Rolling Stones Stoned Again GT lbl 2

Usually found with a b&w or purple&w insert and with “Good Time”, orange title or blank white labels.

Rolling Stones Stoned Again 3


Update: I have since received a comment that calls into question that the orange label version is a real WCF release.


USA: 1971


Around April of 1970, someone created this pirate compilation, as dbboots reports with unusual accuracy, and we have two contenders for the original version:

  1. Stoned Again (by the Rockers)

Not to be mistaken by a Swedish 1970 RS bootleg named Stoned Again as well.

Single album in a white gatefold sleeve, also found with orange labels. Matrix: RS 121-A-1 / RS 122

Rolling Stones Stoned Again gf

Another reported matrix has RS-727 A-7 and RS-722


2. “STONED” with the matrix HL-A/B, produced in the Chicago area.

Rolling Stones STONED HL-A 2




Label design copied by WCF, as seen in the second image. The differences in pressing are also clearly visible in this side by side presentation.

The label designer was trying hard to fool those not hip to the Stones while still very much recognizable by their fans and bootleg buyers.

Someone compiled this album using: Their first 45 DECCA F 11675 “Come On / I Want To be Loved” (“Come On” was not listed on WCF’s insert); the B-side of “Paint It Black”, “Long Long While” from 1966; took the version of “Poison Ivy” that was unique to a Saturday Club V.A. UK release (LK 4583); copied another 45: Decca F 11764 / London 45-9641 “I Wanna Be Your Man / Stoned”; grabbed two tracks off of the British EP Decca DFE 8560, “Bye Bye Johnny” & “You Better Move On”. 

Side 2 starts off with their raw take of Barett Strong’s “Money” as recorded on 14 November 1963 at De Lane Lea studios in London from their The Rolling Stones EP (DFE 8560); “I Can’t Be Satisfied” (I could not confirm if this is the same take/from the same recording session as the Rolling Stones No. 2 album) and finally what appears to be four Got Live If You Want It EP tracks: “Everybody Needs Somebody To Love”, “Pain In My Heart”, “I’m Moving On” and “I’m Alright”.  Unlike claimed by HOTWACKS, there were no outtakes on this release.

Rolling Stones gLiywi EP


While researching the origins of this pirate release I came across this version and thought it might be a ‘lost’ pre-TMOQ release due to a. the sticker similarity with their February 1970 release Donovan – A Gift From the Underground To a Flower – Moonshine Superman sticker version and b. the very TMOQ-like matrix of RS 121/122.

Riolling Stones Stoned Again RS 121

I’ve since been informed that this version likely from the UK as the same type of sticker can be found on UK versions of LiveR Than You’LL Ever Be , Dylan’s Great White Wonder & Isle Of Wight

Dylan GWW UK sticker

Dylan IoW UK sticker

and The Beatles – Kum Back (better quality images needed, please leave a comment if you can provide them):

Beatles Kum Back UK sti


Later versions of STONED AGAIN include:

STONED AGIN! BY THE ROCKERS  – with a Robert Crumb cartoon cover and two different matrix markings: VAT-1110-A/B (blue insert- white labels) or RS-121/2 (green color insert):

Rolling Stones Stoned Agin!


and a version released in Japan that copied the WCF insert:

Rolling Stones Stoned Again Japan RV 5004

Rolling Stones Stoned Again Japan RV 5004 lbl

“Blimp Records”and “EV 5004” being nods towards TMOQ’s Led Zeppelin – Live On Blueberry Hill release.

Led Zep BH lbl detail

Also available with what looks like a deluxe cover copied from THE ROLLING STONES UK EP, DFE 8560 or may just be a home made owner job:

Rolling Stones SA Japan del cvr



  1. 4mabs said:

    Nice article!

  2. YesDays said:

    In Hoffmann’s The Stones Bootleg Bible (“At the Rarest, Book II”, 1984) pressings of this material have the following entries:
    “Stoned Again by the Rockers” (RS 121-A-1/RS 122). The book seems to convey that this is the first pressing because the entry includes the detailed song listings, and is followed by “also available as” (and then proceeds to list other pressings of the material)
    Other pressings noted in the book under this entry:
    – “Stoned Again” (Good Time Records WCF 717)(HL-A/B) All songs are misnamed
    – “Stoned” (Good Time Records)(HL-A/B) Brown cover stamped “The Rolling Stones STONED”. All songs are misnamed
    – “Stoned Agin! by the Rockers” (VAT-1101-A/B) Cartoon insert (This obviously refers to the R. Crumb artwork)
    – “R.S.” (RS 121-A-1/RS 122) White cover with red letters
    – “Early Tracks” (RS 121-A-1/RS 122)
    There is also another “Stoned Again” title listed in the book as (Pirate Records 101), but this is noted as a reissue of “Broadway” with the Nov 27-28, 1969 New York Madison Square Garden material.

    • Thank you, YesDays, now I can see what happened here. The stickered version I’m showing is not the original but just a UK copy; there is another US version. Back to the drawing board.

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