TAKRL says: “During the last days, the upper-powers-that-were lost cover copy and issued this under a differing title in a most unfortunate cover. Only 100 originals survived.”

[I would imagine that this is the “most unfortunate cover” mentioned:]

SIDE ONE : Stick Around For Some Rock ‘N’ Roll / Song In The Breeze / Freeborn Man / It’s Gonna Be A Long Time Till I See You Again 

SIDE TWO : Knoxville Girl / Green Grass And High Tides / There Goes Another Love Song


From a website, where this LP is for sale for 80 Euros:

EXCELLENT sound quality! Recorded LIVE in the USA during their 1976 Tour
THE OUTLAWS:  Hughie Thomasson – guitar, vocals / Henry Paul – guitar, vocals / Billy Jones – guitar, vocals / Frank O´Kneefe – bass / Monte Yoho – drums

  1. Tom said:

    Hello, I was wondering if you knew of anywhere I can get this. I’m a young (15 year old) fan of the outlaws and I collect records. This is one I’m looking for.

    • As stated, it is one of the harder to find TAKRL LP’s. Save a search for this on eBay and keep looking via a search engine, eventually a copy will come up.

  2. Thomas Rasmussen said:

    Id love to have this too as I see them yearly and get albums signed each time. Please let me know if anyone has this and if I can purchase it.

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