Review on Allmusic: “Scrapbook is an appropriate title for this bootleg LP of 1975 because it doesn’t focus on any one concert exclusively and contains live and studio recordings from a variety of sources. Depending on the source, the sound quality can be either excellent or merely decent. The sound quality is first-rate on various studio rarities (including an outtake of “Little Miss Fortune” and a remake of Free‘s “Easy on My Soul”) as well as Bad Company‘s live performances of “Movin’ On,” “Ready for Love,” and “Can’t Get Enough” on the 1974 television program A Decade of Electricity. (Note: the Decade of Electricity material can also be heard on the Trademark of Quality bootleg In Concert, which is among the few bootleg EPs that came out in the 1970s; back in the days of vinyl, bootlegs were almost always LPs.) Meanwhile, the sound quality is merely decent on performances of “Good Lovin’ Gone Bad” and “Shooting Star” in Japan in 1975. Scrapbook isn’t recommended to casual listeners, but for hardcore fans, it is one of most pleasing Bad Company bootlegs of the 1970s.”

Can’t Get Enough
Movin’ On
(From”A Decade Of Electricity”TV Program)
Bad Company
Rock Steady
(Recorded Live In Germany 1974)
Little Miss Fortune
(Studio Outtakes)

Beady For Love
(From”A Decade Of Electricity”TV Program)
Shooting Star
Good Lovin’ Gone Bad
(Recorded Live In Japan 1975)
Whiskey Bottle
Easy On My Soul
(Studio Outtakes)

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