From “BLOG TO COMM” article “Bootleg Braggadocio!”:

“Here’s one of those few boots you’d see that was actually comprised of tracks from legitimate albums, some which just might have been in print by the time these obvious homages came out! However, in this case the platters which make up the contents of this ‘un were long gone, and since the Nazz were considered a cult group with one famous member who was chopping the seventies charts then why not do a bootleg “Greatest Hits” collection anyway since the Nazz’s legit company certainly weren’t in the position to??? I mean, if Trademark of Quality could take selections from the two Lothar and the Hand People platters and release ’em under the title SPORES then Korneyfone had every right to give Nazz the same royal under-the-counter treatment so-to-squawk. So unlike RETROSPECTIVE FORESIGHT  which featured previously unreleased Nazz gems TWENTY/TWENTY HINDSIGHT’s nothing but previously-released nuggets which sure came in handy especially at a time when the legit albums were all but impossible to latch onto unless you were willing to pay $12 a pop via some TROUSER PRESS auction.

Speaking of NUGGETS (well, I always seem to be some time or another!), I know that quite a few of you reg’lar readers wince at the thought of Nazz’s inclusion in that classic collection of sixties-era punk rock. In fact, a few have even questioned if the Nazz were indeed punks at all which I gotta say is a fair enough question considering how their sound seemed too late for the ’64-’66 days yet out of touch with what was passing for late-sixties punkisms. Well, the way I figure it is if those critics at CREEM could get away with callin’ acts like Asheton Gardner and Dyke as well as Ten Years After punk rockers, and fanzine luminaries could make statements about Mike Heron’s SMILING MEN WITH BAD REPUTATIONS or Aerosmith as well as ex-Nazz hisself  Todd Rundgren’s very own SOMETHING ANYTHING being punk rock, then Nazz sure as shootin’ are punks too!

At least TWENTY/TWENTY HINDSIGHT’s got a good selection of Nazzian snazz to it as well as their more hard rock moments that tend to snooze ya even more’n a George Harrison slide guitar solo. Naturally “Open My Eyes” and “Hello It’s Me” are here as well as that strange “Tighten Up” spoof, and even if the rest doesn’t live up to your own late-sixties punk standards the selection might just be a better bet’n having to wade through all three legitimate albums just to get to what I assume are the best parts.”

A1         Forget All About It         
A2         Not Wrong Long         
A3         Magic Me         
A4         She’s Goin’ Down         
A5         Hang On Paul         
A6         Kiddie Boy         
A7         Wildwood Blues         
B1         Loosen Up         
B2         Open My Eyes         
B3         Rainrider         
B4         Only One Winner         
B5         Hello It’s Me         
B6         Meridian Leeward         
B7         Under The Ice

Tracks A4, A7, B2 & B5 are taken from the album “Nazz”
Tracks A1, A2, A5, A6, B3, B6 & B7 are taken from the album “Nazz Nazz”
Tracks A3, B1 & B4 are taken from the album “Nazz Nazz Nazz”

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  1. Lynn said:

    Found this at a car boot sale blank label blank sleeve with an insert which was the only way to identify it….. what to do with it? Any takers?

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