Battle of the Bootleg labels 2: ‘BRITISH BLUE JAM’ CBM 3426 vs. ‘THE GREAT ROCK’N ROLL CIRCUS’ Mushroom 1383′

British Blue Jam

Note the two color insert.

British Blue Jam cv LP

British Blue Jam blublack 1

An almost two color variation, probably as a result of black PVC residue.

British Blue Jam blublack 2

Released in 1972

Side 1: Yer Blues/ Whole Lotta Yoko/ Love In Vain*
Rock and Roll Circus December 11, 1968 and * London Roundhouse, March 14, 1971

Side 2: Midnight Rambler / Dead Flowers / Honky Tonk Women / Satisfaction
London Roundhouse, Chalk Farm, March 14, 1971

One of only three CBM releases that I have come across that are on colored vinyl (vinyl colors described as “smoky” and “red with black streaks” exist but they only appear colored when held to the light).

One color slip sheets:

British Blue Jam 2

British Blue Jam green text

British Blue Jam green

British Blue Jam black


British BJ lbl 1

The copyright notice is the same as the one on the cover in the lower left.

British BJ lbl 2


TGRnRCircus mcv

On Mushroom

TGRnRCircus red

TGRnRCircus RR lbl

A1     Yer Blues Jam
A2     Led Zeppelin –     Riverside Blues         
A3     Cream (2) –     Hideaway         
B1     Who, The –     A Quick One         
B2     Cream (2) –     In The Bottom         
B3     Buffalo Springfield –     We’ll See         
B4     Buffalo Springfield –     Down To The Wire         
B5     Buffalo Springfield –     Come On

  • Side 1 (GRC-1883-A)-1383-A MEL
  • Side 2 (GRC-1883-B)-1383-B MEL writes “I checked the Side 1 source to see if it matched “The Rock & Roll Circus” on Trade Mark of Quality (TMoQ), Matrix: 1383 A/B. It doesn’t, the sound quality is much better than the TMoQ disc. The Roundhouse source is copied from the last track on Side 1 and Side 2 of the Trade Mark of Quality disc: “London Roundhouse” Matrix: 1812 A/B.”

Rolling Stones London Roundhouse new

All that could have been compared is the “Yer Blues” jam basically, as none of the other tracks matched. It would also be nice to refer to the second album as being on the correct label, Mushroom. I have never seen this on the classic TMOQ label. While it is very nice to see CBM come out on top and given this amount of attention at all, this comparison falls a bit short in the end.

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