THE BAND ‘WHAT’CHA WANT MAMA!’ : CBM / ‘LIVE Band # 2’ [34 / 35]

Band What'cha Want Mama!


Band What'cha Want Mama! 2

Band What'cha Want Mama! disc

Band What'cha Want Mama! 3

While the taped track list was certainly home-made, the rubber stamp title was probably not. So far, I have not seen this cover style before on a CBM release, definitely one of the early Contraband releases. Dated probably late 1970/1971. HOTWACKS claims this is from the Hollywood Bowl in 1970 but this is incorrect.

Source: Probably recorded at the Pasadena Civic Auditorium in 1969. “Poor quality, pretty distant.”

Side 1: This Wheels On Fire / Baby Don’t Do It / I Shall Be Released / King Harvest / Don’t You Tell Henry                                                                                                                       Side 2: Rocking Chair / Chest Fever / Jemima Surrender / Slipping And Sliding


This material was also released by White Cover Folks (early Berkeley label) as LIVE BAND (# 1) – this release has been reviewed in detail in this post

Band Live Band red st
“Various versions exist, at least three [I am actually aware of four] under two titles. All carry the number LS-1, also “Contraband LS1” and “Microgroove / A Jeff Charles Production LS-1” “














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