ROLLING STONES ‘GIMME SHELTER’ (a WCF copy w. untypical matrix #) … ** post # 1000! **

Rolling Stones Gimme Shelter 2

Here’s the surprise, a rather non-WCF looking label without a number:

Rolling Stones Gimme Shelter LP.jpg

Rolling Stones Gimme Shelter Lurch

Copies with white labels also exist.

Matrix: X14327/X-14328

Matrix of the original pre-TMOQ release: X 4172 4328 / IX 241 X 14237 

Label of the original release:

Rolling Stones LiveR Lurch lbl 1

Someone was clearly trying to get as close to the original as far as the disc and label was concerned.

The surprises do not end here:

Rolling Stones Gimme Shelter st

The cover is also stamped underneath the insert, only the third case found with WCF releases so far after The Band – Live Band # One (stamped “LIVE Band”) and The Beatles – Let It Be Live (stamped “SILVER”).

Rolling Stones Gimme Shelter


One of only a couple of WCF titles found with a slightly smaller ‘negative image’ insert.

Rolling Stones Gimme Shelter wh lbl

USA: 1971 Although places the WCF version right on top with the earliest releases of LiveR on their page analyzing the famous Oakland ’69 bootleg, I would place it significantly later.

Source: One of the many copies of LiveR Than You’ll Ever Be, only the fourth release by what would become the TMOQ label and the first ever bootleg containing a contemporary live recording. 1969-11-09, second show that night at the Oakland Coliseum.


WCF also reissued this in one of their folder style covers ca. 1974, showing a large image of the artist(s) on the back panel. I only found the back so far:

Rolling Stones LiveR RE

According to an eBay seller the matrix for this version is:

X-4172 X 14328 III I // IX 241 X 14327 I


Needless to say, Contraband again copied WCF’s cover design 1:1 and it’s this version that’s featured in HOTWACKS and on under the Gimme Shelter entry.

Rolling Stones Gimme Shelter CBM


Matrix: X-241-1 // X-241-2 

Rolling Stones Gimme Shelter CBM 2


Also issued with this distinct tan CBM label:


Looking through my image collection, both label times can be found with these CBM releases:

The Band – What’cha Want Mama; The Beatles – Live Concert Atlanta (# 3552) (both WCF copies), Beatles – the never released MARY JANE (# 3585, shown here);

Beatles TNR MJane lbl 2

Bob Dylan – GWW II (single disc version, # 616/7) & Help (# 3587, bobsboots lists this as a 1975 release but these are clearly much earlier labels), the CBM copy of Jethro Tull’s My God, the Moody Blues – October and Santana – Collectors Item (I’m sure there are likely more examples). All of these releases date from 1971 to 1972. This means that the WCF version of Gimme Shelter likely dates from 1971, in line with the year they produced the “Compatable For Stereo” insert designs) and the CBM copy from 1971/2.



  1. Congratulations on 1,000 posts! This blog is a treasure trove of valuable information, and I hope it goes another 1,000.

    • Yesdays said:

      Thanks, John, and I heartily agree with your comment. This blog has been a tremendous pleasure and enjoyment for me, and I’m glad that I have been able to contribute a little bit here and there. Congratulations spinalcrackersbox, and many thanks.

      • I’m glad I made it this far and that there are people out there who enjoy this topic as much as I do.

  2. Erik T said:

    Same sentiments from here!

  3. Carlo W said:

    You are the best at what you do! Have you ever done a blog on early [70-73 U.K. boots ?] There was a Cream LP on BUG Records from that era w/ BBC & R.A.H. ’68 that I dont think was ever re-pressed by anyone & is quite obscure as I have seen it once in 40+ years of collecting . Again FANTASTIC work!!!

    • Thank you for your compliment.

      I have never heard of that album nor did my internet search turn up anything about it. I would need to find an image & more info about it first.

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