Donova Live at Reedy River Junct

I have only found it with these ‘avocado-colored’ labels; another very limited WCF pressing.

USA: ca. 1971

Source: US TV broadcasts (Smothers Brothers 1968 and ’69) and as claimed by HOTWACKS, supposedly cuts from a Canadian concert. This is not backed by any information found on either WCF’s or TMOQ’s insert (created for their reissue), shown here, in fact it is contradicted:

Donovan Reedy River ins det


Originally only the fifth release by Ken & Dub, pre-TMOQ when they made up a new label name for each release (here: Seagull Records).

Likely the first ever bootleg on colored vinyl (colors: Green, red & gold), released ca. February 1970:

Donovan RR green

Donovan Reedy River 2nd sticker

Donovan Reedy River 1st sticker

Donovan Reedy River 2nd sticker 2

The early days of bootlegging and its copyright disclaimers. Contraband would a couple of years later try a different route and use stickers stating: “Notice of intent to use and all applicable royalties have been paid by CBM Music Norfolk, Va.” (found on British Blue Jam) or a variation found on  their copy of the Beatles – Get Back To Toronto

CBM copyright

plus their stamp used on the Beatles – Don’t Pass Me By:

Beatles DPMB stamp


Another version came with a different title and sticker:



This was later reissued as a branded TMOQ product # 71004 with an insert, stamped title and stickers.