First stamp (I am not sure which came first at this point):

Band Live Band

Band Live Band stencil

Band Live Band S-937 d 1

Band Live Band S-937 d 2


2nd stamp:

Band Live Band v 3


3rd stamp:

Band Live Band red st 2


plus slip sheet:

Band Live B # One

I have only seen this with a red insert.

Plus with the WCF-typical title label:

Band Live Band # One ins



USA, California, ca. 1970

Matrix: LS-1 or: Microgroove / A Jeff Charles Production LS-1 or: Contraband LS1

I am not sure if this was the first release WCF ever did but it must have been one of the first. HOTWACKS alluded that this was from their famous Hollywood Bowl performance in July of 1970 by way of the CBM title/clone What’Cha want Mama! (see below) but this was recorded in Pasadena, CA, probably at the Civic Auditorium in July of 1969.

About the recording – notes by Doinker:

“The Band – Mega-rare restored vinyl “Live Band” Pasadena Civic Auditorium, Pasadena CA 1969

This is a great show! But hey…

Let’s get one thing straight here: The recording isn’t as bad as everyone makes it out to be. For one thing, the moment the tape starts you know you’re listening to a good recording rig. This wasn’t recorded with cheap equipment, and it shows. It isn’t distorted, just a bit distant. Also the pressing (in this case a first pressing) is almost immaculate and runs very quiet. Correcting the speed slightly has also helped quite a bit. Believe me, you’ve heard far worse.

The performance is simply great. And, that’s where it counts.”

Setlist (Runtime about 40 minutes 36 seconds):

This Wheel’s On Fire
Baby, Don’t You Do It
I Shall Be Released
King Harvest (Has Surely Come)
Don’t You Tell Henry
Rockin’ Chair
Organ Solo
Chest Fever
Jemima Surrender
Slippin’And Slidin’


CBM on the East Coast also released this recording under the following title:


Band What'cha Want Mama!

Band What'cha Want Mama! 2

Band What'cha Want Mama! 3

Also a very early Contraband title, one of only a handful of stamped titles they did.

I will stick my neck out and bet that this pressing sounds worse than the one done by WCF and that WCF’s came first.

Does the matrix “Contraband LS1” mentioned above, which I got from the really come from a WCF copy and it was just a coincidence? I have never found a matrix # for the CBM release).


  1. Erik T said:

    I was so sure I had an alternate version of this, but my l.p. has different tracks. It’s only got one rubber stamp- “The Music”. Now I am wondering if I have previously passed on this one and perhaps shouldn’t have! Still enjoying the blog! Hope you get around to a Rock Sold Records/ International section… I wonder if there is any comprehensive look at the mess of labels in the late 80s to early 90s with deluxe colour covers, American product, I have a feeling they were Ken’s last record productions… Screaming Oiseau, Pharting Pharoah, a bunch of labels with a similar esthetic… Maybe they wee connected to Rock Solid since Box Top seemed to have had a line on both groups’ original plates according to Hot Wacks..

  2. Erik T said:

    I might be a bit confused about my assumed Box Top connection… Just re-read my post. Distracted, listening to a show I recorded earlier tonight.

  3. Andrew Molloy said:

    I just purchased a sealed copy of the WCF version of ‘Live Band # One’ with “Live Band” labels pictured above from a seller on Discogs. Am listening to it for the first time tonight and am dismayed to discover that Side One is pressed on both sides of the lp. I assume that is not true of all copies.

    • So the seller never listened to the album and did not disclose this significant fault. Your comment is the first indicator that this pressing mistake exist. Can you give us the matrix numbers for this particular version?

      • Andrew Molloy said:

        LS-1/LS-2. In the run off groove: LS1-A/LS1-B. The same orange insert and greenish/blue label that you have pictured saying “LIVE BAND” and “33 1/3 RPM Microgroove A Jeff Charles Production”. I never knew about this release until I read about it here (thank you!). I’d always assumed it was a different version of the Hollywood Bowl show, which I have. I found one copy on Discogs and bought it right away. No, the seller couldn’t have listened to it as it was sealed and looks unplayed. Now I see there is another copy on eBay right now. Might contact the seller and ask him to check whether both sides are the same.

        • Sealed, that’s another story then. Thank you for the matrices. Strangely, they give no clear indication that something went wrong here and it’s the same stamper twice (probably why WCF messed up here in the first place).

          • Andrew Molloy said:

            Yes, and, now that I think of it, there was a similar instance with another purchase of a title which looks like a WCF release, though I don’t see it on the list of their titles. It’s Neil Young-In Concert January 1973. I say it looks like a WCF release because it has the similar orange inserts (two this time, front and back, as it’s a double lp). It has the fold out-style cover, similar to the Mott the Hoople WCF title I have (Golden Age of…which is on your list, though that’s a printed cover), with blank white labels (though there is some barely legible small black writing on them). In any case, I bought it on eBay a year or two ago after quite some time searching and being outbid and when it arrived I discovered that it contained two records, both of which were sides one and two. In this case, the matrix numbers are identical (802-A and 802-B) on both lps. So, again, I wonder whether that is the case with all copies of that release. But I digress.

            Incidentally, that Mott release is actually a worthwhile effort by them as it presents a show (Portland, Maine ’74) that is not available anywhere else so they’re not just re-releasing someone else’s stuff.

            • Will send you an email re. that Neil Young double. While I doubt its a WCF release, I’d like to at least see what it looks like. Yes, WCF was not just a copy label.

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