3908: alice cooper / jethro tull ‘ALICE n IAN – 9 – 71’

Alice n Ian

Alice n Ian 2

Referred to as Alice & Ian in Hot Wacks, which makes it awfully hard to find in any search engine and proves that Kurt from HW never saw an actual copy.

Side A: Alice Cooper: I’m Eighteen/ Gutter Cat Vs The Jets/ Killer/ Schools Out                                  NOTES: Recorded Live at Hofstra University, Hempstead, NY 1972 (from ABC TV In Concert broadcast. “[In Concert] premiered on November 24, 1972. The first episode was the broadcast of a concert taped at Hofstra University on September 21, 1972 with Alice Cooper, Bo Diddley and Seals & Crofts.”

Side B: Jethro Tull:  Jam-Quote/ To Cry You A Song/ Aqualung/ Wind Up                                      NOTES: The usually listed information “Recorded at the Hofstra University, Denver CO. 11.05.73”  cannot be correct. Does anyone know the actual source? 

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  1. Lars Reynold said:

    Alice Cooper is recorded at Hofstra University, Long Island, November 21, 1972. It’s actually ripped from ABC In Concert. There is also an another label except for the orange dice label. The CMB pirate in red print on white background.

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