4040: Crosby, Stills, Nash & Young ‘Reunion Concert – July 25, 1974’

CSNY Reunion Concert

CSNY Reunion Concert 2

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CSNY Reunion Concert 3

CSNY Denver 74 ticket

Another Contraband exclusive. All CD/R and internet digital file copies originate from this vinyl album. Quality seems to be listenable but not great (“Gm” rating in HW).

Side 1 Only Love Can Break Your Heart (2:23) (not listed on cover)/ Sugar Mountain (8:05)/ Ambulance Blues (10:12)/ Change Partners (3:52)
Side 2: You Can’t Catch Me / Word Game (3:34) (“Untitled” on cover)/ Suite Judy Blue Eyes/ Long Time Gone (5:47)
Side 3:  Don’t Be Denied (7:32)/ First Things First (4:00)/ Deja Vu (6:06)
Side 4:  Revolution Blues (3:59)/ Pushed It Over The End (8:18)/ Military Madness (4:35)/ Ohio (4:42)


CSN&Y will release a 3 CD/DVD box set from the tour in late 2013, compiled from eight full shows that were recorded on multi-track tapes. Just in time before those that could have attended the tour or wanted to have either paid the grim reaper or lost their hearing. I wish more bands would realize that time is running out.


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