2950: THE BEATLES ‘HAHST AZ SÖN’ :Phoenix / ‘SWEET APPLE TRAX’ + ‘hot as sun’ + ‘HI HO SILVER!’:CBM/wrmb 343 / ‘CAUGHT OFFGUARD’ + ‘MANUAL EXCITATIONS’ :Aftermath 4 + 12/ ‘The Very Best Of The BEATLES’ RAREST Number One’ :TKRWM 1985 / ‘APPLE TRAX VOLUME 1’ :GLC

Release date: 1975

TAKRL says: “When the Doctor heard CBM`s four record set called ‘Sweet Apple Trax’, he timed and listened and figured out that this amazing material could easily fit on a mere two discs in a logical, enjoyable sequence. He set out with razor blade and tape and this collection resulted. First edition front and back covers.”

[ Or in other words, “hey there is a release waiting for an easy rip off”. However, the good doctor was right regarding the length of the CBM discs. These stayed well under the limits for vinyl pressings. ]

Here is the track listing for the original CBM release “Sweet Apple Trax Volume 2:”

Side 1

No Tracklisting DDSI No. Comments Time
1 Let It Be (First Practice) 9.109 A stop and go rehearsal with chord calls (Roll 106) 8:05
2 Be Bop A Lu-la 9.54  Brief version + “Baby Blue” 0:31
3 Silver Spoon 9.55
She Came In Through The Bathroom Window rehearsals
Some fun pieces where the boys are obviously enjoying themselves.
4 Tuesday Speaking
5 High Heel Sneakers 10.24  A lively performance. 1:56

Side 2

No Tracklisting DDSI No. Comments Time
1 I’ll Be Mine 8.94
8.94 – 8.98 are “I Me Mine” rehearsals and 9.44 – 9.45 are “I’ve Got A Feeling” 1:15
2 One After 909 9.46 “Yes I am” version (Roll 94a) (from the film) 0:57
3 Norwegian Wood 9.50 Instrumental while everyone is talking (Roll 94a) 0:46
4 Bathroom Window 9.51
She Came In Through The Bathroom Window “once more” 2:08

Side 3

No Tracklisting G.B.No. Comments Time
1 A Long Road 9.68 Actually “La Penina” 1:03
2 Shakin’ In The Sixties 9.84 Roll 98a Slate 187a 0:37
3 Move It 9.85 Roll 98a Slate 187a 0:55
4 Good Rockin’ Tonight 9.86 Roll 98a Slate 187a 0:50
5 Across The Universe 9.88 Slate 181 3:29
   6 Two Of Us 9.34 “Fast version” with backing vocals  2:49

Side 4

No Tracklisting DDSI No. Comments Time
1 Momma you’ve been on my mind  9.106
Roll 101, Actually “Ramblin’ Woman”
“I Threw It All Away”
“Mama, You Been On My Mind”
All George, doing a terrific solo acoustic medley.
2 Domino 8.98
Slate 150a.
Tracks 2 & 3 are all “I Me Mine” rehearsals,
that flow into each other.
3 I Me Mine


“In [December] 1974 the first completely unreleased Twickenham outtakes surfaced on the legendary “Sweet Apple Trax” LPs. These were originally released as two two-LP sets by CBM using the Instant Analysis label (matrix numbers 4182-REV-2000 and 4181-STD-2002). This phenomenal series was among the most enjoyable vinyl bootlegs of its era, and many of us listened to it for hours on end, leading to a lifelong addiction to this stuff.  By the way, these LP’s were originally announced under the title “The Apple Treasure Chest Masters, Vol. 1 & 2”.  When they finally appeared, they had “deluxe” printed sepia-toned jackets.  A late ’70’s repress from the original plates came with blank white labels and black and white covers which were copies of the originals.

Beatles Sweet Apple Trax tan detail

Beatles Sweet Apple Trax tan lg

Beatles Sweet Apple Trax tan lg b

Beatles Sweet Apple Trax tan lg d

Beatles Sweet Apple Trax dif cov

Beatles Sweet Apple Trax 2

Beatles Sweet Apple Trax 1 KiKo

Beatles Sweet Apple Trax 2 KiKo

These 1975/6 King Kong reissues have the matrix numbers 4182 REV2000 (Volume 1) and 4181 BLD2002 (Volume 2).


Wizardo Records released their own double set on colored wax around late 1975 as well (# 343). These must have been a limited pressing as little evidence of these sets can be found around the internet, especially of a colored set (an image of one on black wax with ‘Old Glory’ labels does exist):

Beatles Sweet Apple Trax

“The “Sweet Apple Trax” LPs were copied almost immediately by Kornyphone, which combined the material onto a single double set called “Hahst Az Sun” (TAKRL-2950).  This prompted CBM to remaster their own release as a double album in order to compete.  It was distributed under the title “Hot As Sun” (matrix number 4216 REV 2000 / 4217 BLD 2002) on the Instant Analysis label. ”


Beatles Hot As Sun

Beatles hot as sun dragon

“In 1980, single LP repressings of “Hot As Sun” were distributed as “Sweet Apple Tracks Crate 1” and “Sweet Apple Tracks Crate 2”.  It might be noted that the Kornyphone issue “Hahst Az Sun” rearranged the songs and omitted a few seconds here and there.  This set was copied many times and reissued on a variety of single LP bootlegs, and with a full color cover as “Sweet Apple Trax” on the Newsound Records label (matrix NR 909-1).  The Newsound plates were also used for picture discs which came out under the titles “Sweet Apple Trax Vol. 1” and “Sweet Apple Trax Vol. 2”.  The original source tapes were remastered by Audifon records for the first 2 records of the 3 LP set “The Beatles” (commonly known as “The Black Album” released in May, 1981).  These plates were subsequently used for the first three albums of the original “Get Back Journals” vinyl boxed set.  More recently, an hour of the original tapes were released on CD in “Songs From The Past Vol. 3”.  All of the material was included on the first “Get Back Journals” CD set.”

Track List for “Hahst Az Sön”:

1. Two Of Us     2:03

2. Don’t Let Me Down     3:35 (9.30)*

3. Suzy Parker    / I’ve Got A Feeling 1:47 (9.31 – 9.35) – Listed as “When You Get to Suzy Parker Everybody Gets Well Done”.
4. No Pakistanis 3:50 (9.57)

5. Get Back    2:03 (9.58)

6. Don’t Let Me Down    3:21 – The song is not listed on the cover.

8. (Medley)    24:10

Be-Bop-A-Lula (Vincent/Davis) / Baby Blue (Vincent/Jones) (09.044a)
She Came In Through The Bathroom Window    (09.45)     
High Heel Sneakers    (Higginbottom)    
I Me Mine        
I’ve Got A Feeling (09.35)    
The One After 909 (09.39)    
Norwegian Wood (This Bird Has Flown) (09.40)    
She Came In Through The Bathroom Window    (Lennon/McCartney) (09.41)

9. Let It Be – Titled as “Let It Be (By The Numbers)”

10. Shakin’ In The Sixties (09.71)

11. Good Rockin’ Tonight  (09.73)

12. Across The Universe    (09.70)

13. Two Of Us    

14. Mama, You’ve Been On My Mind (Dylan) (09.87) – Titled “Momma, You’ve Just On My Mind”

15. Tennessee    (Perkins) (09.74)

16. The House Of The Rising Sun    (Traditional) (09.76)

17. Commonwealth Song (09.77) – Titled as “Back To Commonwealth”

18. (Medley)        
White Power (Get Off) (09.79) – Listed as “White Power”    
White Power (Get Off) (09.81) – Listed as “Promenade”

19. Honey Hush    (Turner) (09.82) – Listed as “Hi ho Silver”

20. For You Blue (09.083)

21. Let It Be (09.88)

*the numbers in parentheses refer to the numbering system in Sulpy & Schweighardt’s book “Get Back”


In 1976, sides 1 & 2 also appeared as this title on Ken’s Aftermath reissues side label:

Beatles Caught Offguard

Followed by sides 3 & 4 naturally:

Beatles Manual Ecxitations

Sides 3 & 4 saw yet another reincarnation when it kicked off this Beatles reissue series on sister label The Kornyphone Label For The Working Man in the same year:

Beatles VBotBRarest 1

Contraband was not yet done with this material as they gave it another go ca. 1975/6:

Beatles Hi Ho Silver

Beatles Hi Ho Silver detail


TAKRL e-issue ca. 1978 with a printed b&w cover [repeated matrix #s “2950-A/B/C/D” scratched out]:

Beatles Hahst A S b&w

Beatles Hahst A S b&w b

And another with a color cover on Ken’s Phoenix label, ca. 1980:

Beatles Hahst Az Sön

Beatles Hahst A S b

On Ken’s GLC label, at least some of this material was then re-packaged as a 3x 2LP set called Apple Trax: Volume 1, 2, 3

Beatles Apple Trax Vol 1

Volume 1 is supposed to contain the following tracks: Old Hillbilly way, House of the rising sun, Get off white power, Yackety Yack, For you blue, Let it be, Get back, Don’t let me down, On our way home, Suzy Parker, No Pakistanis, Let it be, Silver spoon, High heeled sneakers, I me mine, One after 909, A long road, Shakin’ in the 60’s, Across the Universe, On our way home, Momma, you’ve been on my mind, da de da


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