Beatles FUTY greeBeatles FUTY redBeatles FUTY no lblBeatles FUTY s blue disc

These are by no means all color but all found label variations (save blank white ones) for this release. Range of colors included a multi-color run plus similar colors as used for John Lennon’s 10″ “A guitar’s all right John but…”.

Date of release: May 1978

Matrix LMW 28 IF, later copied on matrix 10 A/B

Beatles FUTY stamper 1Bootleg stampers for this title. What is interesting is that the writing on the envelopes for this US pressed release is in German.

Beatles FUTY stamper 2

This was the first new BBC material since Contraband’s Stockholm LP presented tracks from the Easy Beat show of July 21, 1963, “in dreadful quality” in December of 1974. Obviously, a copy of a rehearsal tape had survived as this material was never broadcast in this form. More from the raw tape has surfaced on the digital release Unsurpassed Broadcasts – Volume Nine and there is extra material to extend the length of the available material from 24:40 to 27:00.

BBC Paris Studios London, recorded 17 July 1964 (aired: Monday 3 August 1964) – “From Us To You” 4th edition recording session

Track 01     From Us To You (Version 1) (John sings “From me…”)     0:53    
Track 02     Kansas City     2:28
Track 03     Long Tall Sally (Beginning & Solo incomplete)     1:56
Track 04     If I Fell     2:03
Track 05     Boys     1:58
Track 06     I’m Happy Just To Dance With You (Instrumental)     1:52
Track 07     I’m Happy Just To Dance With You     1:46
Side 2
Track 01     I Should Have Known Better (False start)     –
Track 02     I Should Have Known Better (w/o Harmonica)     2:34
Track 03     I Should Have Known Better (w/Harmonica)     2:31
Track 04     Things We Said Today     2:23
Track 05     A Hard Days Night     2:27
Track 06     From Us To You (Version 2)     0:50

BBC_Paris_Studio_1BBC paris_cubicle

Beatles FUTY b

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