The Rolling Stones ‘AMERICAN TOUR IN L.A. 1972’ (a WCF copy, # 902)

Matrix : 902 A 902 – B or 902-A X / 902-B X

Released ca. 1st or 2nd quarter of 1973

A reissue in a folder-style label with a dark blue insert and on white label exists as well:


Source: Not only did WCF usually not reveal any track source info – in this case not even a track list – but the title was an outright lie, as the recording was not from Los Angeles but from The Scope in Norfolk, VA, Contraband’s home turf. This is a copy of CBM’s fake Rubber Dubber album, documenting their July 5th, 1972 performance:

1. Sweet Virginia [04:15]
2. Brown Sugar [03:22]
3. Rocks Off [03:52]
4. Gimme Shelter [04:53]
5. Happy [03:09]
6. Tumbling Dice [04:28]
21. You Can’t Always Get What You Want [07:32]
22. Band intro [00:44]
23. Bye Bye Johnny [03:21]
24. Rip This Joint [03:27]
25. Jumping Jack Flash [03:37]
26. Street Fighting Man [04:38]

You can see the first post I created on the CBM title by clicking on this link.

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  1. chris said:

    I have a copy of the CBM issue but without the rubber dubber logo. Instead, there is the normal CBM disc (which is very similar to ZAP logo). The labels are the same ( Mick on side one and Mick’n’ Keef on side two)

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