CBM 3907: ‘ABBEY ROAD REVISITED – those were the days’ (The Beatles) :WRMB 353

Beatles Abbey Road Revisted

Year of release: 1973

Side 1:  You Really Got A Hold On Me  (Edit of 24 Oct 63 Sweden radio + released version)

– Have You Heard The Word by The Fut (middle eight edited out “new extended version” compared to earlier CBM LP with the same title, stated HOT WACKS)

– Don’t Let Me Down + Those Were The Days (29 March 1969 Amsterdam Hilton “Bed In”, from a VPRO radio interview with Wim Noordhoek & Jan Donkers)

– Mean Mr Mustard  (BBC Radio 1 disc jockey Kenny Everett was present during the mixing sessions for the Abbey Road album which took place on 14 August 1969. During a break in the session, Everett interviewed John. During that day’s mixing session, the songs Sun King, Mean Mr Mustard, Maxwell’s Silver Hammer, Polythene Pam, She Came In Through The Bathroom Window and You Never Give Me Your Money were being worked upon. Although it is unlikely that Everett was given copies on this day, he did recreate Sun King, Maxwell’s Silver Hammer and Mean Mister Mustard using his own four-track tapes for use as radio jingles. Everett’s recordings were used as an audio bed underneath the interview, leading many fans to presume it was The Beatles’ own work. The interview with Lennon was broadcast in two parts on Everett Is Here, on Saturdays 20 and 27 September from 10am until midday.)

– All Together On The Wireless Machine (Paul created jingle for Kenny Everett, from radio program Where It’s At  radio special about the Magical Mystery Tour double EP, broadcast 25 November 1967         


– Step Inside Love (Paul 1967 demo, from MW Radio broadcast Nov 1967

– Bye Bye Bye (Nice Time TV show theme song by Kenny Everett, UK 1968 in especially atrocious quality as an off air recording – read all about it here: http://left-and-to-the-back.blogspot.de/2014/11/reupload-kenny-everett-nice-time-and.html 

– Cottonfields (John singing a line on The Kenny Everett Show, BBC 1, 5 June 1968)
– Twist And Shout  (Swedish radio, Karlaplanstudio Stockholm, 24 October 1963)
– Dizzy Miss Lizzy  {from last ever Beatles BBC radio show “The Beatles (Invite You To Take A Ticket To Ride)“, recorded 26 May 1965 and aired 7 June 1965)

Side 2: From Me To You/ Twist And Shout/ This Boy/ I Saw Her Standing There/ She Loves You/ I Want To Hold Your Hand/ Please Please Me/ All My Loving (Ed Sullivan Show performances from 9 + 16 February ’64)

From an owner review: “CBM bootleg with green/orange CBM A/B labels. I’ve also got a King Kong Reissue with very heavy and very crappy vinyl, red King Kong labels and Sides 1 and 2 switched. Includes Core collection tracks. VERY low quality at some points… The tracks on side 2 were taken from the ‘Renaissance Minstrels Vol.1‘-LP:” HOTWACKS also noted that the quality of side 2 was better on the TMOQ title.

King Kong red lbl


In 1976, Wizardo Records issued their own version of this title:

Beatles Abbey Road Revisited red lbl

Label variations:

blue lbl cv 353

Old Glory Records lbl 353

Beatles Abbey Road R 353 white lbl


Back to Contraband, around 1975, King Kong/Shalom repackaged side 1 of Cavern Club and side 2 of Abbey Road Revisited as this title:

Beatles Cavern Days SH


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