Bootleg Stew: The Rolling Stones ‘REHEARSAL SESSIONS ’72 TOUR’ :CBM 3690 & ‘BRIGHT LIGHTS BIG CITY’ :RS 541*71075*K&S 040 / ‘SMOOTH’ :TMOQ 73025 / ‘Bring it back alive’ :IMP 1113*K&S 003

Rolling Stones Rehearsal Sessions '72 Tour 2

Rolling Stones Rehearsal Sessions '72 Tour lbl A

Rolling Stones Rehearsal Sessions '72 Tour lbl B writes: “The Montreux source is a TV broadcast from the German “Beat Club” [The Rolling Stones (taped at the Rialto Theatre, Montreux on 18-May-1972 – some sources say May 21) – Shake Your Hips and Tumbling Dice – aired May 27 ’72 and Jam & Loving Cup -playback with live vocals- on June 24th. In the UK, “Old Gray Whistle Test broadcast the program on July 11 ’72]”. Videos also circulate of this performance, including two different announcer takes. Missing from [these] LP’s is Loving Cup with an alternate mix studio backing track and live vocal.”

Broadcast/available material was: 01 Shake Your Hips – 4’25
02 Tumbling Dice (Part 1) – 4’21
03 Tumbling Dice (Part 2) – 4’42
04 Bluesberry Jam – 3’31
03 John’s Jam (aka Gimme a drink) – 4’40
06 Loving Cup (playback track) – 5’44

“Between “Bright Lights Big City” Matrix : RS 541-A/B, and “Smooth” [TMQ 73025] the Montreux tracks can be found on TMoQ discs of the same time period, but not in the contiguous format presented by CBM.”

Rolling Stones Bright L Big C

Rolling Stones Bright L Big C

K&S version was limited to 200 copies. Disc shown below.

Rolling Stones BLBC disc

Rolling Stones Smooth detail

It’s funny that on the otherwise impeccable website it states for Smooth – detail shown above – “Released: Probable 1971.” for an album containing material from 1972. The CBM and the orig. TMoQ LP B.L.B.C. were released in 1973 and I would peg Smooth with a 1974 date.

“It should also be noted that the title “Bluesberry” Jam was first given to this song by Trade Mark of Quality on “Bright Lights Big City”, and that the title of the song “John’s” Jam was given by the folks at CBM  [see first image]. There is no TMoQ insert with the “John’s” Jam title listed, this includes both insert cover variations of the “Smooth” LP.”

What would been nice to have is a quality comparison of the shared tracks between the three LPs.

Rolling Stones Bright L Big C insert

Above: Track list detail from the insert of Bright Lights Big City.

CBM 3690 was the first release for the Charlotte, North Carolina, 1972 audience source. A more complete version of this performance was later released on the LP Bring It Back Alive – Matrix: IMP1112-1 “IN MEMORY OF BRIAN” // IMP-1112-2 “THE GREATEST R&R GROUP ON EARTH” on the Idle Mind Productions (IMP) label in 1976. This title was also reissued by K&S Records on red splash vinyl with a very rare insert variation (seen below).

Rolling Stones Bring It Back Alive red

Side 1: Rocks Off [04:06] / Gimme Shelter [05:15] / Happy [03:30] / Tumbling Dice [04:22] / Sweet Virginia [04:52]
Side 2: You Can’t Always Get What You Want [07:36] / All Down The Line [04:44] / Band intro [01:10] / Bye Bye Johnny [03:20] / Rip This Joint [02:20] / Jumping Jack Flash [03:51]  

Rolling Stones Bring it back alive blue

Rolling Stones BIBA large

Rolling Stones Biba front stamp

The stamp shown here on the front insert was typically applied to the back.

Rolling Stones BIBA back stamp


Rolling Stones Bring It Back Alive 2

Rolling Stones Bring It Back Alive 3

The K&S incarnation: “150 pressed in ’78 on blue vinyl with ‘Collector’s Edition’ stamped in red ink on the insert. Vgm. ” states Hot Wacks. Sounds like someone got mixed up.

The Charlotte, NC audience recording is rated “Vgm” for both the CBM and the Idle Mind LP in HW.

*** writes: “The Rolling Stones’ Charlotte concert from the 1972 tour has been in circulation since soon after the actual concert. It is a very good and clear audience recording which some argue is the best sounding amateur tape from the entire tour. The first vinyl appearance of this tape can be found on Rehearsal Sessions ‘72 Tour (Contra Band Music 3690-A/B). The first side contains the Rialto Theater rehearsal sessions from Switzerland on May 21, and side two contains “Love In Vain,” “Sweet Virginia,” “You Can’t Always Get What You Want,” and “All Down The Line” from this concert.

Other vinyl issues of this show include American Tour In L.A. 1972, Live In Detroit (OB81 KYOTO), and Rocks Off In Charlotte (Phoenix Records D357076). Drippin’ Honey (Concert Series 7672) is missing “Brown Sugar,” “Bitch,” “Rocks Off,” “Gimme Shelter,” “You Can’t Always Get What You Want,” and “Midnight Rambler,” Bring It Back Alive (Idle Mind Production IMP 1112 1-2) is missing “Brown Sugar,” “Bitch,” “Love In Vain,” “Midnight Rambler,” and “Street Fighting Man,” and Bring It Back Alive (K&S 003) is missing “Brown Sugar,” “Bitch,” “Love In Vain,” “Midnight Rambler,” and “Street Fighting Man.” “


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