VAN HALEN ‘this is JOE’ (LIVE ’79 seattle) 79-140 M / 141 M

Van Halen TiJoe

The original. Both records on clear vinyl?

With alternate stamp:

Van Halen 2ns st

The version shown below appears to have a printed cover and b&w printed labels (a copy made by someone else?).

Van Halen Joe

Van Halen Joe b

Van Halen Seattle copy

USA: 1979 (for the original)

Source: Audience recording of one of two performances at the Seattle Coliseum on either April 12 or 13, 1979

You can listen to the concert here:

Quality comment: “This is an audience recording that gets about a B/B+ rating.The source is definitely lifted from the original boot record as you can hear slight crackles. The sound on this cd is one of an “intimate” setting without the distant , hollow big arena sound. Ed’s guitar sound is basic and gutsy and along with Daves vocals both are clearly distinguishable. Mike’s bass is heard but there is no depth. This is not a “crank out” shitty audience recording. Audience noise is very minimal.” [] 


Van Halen Seattle 79 sign

  1. Mike said:

    was pretty sure that both the clear and the black were produced in Asia. The clear was a two LP set (both clear). From a source that I have, stated that all the black vinyl covers that shipped were damaged in transit but were used anyway. The clear did not have covers, hence the white jacket and insert.

    • Have you been following all the releases from this label on my blog? These bootleg labels can only be fully understood by looking at each title in sequence.
      The originals were definitely a US product from the Seattle area (no idea about the unique re-issue seen here, as this is truly a one off in this series. The printed cover version might even have been made in Japan, I’d love to know more.
      Yes, all of the originals from the 78/79-1XX label only have insert covers.

  2. wwotr said:

    I had this LP title, (clear vinyl pressing),
    about 25 years ago, but sold it.
    Fast forward to 2015, and I saw it listed on eBay.
    The seller sold it before his auction ended.
    Unbeknownst to me, the seller listed it again.
    My collector friend who lives in the Midwest,
    (2 hours ahead of my time zone),
    saw it and contacted me via email.
    Since I was still asleep and the auction was ending, he ended up buying it for me,
    and told me to pay him back (which I did immediately.
    If he hadn’t done that, it might have been ANOTHER 15 years,
    of searching for it!
    A feel good story indeed.

  3. Moreno said:

    The printed cover version have the labels “made in Korea” lookalike…

    • Thanks – just keep in mind that bootleggers lied on covers & labels 99% of the time.

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