The OG / Offshore Label Mystery [featuring Releases by The Beatles, Yes, CCR and the Yardbirds :OFF 732]

Many months ago, I had created a post about a TAKRL Yes release that was based on this popular 1972 Dutch bootleg:

YES WYA 2Yes WYA lbl

As time went by, I had forgotten that this was on the Offshore label (A LION PRODUCTION). When collecting the OG Japan master list, I found several Offshore releases and logically assumed that it must be a sub label they had created, like they did with Ado Records and their Beatles titles.

I still believe that this Beatles title shown here was made in Japan by OG:

Beatles Shea OG 802

And the issues on white labels with the wrap-around insert and the printed covers, as well.

However, I now believe that the above Yes title was never copied by OG in Japan and have since removed it from the OG master list of releases.  So, how did OG get the idea to use that name for this Beatles album? And what a coincidence that the Dutch bootleggers in 1972 used a release number that fit perfectly into the three digit numbers (AND follows their first use of the Offshore name in BEATLES – LIVE AT SHEA STADIUM OG-718 – the Yes LP has 722) used by OG later? Not questions, I am expecting to find answers to anytime soon or perhaps even ever.

I would like to introduce the third Offshore LP I have listed at this point:

Yardbirds Offshore bYardbirds Offshore lbl

Coincidentally, # 732 also fits in nicely with all the other OG releases. This is the material I first reviewed as Ken had pirated it for his  LAST HURRAH IN THE BIG APPLE (TAKRL 1914). This Offshore version of the official-but-withhdrawn-right-away LIVE! FEATURING JIMMY PAGE Epic LP from 1971 is also considered to be a pirate copy. Likely made ca. 1972 perhaps? Which would bring us back to the WHITE YES ALBUM – is there a connection between the two?

And here’s another interesting connection. One rare version for the above Yardbirds pirate LP has this label:

Yardbirds bl lbl

Now, to me, that looks like it was done by the same folks who had produced the CCR bootleg copy, I am still listing as an OG release:

CCR Cosmo OG label 1

So, how does this all fit together?

  1. Lion said:

    I can assure you, the Dutch Offshore label had no connection with anything Japan. The Japanese probably just ripped them… Also: that Yardbirds album was not released by the original Offshore bootleg label. Offshore only had the following original recordings released: Ten Years After (double album), Frank Zappa, Flying Burrito Brothers, Crosby and Nash, White Yes album and a re-release of the Beatles Live at Shea Stadium and a Rolling Stones bootleg in co-operation with a German group who sold the Offshore records in Germany.

    • Thank you for your comment. I also believe there was no partnership of any kind here, it’s just intriguing entaglements in the mysterious realm of international early vinyl bootlegging.

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