Excitable Recordworks 4507-1: THE ROLLING STONES ‘SLICK’ / On Tour 1978 :Circle 8733 / OUT ON BAIL – 1978 U.S. TOUR + IN AGAIN OUT AGAIN : Lurch / Oakland Records / GARDEN STATE 78 : Smilin Dork SD 3957

Rolling Stones Slick

Source: Soundboard recording from the Capitol Theater, Passaic, NJ – 14 June 1978, except B6: audience recording from John F. Kennedy Stadium, Philadelphia, PA – June 17 1978

A1 Let It Rock [02:45]
A2 All Down The Line [05:03]
A3 When The Whip Comes Down [05:13]
A4 Just My Imagination (Running Away with Me) [06:16]
A5 Beast of Burden [06:30]
A6 Sweet Little Sixteen [03:05]
B1 Respectable [04:06]
B2 Far Away Eyes [06:32]
B3 Love In Vain [05:49]
B4 Happy [03:24]
B5 Jumping Jack Flash [04:18]
B6 (I Can’t Get No) Satisfaction [03:36] 

Rolling Stones Slick b

According to Hot Wacks, this is a re-release of this previous album:

ON TOUR 1978

Rolling Stones On Tour 1978 Circle lbl

Rolling Stones On Tour 1978 Circle b

which was a copy of this fine bootleg, earning a good reputation due to its excellent quality:


Rolling Stones Out On Bail

Rolling Stones Out on Bail b

Rolling Stones Out on Bail sm

Rolling Stones Out On Bail set

Design-wise, clearly a homage to the very first Rolling Stones bootleg LIVEr Than You’ll Ever Be by what would become the TMOQ label. This release and it’s second part IN AGAIN OUT AGAIN (see below) has been attributed to Vicky Vinyl.

Rolling Stones I A O A OT 78

Rolling Stones I A O A OT 78 det



Another copy of the Capitol Theater, Passaic, NJ recording, this time on SMILIN DORK Records:

Rolling Stones Garden State 78

Rolling Stones Garden State 78 b


StonesTicket CT P NJ 78

Ah, the Stones ’78 tour, it’s either loathed or quite well liked, depending on where you approach it from. A fan of the Mick Taylor years will probably not rate it highly but I think this tour had a certain something beyond the erratic state of many of the performances that none of the other tours did – and it was in promotion for one of their best albums.

“The 1978 US tour was put together very quickly, in light of the fact that Keith Richards was facing a lengthy prison sentence in Toronto on heroin trafficking charges. At the start of the tour, only twelve dates were actually booked. On this tour, the Rolling Stones intended to go back to their roots, back to rock and roll basics, and back to the simplicity of club and theater shows (as opposed to the large sports arenas and huge football stadiums that they had been playing in since 1969). Because major tour announcements and their name itself caused sell-out ticket runs, general panic and hysteria, and much of the ensuing craziness, paranoia and pandemonium (Stonesmania) that surrounds them during a Stones tour, for the small venue shows, it would be necessary to employ both secrecy and pseudonyms; in effect, some dates were unannounced, and, for some club shows, the band played under a variety of different names.”

“Following rehearsals in Woodstock, New York, the Stones launched their trek in Lakeland (Florida) on June 10, billing themselves as the “Great Southeast Stoned Out Wrestling Champions.” It was the first indication of how sneaky the Stones would be that summer. Two days later, they played the 4,000-seat Fox Theatre in Atlanta, where they billed themselves as the “Cockroaches.”

The Stones did not announce any concerts for New York City. Instead, there were rumors they would play a small nightclub or theatre. At the Bottom Line, a concert by the Roches, a folk-singing sister act, sold out within minutes, due to hysteria and speculation. (WNEW-FM had to break format and play Roches records, just to prove that the Roches were not the Cockroaches.)

On June 14, the Stones played the Capitol Theatre in Passaic, New Jersey, where the marquee deceptively stated, “Closed for Repairs.” Tickets for the concert were sold without warning at a handful of record stores and head shops. (An announcement suddenly came over the stores’ PA systems: “Tickets for the Stones are on sale now.”)” [source: Bill German]

Stones CT P NJ 78 progr b

Above: Back of that night’s program, the usual front page had to be shifted to the last page as the Stones insisted on using their logo for the tour – the Chinese propaganda girl – on the front.

Stones 78

capitol passaic.inside

Inside view and below, ca. ’78:

Capitol Theater 78

Link to NY Times concert review: http://www.nytimes.com/1978/06/16/archives/pop-stones-hottest-ticket-in-passaic.html?_r=0

  1. AVCorp : Michael Papas said:

    Also available as “The Slicer” (Matrix # 3857) 2LP set, blank labels with A3 size wrap-around slick and shrink wrap. Typical American bootleg packaging but some claim it is a UK release, some claim its TMOQ. A good soundboard recording but a woeful mix – the kick drum is WAY too loud in the mix, ruining the listener’s enjoyment of this recording.

  2. “The Slicer” is a double set originating from “Garden Sate ’78” and that’s a different lineage/source.

    The soundboard is definitely flawed as most of them tend to be and for me a very good audience recording is always preferable to a soundboard source. The Stones are also a special case IMHO; while I love live recordings by almost any band, I often find them sounding too sloppy for my taste, with the exception of the sometimes very inspired sounding Mick Taylor years.

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