1935: ‘BOWIE AND THE SPIDERS FROM MARS’ LAST STAND : HIS MASTER VOICE’ / ‘david bowie with the spiders from mars – london * July 3 , 1973′ :WRMB 306’

TAKRL says:

“The first edition of this album contained ‘Rebel Rebel’ at the end of side one and ‘Panic’ in Detroit’ at the beginning of side two. First edition says His first farewell tour. All subsequent editions have those two songs deleted and say “The first farewell tour” .As well as the number two in a voice bubble extending from the shoe in the upper corner.”

Year of release: late 1974

Live at Hammersmith Odeon, July 3, 1973
Side 1: Hang Onto Yourself (2:42)/ Medley: Wild Eyed Boy from Freecloud; All the Young
   Dudes; Oh! You Pretty Things (6:32)/ Moonage Daydream (6:15)/ Changes (3:42)/ Space Oddity (4:45)/ (Rebel Rebel – studio)
   Side 2: (Panic in Detroit) / Time (5:20)/ Suffragette City (3:02)/ The Jean Genie; Love Me Do (7:38)*/ Rock’n Roll Suicide (4:06)
* Jeff Beck on guitar; “Rebel Rebel” was the US 7″version and “Panic in Detroit” the official live version (“A live version recorded on July 14, 1974
was released as the B-side of the single “Knock on Wood” in 1974. The same version was also released as the B-side of the US-only single “Rock ‘n’ Roll With Me” in 1974.”
This would help in dating the first edition of the bootleg.)
The review of the CD version says “The “orgy” instructions on LP HIS MASTERS VOICE/HIS FIRST FARWELL TOUR (1974) has been omitted.”

“This matrix wasn’t used for the second issue, and one can only wonder why? The beeped words have been filled in with words from the studio versions on this disc, and it isn’t very good!”


Bowie 306 2

Referred to as “Live in London” in Hot Wacks.
A1 Hang On To Yourself     2:32     
A2 Wide-Eyed Boy From Free Cloud         
A3 All The Young Dudes         
A4 Oh You Pretty Things         
A5 Moonage Daydream     6:15     
A6 Changes     3:42     
A7 Space Oddity     4:45     
B1 Time     5:20     
B2 Suffragette City     3:02     
B3 Jean Genie         
B4 Love Me Do        
B5 Rock N Roll Suicide     4:06     

The most in-depth site about Bowie bootlegs has this to say about the somewhat rare Wizardo version, which is/was the one to get:
“The first bootleg ever with this material, and the best one too! This is also the only bootleg recorded straight off the US TV broadcast, only the “beeps” have been cut out. There are no studio lyrics added in the gaps left by the cut out beeps on this disc. On all other LP:s with this broadcast, the beeped words have been substituted with the words from the studio recordings, and the result isn’t very good!
You can find this disc with inserts in a small or in a big size.” (http://www.algonet.se/~bassman/bootlegs/)


1973-07-03 Bowie HO

  1. An original with a tri-color insert went for $160+ on eBay in August of 2012.

  2. Bassman’s website is wrong about the live in london boot!, its the same source tape as HMV complete with the studio lyrics added in the gaps. if i’d known the truth i wouldn’t have bothered buying Live in London. one good thing – it doesn’t have the orgy instructions( i live with elderly parents!), you can hear that space oddity was quickly faded out before the orgy instructions.
    the “concert tapes” book says it was copied from HMV and this seems right to me.

    • Thank you for your comments. It’s hard to find any correct information on these old vinyl releases.

  3. Warspite said:

    Do you really not know the reference to the “orgy instructions”?’!? Back in the day some of us gave the whole thing a spin. The correct number of persons, etc. Ah, the 1970’s!

  4. paul matley said:

    anybody out there got a good pic of the cover of the first pressing

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