CBM 4179: The BeATles ‘STOCKHOLM’

Beatles Stockholm 5

“The last album for a few years to contain BBC material was the rare STOCKHOLM LP by CBM, released in December 1974 on its Instant Analysis label. This featured tracks from the Easy Beat show of July 21, 1963, in dreadful quality.”

Beatles Stockholm

Side 1: A Shot Of Rhythm And Blues/ There’s A Place/ Twist And Shout (first 3 tracks: Easy Beat, BBC, recorded live in front of an audience on 17 July 1963)/ She Loves You/ Twist And Shout/ Long Tall Sally/ I Saw Her Standing There (last 4 tracks: Swedish TV “Drop Inn”, 30 October 1963 “one of their most exciting television performances”)                                                                                  Side 2: I Feel Fine/ I’m Down/ Act Naturally/ Ticket To Ride/ Yesterday/ Help (all of side 2: “Blackpool Night Out”, recorded 1 August 1965). 

“Poor mono” quality rating due to ‘mic held to TV speaker’ sources. Despite the lack in sound quality, side 2 was copied from this source on the CD Live In The United Kingdom 1962 – 1965. “One relatively obscure release this year somehow managed to avoid the slew of reissues most other boots received, probably due to its mediocre sound quality [which explains why this title is not that easy to find]. Still, STOCKHOLM did offer new material which remained relatively rare over the next 15 years or so.” wrote Beatles bootleg expert John Winn.


If anyone has a better images/scans for this release, please let me know.

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