Harrison Excerptsf3MConcertsHarrison Excerpts 2

Harrison EF3Major Concerts inserts

Harrison EF3MC b insert

Harrison Ef3MC generic back

An updated generic back cover image from J. Fish for 1975.

A1         While My Guitar Gently Weeps         
A2         Something         
A3         Sue Me Sue You Blues         
B1         For You Blue         
B2         Give Me Love (Give Me Peace On Earth)     [Side A & side B, tracks 1 & 2: Long Beach Arena, 10 November ’74]
B3         Something         
B4         Give Me Love (Give Me Peace On Earth)
B5         Dark Horse   [B3 – 5: Live At The Omni, Atlanta, 28th November 1974 – evening show]      
C1         In My Life         
C2         Maya Love         
C3         Nothing From Nothing         
C4         My Sweet Lord         [Side C: Long Beach Arena, 10 November ’74]
D1         While My Guitar Gently Weeps         
D2         What Is Life         
D3         My Sweet Lord        [Side D: Madison Square Garden, 20 December ’74 – evening show]

Matrix: GH2044

The Long Beach tracks were copied from Let’s Hear One For Lord Budda [sic]                             The Atlanta source tape is described as ‘average sounding’                                                                The New York tracks come from the second ‘very good sounding’ but incomplete source tape.



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  1. Karen Zang said:

    What an honor it was to make the drawing for this George bootleg in 1974, and crazy to see the original, above, after almost 40 years! Any idea who asked me to do it?

    • So nice to hear from you, Karen – and what a tastefully done cover it was.
      I know who was the label “boss” at Contraband but he may not be the same person who had commissioned the art work, so I have to say that I don’t know.

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