IMP 2-04: Crosby Stills Nash and Young ‘TRACES’ / “we waited 3 years for this” :GLC 415

CSNY Traces

[Although it has an IMP number, this may only be available with Excitable Recordworks labels.]



CSNY Ww3yft 3CSNY Ww3yft 3 b

Original version with 1970’s GLC labels, confirmed by the matrix number: GLC415A / B / C / D


A mono-reduced reissue of this release on the Excitable Recordworks label (same matrix #):

CSNY we waited 3 years

CSNY we waited 3 years b


Source: The Oakland Coliseum, July 13th 1974, only the third show of their long awaited reunion tour. Billed as “Days On The Green N. 2″ and organized by Bill Graham, of course.

CSNY Oakland 74 ticket

Side 1: Suite Judy Blue Eyes (1:06)/ Wooden Ships (8:22)/ Immigration Man (2:15)/ Traces (2:45)/ Grave Concern (3:30)/ Black Queen (5:20)/ Ohio (4:33)
Side 2: Black Bird (2:45)/ Human Highway (4:09)/ Carry Me (4:45)/ For Free (4:55)/ Prison Song (4:00)/ It’s Alright (2:43)/ Our House (3:27)
Side 3: Long May You Run (5:04)/ Only Love Will Break Your Heart (4:41)/ Ambulance Blues; Pissing In The Wind (7:00)/ On The Beach (8:45)
Side 4: Can’t Catch Me (8:00)/ Long Time Gone (6:09)/ Revolution Blues (3:00)/ Falling Down (8:35)

“The Song “Falling Down”, the other unreleased Neil Young song here besides “Traces”, might be better known as “Pushed It Over The Edge” [“Pushed It Over The End” is the correct title].”


Original set list was:

01. Love The One You’re With
02. Wooden Ships
03. Immigration Man
04. Traces
05. Cowgirl In The Sand
06. Grave Concern
07. Black Queen
08. Ohio
09. Suite: Judy Blue Eyes
10. Blackbird
11. Human Highway
12. Carry Me
13. For Free
14. The Lee Shore
15. Prison Song
16. It’s All Right
17. Our House
18. Long May You Run
19. Only Love Can Break Your Heart
20. Ambulance Blues
21. Sugar Mountain
22. Know You Got To Run
23. You Can’t Catch Me / Word Game
24. Don’t Be Denied
25. Deja Vu
26. Pre-Road Downs
27. First Things First
28. Long Time Gone
29. Revolution Blues
29. Pushed It Over The End
30. Carry On
00. band introduction / encore announcement
31. On The Beach
32. Chicago

“…Neil Young would enter the dressing room in a foul mood, saying the show, now trimmed by ten minutes, was still too long…” [I can certainly see that]

*** writes: “A tape featuring part of this show was released in the seventies titled Traces on vinyl.  A condensed version of this tape was issued on two discs called We Waited 3 Years For This…” [this is incorrect, both vinyl releases contain the same tracks] “It is a very good to almost excellent sounding tape that is a bit thin on the lower end.  The first couple of seconds of “Love The One You With” are missing…”

From a torrent of this material: “c. On all known DAT/CDR copies of this show, about 10 seconds are missing from Pushed It Over The End. However, there is a bootleg double LP called ‘Traces’ from part of this show, where that part is curiously NOT missing.”

CSNY Oakland Stadium

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