Pink Floyd on OG Japan: OG 719 – 720: Copy of German Legendary Title ‘Pink Floyd’ (M-502) / : OG 745A/B – 746A / 736B : Copy of European Title ‘the best of Tour 72’ and German Release ‘Tour 73’

Pink Floyd OG 719-720

Japan: 1974

The only image I could find of this extremely rare release, shows the single cover with the copied front slick glued to it; the same was done for the back. Plain blue labels for disc one and plain red ones for disc two.

The original version and its copies have previously been reviewed here.



Pink Floyd BoT 72 3Pink Floyd BoT 72 3 bPink Floyd BoT 72 3 discs

Pink Floyd the best of Tour72 73 lbl aPink Floyd the best of Tour72 73 lbl bPink Floyd the best of Tour72 73

Japan: 1974

Just as rare as 719/20 and same cover style with slicks glued to a single cover. Reportedly, also exists separately.

Offered for auction in Japan in December of 2014 by an Osaka based seller and seems to have attracted an ending bid of $2,500+.


For the material on the best of Tour 72 you may visit this older post.



Pink Floyd EJ B3


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