Japan Uber-CD bootleg Label Tarantura Going Back to Classic Boot Vinyl

Beatles PoM TaranT

From the latest bootleg news: “… a version of an old TMOQ LP “Peace Of Mind” – complete with a booklet, picture disk and era styled sleeve. It contains nothing new but the best available version of this old LP for collectors.”

The LP was issued by Contraband, of course. A rather curious package but maybe the booklet is fantastically executed and worth the price?

The original CBM LP can be revisited here


  1. John said:

    spinal….nice to put some cd info…..do you know why are on so many new cd releases round stickers glued with the name/tilte on the covers?…strange as the same idea is on different labels releases…
    You had some great comments on a release, but cant find it..and want to read it again…on which release was that?

    • John said:

      on collectors site i mean

    • Do you have an example for round stickers – imitating TMoQ you mean? What were my comments about? Unfortunately, can’t search by comments on that site.

      • John said:

        no not the tmq styled..but the ..’numbered ‘ ‘ unnumbered’ new releases.

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