SANTANA ‘LIVE IN ROTTERDAM’ :OG-723 + Dutch maf Original

Santana Live Rotterdam

Thanks also to the Tatsu-Chin Japanese blog [], we can add this to the OG label discography. The above cover slick is clearly a copy of the original, lacing it’s metallic three tone print, with the elephant really standing out. The matrix has been confirmed as OG-723. While the European original is not hard to find, this Japanese copy definitely is.

The Dutch original on the maf label dates from 1971; the Japanese copy from 1974. “maf” is a Dutch word and means “stark raving mad” in English.


Santana Live Rotterdam orig. pink 2Santana Live Rotterdam orig. pink 3SONY DSCSantana Live Rotterdam lblSantana Rotterdam b

Label states “MADE IN … Formosa”

Santana on their second European Tour and second visit to the Netherlands, following their appearance at the Kralingen Pop Festival, the previous year. Audience recording from 18 April 1971 at the just three months old Ahoy in Rotterdam,

Track list: Toussaint L’Overture/Evil Ways – Samba Pa Ti – Black Magic Woman/Gypsy Queen – Oye Como Va – Gumbo – Everything’s Coming Our Way – Conquistadore Rides Again

No matrix number known.


santana 19710418



maf’s only other release (apparently), a double LP recorded at the Ahoy as well just two weeks before the Santana show:


Pink Floyd Live in Rotterdam

  1. Erik T said:

    I have this record. It’s not in Hot Wacks, which makes me think it’s rare. I’ve seen the Floyd boot made by the same people, it was rather expensive for me, but I was glad to get this Santana item. It’s an okay audience recording for the era, a bit tinny, I’ve had cassettes of the full Floyd and Santana shows from these recordings and the Floyd sound better, if I recall. I’d throw on the Santana album now, but I just got a filled memory stick with musical memories recorded from the audience at shows gone by…
    Anyhow, I checked the album, and the only writing in the run off is, in English, SIDE ONE and SIDE TWO.
    The cover is shiny, but not exactly glossy, the letters and Maf Maf Maf are textured, i.e. one can feel them on the cover. The back of mine looks like a crappy metallic inspired finger painting, no writing or image let alone track list…
    The vinyl has song separation.

    I’m surprised to read about some of these Japanese copies of not-great boots when there were better boots to knock off as well as domestic (Japanese) tapes of these bands on tour in Japan, and some are quite good as we know.

  2. Regarding “it’s not in HOTWACKS”, I wonder how KG acquired his knowledge for the compilation of his HW books. Obviously Japanese & European early titles were much harder to get a hold of back then.

    Yes, the Floyd recording (there are two sources though) does sound better. Thank you for checking.

    In regards to the Japanese audience tapes – tapers are usually not bootleggers. supplier and producer needed to come together somehow and that was not easy in the 70s. Look at someone like Mr. Peach – never sharing his recordings until decades later.

    And better sounding boots needed to make their way across the Pacific or Siberia first to get to Japan. And once in Japan, they needed to get into the hands of one of the very few people who even had the idea and resources to copy that recording. There is a strong chance element involved here.

  3. Alex said:

    How rare is that Pink Floyd disc? It has a five-star rarity rating on floydboots, but aside from that almost no additional info besides a note that the one with the white label is rarer. Does anybody know?

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