04. It’s All Over Now
05. (I Know) I’m Losing You
06. Love In Vain
07. Plynth > Three Button Hand Me Down > Gasoline Alley > Plynth
encore call
08. I Feel So Good


A copy of this title by the Immaculate Conception label, released in 1971 (CMBR-11):


The bootleggers had simply copied the art work of the official album First Step that was promoted on this tour, while WCF in turn ripped off I.C.’s design.

Immaculate Conception Records were very active in 1970 – 71 and their use of a generic album cover for a number of its releases and the constant “Best of”naming make them look like the K-tel of bootleggers (if you remember that official budget label from the 70’s & 80’s hawking an endless stream of compilations).

VAR-101 – Get Back (Beatles)
CBMR-3 – The Best Of The Who Live In Concert
CMBR-4 – The Best Of The Rolling Stones Live In Concert
CBMR-5 – Live In Concert – The Best Of The Rolling Stones, Led Zeppelin, Jimi Hendrix, The Who, Crosby, Stills, Nash & Young, And Jethro Tull
CBMR-6 – The Best Of Led Zeppelin Live In Concert
CBMR-7 – The Best Of Jimi Hendrix: Live In Concert
CMBR-8 – The Best Of Crosby, Stills, Nash & Young Live In Concert
CMBR-9 – The Best Of The Band And Jethro Tull Live In Concert
CBMR-10 – “Experience” (The Jimi Hendrix Experience)
CMBR-11 – Live At The Forum 3/10/71 (Faces)
CMBR-12 – Christmas Message (Beatles)
CBMR-13 – The Complete Neil Young Live At The Los Angeles Music Center February 1st, 1971


Around 1973/4 TMOQ released their version of this recording and this looks like a ‘Ken job’ to me (matrix: 1817 A / B):



Finally found: The elusive WCF # 751 release:


Matrix : 751 SIDE I  /  751 SIDE II

This was the first of three times WCF would release this material, ca. 1972

Source:  Radio broadcast from the Winterland  in San Francisco on 04 October 1970, the night Janis Joplin dies. This was a joint Quadrophonic broadcast on two radio stations, KSAN and KQED, which also did a video feed on its TV channel. There are claims that the bootlegs contain only half the mix  as they only contain one of the two feeds but I did not find that to be the case (compare below).

SIDE 1>Sugar Magnolia/Good Lovin’
SIDE 2>end of China Cat>I Know You Rider/Casey Jones/Uncle John’s Band

Bootleg needle drop:


It appears that the original version was first released by an independent bootlegger – not TMOQ – who had come up with the mammary presentations logo. These are easily identifiable by their “Mother” labels:

The matrix numbers were either only DEAD-1 / DEAD-2 or:
DEAD-1 S-2644
DEAD-2 S-2645

TMOQ then “took over” this release and first pressed it ca. April of 1972 on colored vinyl and with 1 / 2 labels,  giving it the matrix that had been the identifier on the Mother Records label: MEL – 77 A / B:

For the early pressings, I have only seen it with two ringed 1 / 2 or blank white labels. The earliest version of the insert had an intricate background image that was not always present in subsequent versions. Also notice the other differences shown here: Just the drawing, with added text, or both plus TMOQ logo.

Below: Later versions.


TMOQ then must have decided they liked the logo mammary presentations and continued using it on occasion. This is a list of all TMOQ titles bearing that logo. No originals issued by other labels for MM6 onward seems to exist.


BUFFALO SPRINGFIELD – “BLUEBIRD ROOTS” (# 71035, copy of the 5D Records title)
PINK FLOYD – OMAY YAD (# 71049, April 1972)



Contraband copied this title as well but unlike WCF they did care to brand the insert with their own (sub) label name. However, in order to cover all of TMOQ’s mammary productions logo they had to increase theirs in size. That, plus their decision not to clarify with an added ‘Records/Productions’, led to the album being called Shalom to this day.

Matrix: GD  1020 A / B

Based on that number, the release date would be mid-1974, sandwiched between the Beatles albums supertracks 2 (# 1018) and soldier of love (# 1022).

However, Contraband’s sole other Grateful Dead release high time in old town is also supposed to have a 1020 matrix. As this matrix seems to be confirmed, I am waiting for confirmation on what the actual matrix for high time in old town is. If you know, please leave a comment.


In 1973, WCF re-issued this album as part of their 22XX Grateful Dead series from new pressing plates now marked 2266.

2222 GRATEFUL DEAD – Turn On Your Love Light
2233 GRATEFUL DEAD – “Central Park, Fillmore East, Action House”
2244 GRATEFUL DEAD – Sugaree
2266 GRATEFUL DEAD – “Sugar Magnolia”




And a final time for WCF (I have not seen this reissued with a b&w cover) ca. 1974/5 in a printed folder-style cover and with blank white labels:


Finally, here are nine different versions gathered in one photo:



Dated (early) 1973 due to the recording dates and chronological numbering of this section of the 40XX list of WCF releases:

4033 Taylor, James – November ’72
4044 Taylor, James – LIVE NEW YORK – Nov. 1972
4045 Rolling Stones – LiveR Than You’ll Ever Be
4046 Santana – Live
4047 Santana – Collector’s Item
4048 Moody Blues – october 1972

Corrected track list:

Side 1: Conquistadore Rides Again (5:40) / You Just Don’t Care (5:26) / Fried Neckbones And Some Home Fries (7:10)
Side 2: Waiting (6:14) / Treat (9:16) / Gumbo (4:25)

Source: Soundboard recording recorded live at Ludlow Garage, Cincinnati, OH on October 21,1969

The information found online claims there were two shows that day and indicates that the material is not presented in order on all the bootlegs:

Early Show
01 Waiting
02 Evil Ways
03 Treat/Shades Of Time
04 Savor/Jingo
05 Persuasion
Late Show
01 Conquistador Rides Again
02 You Just Don’t Care
03 Fried Neckbones
04 Persuasion
05 Soul Sacrifice
06 Gumbo

This is disc one originally released in 1971 by the outfit responsible for the three collector’s item releases (Santana/Neil Young & The Who), released in limited pressings likely in the Cincinnati area.



WCF # 4047:


The insert blatantly copied from CBM, who had released their own copy of sides 4 + 3 around the 2nd half of 1972, as determined by their list of chronological releases: 

3508 Rolling Stones – Goin’ Back To The Roots: American Tour/July 72 (5 July 1972)

3519 Beatles – Get Back To Toronto

3552 Beatles – Live Concert Atlanta
3553 Santana – Collectors Item


Side A: Evil Ways (4:31) / Shades Of Time>Savor Jingo (14:50)
Side B: Persuasion (3:00) / Soul Sacrifice pt 1 / Michael Shrieve drum solo / Soul Sacrifice pt 2 (15:24)



It appears that TMOQ’s HOT AND ALIVE comes from the same source as has the same tracks in the same lengths as sides 1 and 2 of the original double album. It is therefore likely a copy as well.



Released ca. April 1973 – the 10th cover art drawn for TMOQ by William Stout. Numbered 71073 and with matrix: S-117 A / B


Released ca. early 1973

About two years to 18 months after having copied pre-TMOQ’s The Stones LIVER under the title Gimme Shelter (click on the link for that post), WCF felt the need to repeat it all, this time using the original’s name and with basically an identical insert.

This new pressing came from new pressing plates – 4045-A / B

When WCF finally chose the name Berkeley Records, they reissued this album with the same matrix number as part of their b&w series ca. 1975/6 as in concert:


History of the original TMOQ plates (if you can contribute, please leave a comment). It looks as if several safety copies were kept and used in rotation.

First matrix claims:

  • X-4172 4328 / 1X 241 X1 4237 with LURCH Records labels. Discs have no song separation and the stamp is blue.
  • The TMOQ Record Collectors wiki claimed it was X14327 / X14328 with either Lurch or Oakland Records labels.
  • There’s another claim stating: “matrix number S-2110/1 was the first pressing available to the public“.

  • 1971 – ’72: All the early reissues I reviewed – colored cardboard cover and sticker, with or without insert, large 1/2 labels (w. or w/o outer rings), often on colored wax – have the new matrix RS 510 A/B


  • “Made In Holland” versions: I have found one copy with a 14327/14328 matrix and another with 1X 241 14327 / X-4172 14328


  • 1972 – ’73: Farm pig labels and silver/gold stickers have either the RS 510 matrix or:  1X 241 14327 / X-4172 14328

Rolling Stones LiveR ora bl lbl

  • The generic cartoon cover reissue has the RS 510 matrix as well

Rolling Stones LiveR cartoon lbl

  • Smoking pig versions have Ken’s trademark 1811 A/B matrix or is detail: ‘1X241’ scratched off followed by 1811A / ‘4172’ scratched off followed by 1811B A14328


Online, the following statement can be found: “”LIVEr Than You’ll Ever Be” was originally remastered by David Axelrod, according to William Stout. ” If he really meant ‘remastered’, which stamper has this new version/are there audible differences between them?


Two & half sets of RS 510 stampers sold in April of 2009:

a. All three auctions ended 04/17. This pair sold for $298. Envelopes are stamped “Aug -9 1972”

Rolling Stones RS 510 stampers II

b. Sold for $325:

Rolling Stones RS 510 stampers

c. Stamper for RS-510 B only: $169

Rolling Stones RS 510 B


Background info about how Dub Taylor recorded the Stones on tour in ’69 can be found in this previous post.