Parker G Local Girls

Parker Graham Local Girls b

For once the cover information is correct. These tracks were extracted from the following FM broadcast:

Graham Parker & the Rumour – KMET FM, Roxy, Los Angeles, California, April 14th
1979, FM, complete show.

01. Intro
02. Discovering Japan
03. Local Girls
04. Thunder And Rain
05. Don’t Get Excited
06. Back to Schooldays
07. Passion Is No Ordinary Word
08. Protection
09. Mercury Poisoning                                                                                                                                       10. Howling Wind
11. Heat Treatment
12. Stick To Me
13. You Can’t Be Too Strong
14. Watch The Moon Come Down
15. Tear Your Playhouse Down
16. Don’t Ask Me Questions
17. Saturday Nite Is Dead
18. Nobody Hurts You
19. Soul Shoes

Encores :

20. Rdio DJ > I Want You Back (Alive)
21. Pourin’ It All Out
21. The New York Shuffle (left channel almost completely down on this last song)


    Bass – Andrew Bodnar
    Drums, Backing Vocals – Steve Goulding
    Keyboards, Backing Vocals – Bob Andrews
    Lead Guitar, Backing Vocals – Brinsley Schwarz (2)
    Lead Vocals, Rhythm Guitar – Graham Parker
    Rhythm Guitar, Backing Vocals – Martin Belmont


Other shows recorded during Parker’s “Squeezing Out Sparks” ’79 Tour were Chicago,
San Francisco and Denver.

Read about Parker’s reunion show at the Roxy 33 years later here:

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