Flying Horses Label

Lynyrd Skynyrd ILMoaFB

Italian LP, released ca. 1982, hard to find

Supposedly from the Hammersmith Odeon in London on 20 December 1976, but the set list given for the corresponding tour, the One More from the Road Tour does not match (I also wonder if that single European tour date entry on wikipedia was based on this bootleg alone) and I would bet that this is the KBFH recording from Cardiff, Wales from their short European tour in November of 1975, previously bootlegged on TKRWM 1814:  cardiff peaches .

Side 1: Double Trouble / I Ain’t the One / The Needle and the Spoon / Saturday Night Special / Gimme Three Steps                                                                                                                                                             Side 2: Woman in Mind (listed as “WND Studios 11-5-1973, Memphis, TN with Al Kooper on piano) correct information: Woman of Mine (their first ever radio performance, recorded at Ardent Studios in Memphis & broadcast on WMC FM, produced by Al Kooper – 30 October 1973 (since officially released on their Collectybles compilation released in 2000)) / Sweet Home Alabama / Free Bird



And that must have been the end of Flying Horses Records, no further releases were ever found that used this name and corresponding FC numbering system.

Springsteen Bosswashere 1

Springsteen Bosswashere 2Springsteen Bosswashere insideSpringsteen Bosswashere 3

1/1    Summertime Blues     Cleveland,OH The Agora  09-Aug-1978
1/2    Spirit in the night                ”    –    –
1/3    Because the night               ”    –    –
1/4    Ramrod     Paris, Palais des Sports  18-Apr-1981
2/1    The river                          ”    –    –
2/2    Independence day           ”    –    –
2/3    Who’ll stop the rain?        ”    –    –
3/1    She’s the one     Cleveland,OH The Agora  09-Aug-1978
3/2    Raise your hand                            ”    –    –
3/3    Darkness on the edge of town       ”    –    –
4/1    Can’t help falling in love     Paris, Palais des Sports  18-Apr-1981
4/2    Born to run                                     ”    –    –
4/3    Detroit Medley                                ”    –    –
4/4    Twist and shout     Cleveland,OH The Agora  09-Aug-1978


There is the typical Flying Horses mis-attribution of sources and venues; sides 1 & 2 are listed as being from the Royal Albert Hall in April of 1981. This was the first release of any material from the Paris 1981 concert.


Rodding Stones SNL SpRodding Stones-back

Rodding Stones-back detailItalian release, ca 1982

Do not judge a boot by its cover – this certainly applies here. True, Rod Stewart, Ron Wood and Keith Richards are on this recording, that much is true.

The date and venue given as 15 March 1975 and the Royal Albert Hall is really 13 or 14 July 1974 at the Kilburn Gaumont State Theatre in London.

Bill Wyman did not perform, it’s Willie Weeks (just a few months prior to being drafted into George Harrison’s North American Tour back up band). Charlie Watts did not play drums either, Andy Newmark did (hired to play drums for John Lennon’s final album sessions six years later). Kenny Jones did not participate and it’s not Ian Stewart nor Billy Preston nor Nicky Hopkins on piano but Ian McLagan.


13th July: RON WOOD & BAND. London, Kilburn Gaumont State Theatre
(Instrumental / Am I Grooving You / Cancel Everything / If You Gotta Make A Fool Of
Somebody / Mystifies Me /Take A Look At The Guy / Act Together / Shirley/Forever /
Sure The One You Need / I Can’t Stand The Rain / Crotch Music / I Can Feel The Fire)
Note: The whole show was professionally filmed.

14th July: RON WOOD & BAND. London, Kilburn Gaumont State Theatre
(Instrumental /Am I Grooving You / Cancel Everything / If You Gotta Make A Fool Of
Somebody / Mystifies Me / Take A Look At The Guy / Act Together / Shirley-Monkey
Man / Forever / Sure The One You Need / I Can’t Stand The Rain / Crotch Music / I Can
Feel The Fire)
Line-up: KR (gtr, voc, p)/RW (gtr, voc)/Ian McLagan (p, org)/Willie Weeks (bass)/
Andy Newmark (dr)/Rod Stewart (voc, tamb)
Notes: Rod Stewart shares lead vocals on If You Gotta Make A Fool Of Somebody,
Mystifies Me and Take A Look At The Guy.
The whole show was professionally filmed.


Another Euro boot, Look At The Guy released in the late 1980’s delivered seven tracks with correct liner notes:

Richards Wood LatGuy

Richards Wood TALatG detailRichards Wood TALatG stickerRichards Wood TALatG lbl

200 numbered copies on brown PVC and 33 on mcv. Came with a Ron Wood drawing. Issued as a picture disc as well.

Richards Wood LatGuy mcv

Richards Wood LatGuy pic d


12 tracks were released officially on CD & DVD in 2007 as The First Barbarians: Live from Kilburn

Plenty of videos found on Youtube.

Spirit LiBoston

Source: Back cover states: Live at the Orpheum Theatre in Boston, 15 May, 1970. The correct date is from a series of shows played on the 9/10/11th October 1969.
Venue: Boston Tea Party (at their new location on 15 Lansdowne Street – open since 12 July ’69), Boston, MA

Side 1: Fresh Garbage / Jealous / It Shall Be                                                                                                      Side 2: Ground Hog / I’m Truckin’ / New Dope In Town / Mechanical World

Total Length: 41:00 – Side One (18:00); Side Two (23:00)


Notes on the master tape:

“This is a typical club recording, only the mics are plugged into the soundboard. One channel is missing some highs but this is how I got the tape. The singing is a bit rough, but it is Spirit!!

Around 1979, I finally tracked down one of the guys who ran the soundboard at the Boston Tea Party (after running ads in local papers and getting various responses). After about 10 months and a few dozen phone calls he finally said ‘common over’. Very nice guy still living in the Boston Area. He told me later that he was afraid I was the IRS looking for back taxes from when he worked at the Tea Party. He gave me a few soundboards he had kept and some names to look up. This show is one of them.”

From master Soundboard Reel 7 1/2ips 1/2 track

1. It’s All The Same >
2. Fresh Garbage
3. Jealous
4. It Shall Be
5. Poor Richard
6. Groundhog
7. I’m Truckin’
8. New Dope In Town
9. Ed’s Drum Solo > Mechanical World
10. I Got A Line On You (fragments, cut after few seconds)

There are a few level fluctuations as well as a little over modulation.”


A copy of the soundboard recording must have made its way over to Italy prior to 1982.



Jay Ferguson – Vocals
Randy California – Lead Guitar & Vocals
Ed “Cass” Cassidy – Drums
John Locke – Keyboards
Mark Andes – Bass

Collector’s comments:

“The performance is strong but sound quality is poor.”

“I have heard a bootleg of the “Spirit”, October 1969 show, and it is awesome. Unfortunately, the sound quality of the tape was bad, but you could tell that it was a rocking night. “

This bootleg earned an ‘Exm’ rating in HW.



Boston TP

Just an average month at the BTP in 1969.

Morrison V Mystic&hMusic 1

Morrison V Mystic&hMusic 1 a

Volume 1, released as FC 016 ca. 1982

Source: Back cover states “Recorded live at Winterland 10/12/79” but this is way off. The real source is the 5 September 1971 KSAN FM broadcast from the Pacific High Studios in San Francisco, a selection of tracks from this was first released in 1974 by Ken on his TMOQ-2 (Belfast Cowboy TMOQ 73035) and Highway Hi-Fi (Van The Man HHCER 109) bootleg labels. That post can be found by clicking here.


It is obvious that the Flying Horses producers were a bit ‘in the dark’ regarding the actual song titles, as several were just made up. I have corrected them as much as possible.

Side 1: Into The Mystic (6:50)/ Que Sera Sera – Hound Dog (3:15) / Just Like A Woman (9:00)
Side 2: Blue Money (5:10) / Bring It On Home (4:50) / On The Saxophone (?) (3:50)/ Buona Sera, Signorita (5:00)


Van Morrison: vocals, sax, electric piano, acoustic guitar
Peter Bardens: keybords
Bob Tench: guitar
Mickey Feat: bass
Peter van Hooke: drums
Herbie Armstrong: guitar
Garth Hudson: keyborads
Jerry Jumonville: tenor sax
Joel Peskin: baritone sax
Paulette Parker, Greg White, Carlena Williams & Linda Dillard: back-up vocals


Morrison V Mystic&hMusic 2

Volume 2, released as one of the last ever releases: FC 022, ca. 1983. The cover for Vol. I is printed on non-laminated gray cardboard, while Vol. 2’s cover is printed on white coated stock. 

Track list:

Side 1: Friday’s Child (6:00)/ Tupelo Honey 6:30/ Wild Night (5:00)
Side B: Dead Or Alive (5:35)/ You’re My Woman (6:20)/ These Dreams Of You (4:00)



Source: Supposedly from the Bottom Line – New York, NY –  14 April 1981. Probably the first ever Mink de Ville bootleg released with a pressing run of around 300. Released in 1982 in Italy.

Side 1: Overture/ Slow Drain/ Desperate Days/ Steady Driving Man/ Love Song/ Just About Love                                                                                                                                             Side 2: Mixed Up Shook Up Girl/ Just Your Friends/ Spanish Stroll/ Maybe Tomorrow/ This World Outside/ Mazurka/ One Way Street/ Just To Walk That Little Girl Home

Research is not made easier by the fact that The Swingin’ Pig label released a vinyl double LP and CD under the same title in 1992/3 (containing a different recording: Live at the Hot Point Festival, Lausanne/Switzerland, September 3, 1988).

Rolling Stones 1962 1982 NTOTRnRRolling Stones 1962 1982 NTOTRnR inner

Rolling Stones 1962 1982 NTOTRnR b

Original set list:

Intro: Take the “A” Train
Under my Thumb
When the Whip Comes Down
Let’s Spend the Night Together
Black Limousine
Just My Imagination
Twenty Flight Rock
Going to a Go Go
Let Me Go
Time is On My Side
Beast of Burden
Waiting on a Friend
Let it Bleed
You Can’t Always Get What You Want
Happy Birthday Keith Richards
Little T&A
Tumbling Dice
She’s So Cold
Hang Fire
Miss You
Honky Tonk Women
Brown Sugar
Start Me Up
Jumping Jack Flash
Outro: Star Spangled Banner (Jimi Hendrix Version)

The Stones’ record breaking 1981 tour ended with their next to last date on Keith’s 38th birthday broadcast as “The World’s Greatest Rock’n’Roll Party” on pay-per-view and in closed circuit cinemas [I assume there was a radio broadcast as well and this and other vinyl bootlegs were mastered from that]. It was the first such use of pay-per-view for a music event” and remembered mostly for the colorful stage design by Kazuhide Yamazaki and Keith Richards fighting off a stage invader with his black Fender Telecaster during “Satisfaction”.


Not to be mixed up with the Japanese triple LP set with the almost identical title that contained an audience recording from the Los Angeles Coliseum concerts on the 9th & 11th of October, which for some reason used the same images, only in color:

Rolling Stones Never Too Old To RnRRolling Stones Never Too Old To RnR b


Luxembourg’s Swingin’Pig label released a 3 LP box of the Hampton recording ca. 1991 (TSP 100-2):

Rolling Stones Hampton 1981 TSP box



The recording will be officially released on Eagle Rock in different digital video & audio formats, as well as on three LP’s on 3 November 2014:

Rolling Stones FTV Hampton


This must have been a nice change for the guys at Flying Horses, not just pressing 300 copies of a title by an obscure artist that may have taken some time to sell but really going for it with a release by a popular mainstream band (that toured Europe the year this was released to boot). I just wonder if their hearts were really in it?